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NBA ELITE 11 is back with the first of two gameplay videos featuring 5 on 5 action. This video is a user vs. user matchup with NBA ELITE Gameplay Producer Novell Thomas taking on NBA Community Manager Yaw Obiri-Yeboah (also known as blackflash83 on the forums) . The game is being played on a Pre-final build with some tuning left to do but it provides a good representation of how the game will play once you developed your skills with the new Hands-On control.

Be sure to check out some of the quick plays being called during half court offensive sequences (press X on the 360 to begin a quick play or the Square button on PS3) and the importance of playing the passing lanes as balls can get deflected. You have complete control this year in NBA ELITE 11.

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# 1 noshun @ 09/02/10 12:22 AM
Watching now. Commentary needs WORK.... Van Gundy needs some cough medicine.. He sounds so lifeless. Everything seems so drab. They ETHERED themselves with this... straight up guillotine.

The rebounding by the cpu players is bad. atleast it looks smoother.. The suits are gonna have a field day after 1st month sales are revealed.

I can already see online, people are going to master 1 player and run around like Mo Will with superstar players.

Nothing to get excited about at all. Very much lacking that oomph.
# 2 NEW_ORLEANS @ 09/02/10 12:22 AM
Not feeling the commentary so far.
# 3 domidomdomz @ 09/02/10 12:23 AM
Thanks for the up!
# 4 RIZDRAVER @ 09/02/10 12:25 AM
Graphics about on par with Live 10. Nice to see the slower pace compared to the initial vids. A lot of travels due to the skating; Jennings takes 4 and half steps before dribbling at 1:19. And yes the commentary was a let down - is it just me or did that not sound anything like Mike Breen? Weird.
# 5 NEW_ORLEANS @ 09/02/10 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by RIZDRAVER
Graphics about on par with Live 10. Nice to see the slower pace compared to the initial vids. A lot of travels due to the skating and was kind of let down by the commentary. That didn't sound anything like Mike Breen.
And what's wrong with jvg is he on ritalin he is so calm in this game.
# 6 PH1LLYSFINEST13 @ 09/02/10 12:30 AM
There were a couple dead spots in commentary but i loved JVG and mark Jackson HAND DOWN...MAN DOWN!! hahahah. Game looks so much better then the other vids ( no offense to any of those guys ) and i can see the controls will make a big difference in this game. Real Good vid for me.
# 7 chackett12 @ 09/02/10 12:31 AM
# 8 rangerrick012 @ 09/02/10 12:31 AM
Even w/ ESPN license commentary still seems dead, perhaps even worse than last year. Gameplay seems disjointed...IDK how to describe it. Not as free flowing as I expected when I heard 'real time physics'.

And what was up w/ the non existent intensity on defense from both guys? Seemed like they were just letting each other run plays...another reason why PvP gameplay vids are always tough to judge compared to PvCPU.
# 9 coolcras7 @ 09/02/10 12:31 AM
This game just does not feel or look like a game created in 2010 reminds me of a college game just stripped
# 10 The Snowman @ 09/02/10 12:32 AM
one thing for sure its a lot better than last years model. like dude said the commentary is off, but other than that the game looks alrite and ima fan of the 2k series.not gonna lie elite took a step foward but its not my type of game..
# 11 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 09/02/10 12:33 AM
definatly a different pace now. But still things around the rim look to funky too me
# 12 bigballa21 @ 09/02/10 12:34 AM
I don't know what build this might be but IMO it looks just a tad robotic....But finally we get some real gameplay the downside to this is i REALLY hate jeff van gundy
# 13 Mike Smoove @ 09/02/10 12:34 AM
This looks terrible. Commentary is horrible. Im disappointed.
# 14 btrapp @ 09/02/10 12:36 AM
The game basically looks like live 10 with way less animations. I will say that the ball physics look a lot better than last years, though.
# 15 Goffs @ 09/02/10 12:37 AM
Can't see the vid since I'm on the phone...how does the garden sound like? Is it like last year?
# 16 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 09/02/10 12:37 AM
not as bad as i anticipated, but the gameplay just looks bland, nothing that got me excited
# 17 bigsmallwood @ 09/02/10 12:37 AM
Commentary is much improved, however the gameplay just looks aged and behind the times.
# 18 kwas676 @ 09/02/10 12:38 AM
I'm not jk but being honest when I say gameplay looks like live 2005 sorry but 10 look so much better.
# 19 mwittman5 @ 09/02/10 12:38 AM
graphics are better if you have a good video card and put the vid on HD then the graphics look good. Gameplay looks better, there is some skating but not as much as live 10. The dribbling looks pretty smooth and the game speed is way better than live 10. in live 10 it was a track meet but here the speed is pretty realistic. looks better than live 10 thats for sure. Its almost like nba live 2004 with a lot better graphics and new animations
# 20 Mike Smoove @ 09/02/10 12:39 AM
Originally Posted by havok023
dammithere come the 2k fanboys like smoove lol
Ive been a NBA Live fan my whole life, no 2K fan boy here. I play the best game, but for most of my life ive been playing Live until recently I switched to 2K. im waiting for Live/Elite to get back on top.

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