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"If you’re into online competitive play
in Madden NFL 11, you most likely received a strange message at some point, or at many points in the game, saying, “YOU ARE BEING SCOUTED” If I told you not to worry about it, I’d be giving you bad advice. You’re not getting your identity stolen, but your identity as a playcaller on offense and defense is certainly at risk. There’s no escape. Every play you’ve ever called in an online match is logged, stored and available for review by your opponent. With scouting reports, the psychology of Madden has taken another step forward. Here are some tips to help you take advantage."

Source - Madden NFL 11 Blog

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# 1 fatleg3 @ 09/10/10 05:09 PM
you are a scrub if you have to use this. Its a waste of disk space
# 2 khaliib @ 09/10/10 05:44 PM
Wasn't this in 2k5?

Great feature if CPU AI used it to scheme against you and add replay to Offline Dynasty.

I've tried and I just can't get into Madden, let alone it's online dynasties. Online dynasties are nothing more than quick matches with some buggy stat tracking.

This series is really hurting, even with it's improvements and additions
# 3 ANDROMADA 1 @ 09/10/10 07:51 PM
Awesome, I'll have to try this sometime.
# 4 bbolo84 @ 09/10/10 08:25 PM
This is cool. May give it a shot just to see how it is
# 5 rudeworld @ 09/11/10 01:15 AM
its been hurt for a while.....you cant fix a hamstring pull with a band-aide meaning they (ea) has been addressing other minor problems and adding this and that new feature without addressing presentation and the dynasty which....... boggles my mind, and what makes the excuse they gave about it taking a year to revamp the dynasty more crazy is seeing what 2k is doing with NBA2k11....... No excuse EA, I didnt give madden a chance this season, and your time is running out for Madden '12....
# 6 PH1LLYSFINEST13 @ 09/11/10 08:39 AM
thats all fine and dandy... whens the patch coming out where it will fix the defense? Because untill that drops , I refuse to play.
# 7 leo2k2ndc @ 09/11/10 09:03 AM
What a waste of a blog... But I guess nothing really was added, So they can only talk about so much....

I'm still bitter the Franchise wasn't touched this year >
# 8 lisinas @ 09/11/10 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by leo2k2ndc
What a waste of a blog... But I guess nothing really was added, So they can only talk about so much....

I'm still bitter the Franchise wasn't touched this year >
Same dude... i hate online playing as im not north american which makes me delay (lag) + online is **** as the game without tweaked sliders are **** and the glitches which can be used by online players are just lol...
So all year im into franchise mode , i bought the game week ago and im happy how gameplay works with tweaked sliders (though its so terrible with default ones its even unplayable) though there are many things to work on , its way better than in madden 10 or 09, so i was like "ok now if franchise mode will be something good this year im out of my mind" and what do i see ? 100% Completely the same franchise as year ago and im like "yeah , its ea,would be too good if they actually made me go crazy about how good this game is for offline use" ...
# 9 khaliib @ 09/11/10 10:47 AM
You can also see the strategy is to go "Full Online" gaming. All the new features are geared towards that along with all the new ways to charge on top of the $60 price tag. I wonder if the Madden name was not attached, how/what would this game do?

I don't hate the dev's of this series, I hate the corporate greed that's ruining/hindering these guy's talents and abilities.
# 10 ryan36 @ 09/11/10 05:17 PM
Ok guys, no warnings issued yet, because this is your ONLY one. Talk about the feature, not how EA has ruined your marriage/life/job/dinner.

...I'm trying to interject some humor there, but seriously it's a video game...

This does seem like a cool feature, but until they add some D , and get rid of money plays/ and plays that never works...seems unnecessary.
# 11 PlatooN @ 09/11/10 05:41 PM
i've been scouted 1 play in 25 games online.....this isnt a feature people are using. Make it completely free or do away with it.

Use the time and resources to improve something people care about...let's say hmmmmmmm FRANCHISE.
# 12 BlackRome @ 09/12/10 10:48 AM
Does it really matter. Do I really need to spend money to know the person I'm playing online is only running 3 plays. Pitch. Screen. Crossing route. Since you can't tackle two of those three plays are unstoppable.
# 13 sheredia @ 09/12/10 09:53 PM
doesn't do much good if your guys can't tackle anybody.....or cover anybody for that matter. if i find something that works, i go no-huddle until it stops working. that kinda counters the effectiveness of scouting reports.

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