WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 News Post

THQ has updated their WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 roster section with all sorts of intro/finisher videos, screenshots and tips.

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WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 Videos
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# 1 Streets @ 09/09/10 08:11 PM
First thing I watched was Orton's intro, which seems the same as years prior. As a face he comes to the ring faster, does that smirk, and does the "pose" when he climbs the ropes. None of that is in his intro.

They also don't have Punk's drawing the circle on the ground thing he does that I love.
# 2 Streets @ 09/09/10 08:36 PM
Also, here's some overall ratings based on their profile pages...

Undertaker: highest rated (rating unknown)
Randy Orton: 95
John Cena: 95
Chris Jericho: 94
CM Punk: 93
Jack Swagger: 89
Rey Mysterio: 88
Dolph Ziggler: 88
Kane: 87
Kofi Kingston: 87
Christian: 86
Drew McIntyre: 86
R-Truth: 86
# 3 CM Hooe @ 09/09/10 09:29 PM
At least we can reportedly edit ratings this year.
# 4 SmashMan @ 09/10/10 12:30 PM
Originally Posted by Dislimb
Just looked at most of the entrances and I do have one nitpick:

The WWE Championship belt looks way too small to me. Also, the WWE logo in the center plate of the belt is slightly off centered and that belt doesn't spin anymore so it looks pretty stupid.
I wouldn't call that a nitpick...it's the WWE Title! They definitely need to rescale it...or scale all the wrestlers down to Hornswoggle size to make it the right size.

Overall I like the entrances, and glad to see how much the minitrons add to the look. Crowd reaction is very much improved, I just hope custom music doesn't kill the crowd like it has in the past couple games. (No, my music isn't too loud, I spend way too much time lowering the volume to the right levels before putting them on my PS3)

I'm most disappointed not in Orton's heel entrance, but that they still didn't time his badass flashing lights.

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