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# 1 Mecca_G @ 09/09/10 05:45 PM
A good look with this one here Steve. Much appreciated. Going to check it out now.
# 2 Mrko @ 09/09/10 05:46 PM
Me like alot
# 3 J-H!zZl3 @ 09/09/10 05:46 PM
I'm off to watch this.
# 4 mvp kobe @ 09/09/10 05:47 PM
nice !!!!!!!!!!
# 5 WTF @ 09/09/10 05:48 PM
Off to watch
# 6 domidomdomz @ 09/09/10 05:48 PM
Off to watch!

Thanks, Steve. Thanks, Czar!
# 7 Vast @ 09/09/10 05:50 PM
Da Czar!!!!

Class is in session. Don't mind me as i sit in my seat Professor Czar.
# 8 KyotoCarl @ 09/09/10 05:56 PM
Quick note: this video shows off dynamic attendance as the arena isn't completely full!
# 9 wrestlinggod1 @ 09/09/10 05:56 PM
In Czar's words, NOOIIICEEE
# 10 drventure @ 09/09/10 05:58 PM
Another great video

Thanks for all the work you've been puttin in Czar
# 11 myownsun @ 09/09/10 05:58 PM
It's TIME!!
# 12 Reggie16 @ 09/09/10 05:59 PM
LOL they have Ginobli's Bald Spot. LOL
# 13 SageInfinite @ 09/09/10 06:00 PM
Another great video showcasing 2k's tremendous work this year. I'm loving the strategy.
# 14 WTF @ 09/09/10 06:00 PM
That sequence at 8:20 is just excellence. I can not wait for this game. Watching the defense adjust, and Raja interrupting the offense was a thing of beauty. Love that the defensive minded specialist in this game seem to really be physical.

I can't wait Czar. Great work brotha.
# 15 coolcras7 @ 09/09/10 06:01 PM
Loving it, Loving it.
# 16 RayAllen20 @ 09/09/10 06:02 PM
Czar....one question. In NBA 2K10, I never really felt the difference between elite defenders and bad ones. Gerald Wallace was just as easy to drive by as J.J. Redick it seemed. I played a 1 on 1 game with Shaq and CP3, and CP3 had a hard time getting by Shaq. Maybe it was just me but this was a big problem for me.

In 2k11 do you notice elite defenders? With Artest on somebody like Durant do you see him not let him get open as often, and are defensive match-ups much more important this year? I see TP fly by Oden, but I want to make sure this would happen basically every time.

BTW, great video and I am going to love having the CPU pick a play for me each time down the floor. How the Spurs utilize Parker, Ginobli, and Duncan was great to watch. Also, that was vintage McDyess with that baseline jumper, and penetration and kick outs seem way better. Can't wait for tomorrow's video and the demo. This game is beautiful.
# 17 domidomdomz @ 09/09/10 06:02 PM
That was delicious, Czar!

Lots of high screen roll for the Spurs! 2K once again hit the authenticity button!

Nice behind-the-shoulder kick-out pass from Parker to Blair.
# 18 scatman @ 09/09/10 06:02 PM
I'm really loving what I see, It has the look like this is exactly what a basketball game should be. I can only imagine what the cpu will do with parker and duncan on hall of fame level when I get this game. With all this info and videos we've gotten, I really hope this isnt too good to be true.
# 19 HotSauce2k3 @ 09/09/10 06:03 PM
Finally some talk about the defense. Excellent breakdown, Czar.
# 20 ronnieb @ 09/09/10 06:03 PM
It s gettin better and better

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