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FIFA Soccer Blog has posted their career mode blog on FIFA Soccer 11.

"This article is written from the “what is in it” angle, so there may be things covered that you think “That was there last year”. It’s been built from the ground up so i wanted to cover the features that have been retained as well as the new additions, just to give everyone an idea of what to expect when they fire it up.

The first mode we looked at was Player. This years answer to BAP. In all honesty, much like previous BAP modes, it was a little thin. When you start, your options are, create a vp, create a player, and select an existing player.

A new development is the option to stick with the squads that come out of the box, or download the latest squads (much in the same way you would for a 1v1 online) and start with them. Seems trivial, but it means that if you start a new career in February once the window shuts, the leg work on those transfers is done for you."

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# 1 thurstones @ 09/07/10 11:46 AM
Looks very promising actually. Just a few points that stood out for me:

I hope the stats pages are better than just goals, yellows, reds this time. He seemed to indicate that the stats were improved.

The injury situation is a concern. I just hope they've fixed the problem from last year and injury frequencies are consistent between simmed and played matches.

Transfer system sounds way better.
# 2 boritter @ 09/08/10 04:26 AM
I'm glad they improved the loan system.
# 3 Dazraz @ 09/08/10 04:43 AM
As I play Offline with 3 friends the career mode is a no go for us as there is no multiplayer option. Hopefully the multiplayer tournaments will carry a bit more depth this season.
# 4 rooney8 @ 09/08/10 06:11 AM
Definately want injuries fixed to be in line real life. Don't like that players can only be injured for a max of 5 months either. Injuries are a huge part of the game this just seems very basic.
# 5 JJT @ 09/08/10 11:50 PM
sounds awesome can't wait
# 6 Ermolli @ 09/09/10 12:54 PM
I looks better the negociations and they improved the loans.

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