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Franchiseplay has posted plenty of NHL 11 videos. I'll embed one of them here, but for the rest of them, click here.

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NHL 11 Videos
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# 1 TIm @ 09/04/10 06:46 PM
I love some of the game music and crowd sounds... It's pretty cool if you ask me...Thanks for the videos
# 2 onlybygrace @ 09/04/10 06:46 PM
One really kewl observation is that the CPU controlled Blues played a bunch of AHLers during the preseason Be-A-Gm game with the Hawks.

Good to know the CPU controlled teams will be trying out their kids as well.
# 3 CS10029 @ 09/04/10 07:22 PM
Definitely happy they got the real Sandstorm!
# 4 RoyalBoyle14 @ 09/04/10 07:42 PM
this game is going to own mu soul.
# 5 CS10029 @ 09/04/10 08:07 PM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
Steve. It must be nice having Hall make you look good.
I don't think that was him Scott. Pretty sure just some random guy that got the game early, putting up videos.
# 6 Steve_OS @ 09/04/10 08:36 PM
LOL. Ya, it's from Franchiseplay.
# 7 fullmetal2405 @ 09/04/10 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by CS10029
Definitely happy they got the real Sandstorm!
Couldn't agree more. I got real confused when I first played that video... Sandstorm was playing on MLB 10 (I had to add it) and on NHL 11...
# 8 Keirik @ 09/04/10 09:41 PM
one thing i am very disappointed in is the same intro for BAP 3+ years in a row. Time to freshen that part up guys.
# 9 Red71Star @ 09/04/10 09:43 PM
Ouch! @ Keith's interference penalty. Poor Oshie.
# 10 Vikes1 @ 09/04/10 11:49 PM
I'm very impressed with what I see outta the game play!

Looks like a good amount of neutral zone play, turnovers, blocked shots...and just overall, a more "sloppy" type of play. Or at least, far less perfect.

What I'm seeing is, the AI looks quite a bit more aggressive towards the puck carrier for '11'. Vs just sinking back towards their defensive positioning.

Hope I can tear myself away from the game long enough to at least watch some real games this season.
# 11 Vikes1 @ 09/05/10 12:44 AM
Originally Posted by Scottdau
I saw more sloppy play too from the CPU and the human player. That was great!
Yep Scott, those videos looked imo, quite a bit different from '10''...in the game play department.
# 12 SinisterAlex @ 09/05/10 02:55 AM
Got a phone call from EB Games telling me NHL 11 is coming out on Tuesday and my pre-order will be ready then... *sigh*
# 13 SinisterAlex @ 09/05/10 03:00 AM
Originally Posted by Red71Star
Ouch! @ Keith's interference penalty. Poor Oshie.
HAHA I actually grinned a bit when I saw that

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