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Captures all the intensity, emotion and excitement of a real-life tennis match; exclusive opportunity to play as Andre Agassi, one of the all-time tennis legends, with GameStop pre-order in North America

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New York, NY – September 7, 2010 – 2K Sports announced today that Top Spin 4, the latest iteration of the Top Spin tennis simulation video game franchise, is scheduled to release in 2011 for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and Wii™ system from Nintendo. Gamers that pre-order* Top Spin 4 in North America from GameStop will receive an exclusive vintage Andre Agassi playable character while supplies last.

“Top Spin 4 is shaping up to be the most realistic and exhilarating tennis game in the Top Spin franchise,” said Greg Thomas, president of product development for 2K Sports. “For this iteration, the development team is focused on delivering a bold new take on the sport of tennis by allowing gamers to experience first-hand an uncanny level of realism in the player and stadium models, authentic audio captured directly from real tennis matches, and all-new innovative controls to dominate the competition.”

In development at 2K Czech, Top Spin 4 brings the competitive action of tennis to life like never before with redesigned controls, jaw-dropping player models and Signature Style animations, enhanced TV-style presentation elements, and one of the deepest player rosters to date featuring tennis’ top athletes and legendary pros. To commemorate the fourth version in the Top Spin series, 2K Sports is offering an exclusive vintage Andre Agassi playable character for free in North America only when gamers pre-order and reserve their copy of Top Spin 4 at GameStop.

Details of the pre-order offer are as follows:
  • Available while supplies last for all GameStop online and in-store pre-orders of Top Spin 4 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 system. The vintage Andre Agassi playable character is only available with this offer and is redeemable at time of purchase.
  • Online customers: Code and instructions on redeeming the vintage Andre Agassi playable character will be emailed when the game releases.
  • Store/in-store pickup customers: Code and instructions on redeeming the vintage Andre Agassi playable character will be printed on the receipt at time of purchase.
For additional information, please visit: www.gamestop.com/topspin4.

Top Spin 4 is not yet rated by the ESRB. For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/TopSpin4 or follow Top Spin 4 via Twitter: @2KSports.

*Pre-order only valid for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Top Spin 4.

2K Sports is a division of 2K, a publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO).

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Member Comments
# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 09/07/10 07:36 PM
Finally, another tennis game! Release date is Feb 2011 for now though
# 2 statum71 @ 09/07/10 07:44 PM
Gosh I hope they finally have some commentary this time. Thats been missing from every tennis game thats ever come out. It takes alot away from the realism to me.
# 3 kennytomson @ 09/07/10 07:53 PM
please bring back Wimbledon. and 360 Nadal.
# 4 eko718 @ 09/07/10 08:08 PM
Very happy to hear this.
# 5 [email protected] @ 09/07/10 08:16 PM
First, Michael Jordan in NBA 2K11. Now, Andre Agassi in Topspin 4.

Thank you 2K for realizing that there is still interest (and money to be made) in athletes from the recent past. Both titles are a first-day purchase for me.
# 6 Shakedowncapo @ 09/07/10 10:39 PM
After tha abomination TS3...I really hope 2k Czech brings this back to the promise land..
# 7 dannyr326 @ 09/07/10 10:39 PM
Finally. its about time they release some info on this game. Top Spin 3 came out June of 08 so they've had plenty of time to make this game good. It better be good.
# 8 Shakedowncapo @ 09/07/10 10:44 PM
The first thing they touched on...Controls. A huge plus.

And Agassi mullet?!

# 9 dunebugs @ 09/07/10 11:03 PM
Oh my I didn't think they were going to make any more Top Spins. In my opinion, TS3 was the most realistic tennis game out of all the virtua tennis and TS iterations I've played. The control scheme was what made that game great so hope they keep it and just iron out some of the issues. The biggest problem with TS3 was that it was too easy against the A.I. Even playing on very hard the only cpu player that gave me trouble was Nadal but even then I still won in straight sets.
# 10 boritter @ 09/08/10 04:22 AM
Tennis can be a blast when played against friends so hopefully this game delivers.
# 11 Dazraz @ 09/08/10 04:33 AM
Offline Multiplayer tournament mode is a must. The single player career mode is far too dull.
Really surprised to hear of this release. I thought 2K had given up on the Top Spin series.
# 12 Ermolli @ 09/08/10 11:26 AM
Yes! I was hoping to see a new version of TS. I wish they really improve copmpared to TS3
# 13 tommyjesus @ 09/08/10 03:05 PM
game looks awesome!

and pistol pete is in the game!

one thing i hope they address is how come serve speeds are always so low? serve speeds should be able to go as high as 140mph for certain players with a 120mph average for most players, and a 100+ second serve.
# 14 Shakedowncapo @ 09/08/10 06:09 PM
You could get 140mph serves in TS3 if you used the right player(like roddick) and used the roght analog stick.
# 15 tommyjesus @ 09/09/10 03:12 PM
Originally Posted by Shakedowncapo
You could get 140mph serves in TS3 if you used the right player(like roddick) and used the roght analog stick.
oh, i skipped top spin 3. i was just going by the preview i read.
# 16 Splitter77 @ 09/10/10 06:50 AM
not buying if players dont make unforced errors, cant serve aces, and dont hit the net.
Also, i vote they completely take the dive button out of all tennis games.
# 17 rangerrick012 @ 09/11/10 02:46 AM
Really pumped to hear about this, anything new should be awesome, TS3 is still in my rotation, needless to say as I am a huge fan, TS4 will more than likely be a 1st day buy for me. Hopefully improved career mode, tighter controls, and we have a winner.
# 18 rooney8 @ 09/11/10 11:25 AM
YES!!! Loved Top Spin 3 and have been waiting for too long for this follow up. Glad it's on its way.
# 19 Behindshadows @ 09/17/10 03:16 AM
Will Serena and Venus return? That's what I want to know....they have been putting only one sister in the game over the last few games. They both haven't been in the same game since Dreamcast's Tennis 2k2.

And we need all their tacky outfits in the game too...
# 20 Araxen @ 09/26/10 06:52 PM
Could care less about past Stars to be honest.

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