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The Wii has struggled to strike a balance with core sports gamers. Whether it is the reliance on motion controls or the inferior graphical prowess of Nintendo's innovative console, the Wii simulation sports market has never quite caught on the way it has on the other two consoles this generation.

Even with excellent sports simulations available for the console, most notably EA's Tiger Woods series, the vast majority of sports game-aholics immediately discount any title that releases for the Wii console. However, the console has excelled in the casual space -- creating legions of new gamers looking to bowl a couple virtual frames or paddle a kayak through some virtual rapids.

Today, EA Sports is releasing NHL Slapshot, a game that admirably tries to cater to the core simulation sports gamer while offering an innovative control scheme -- reliant on one of the most unique controller peripherals you will ever see -- to also appease the more casual/family oriented audience.

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