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# 1 mvp kobe @ 09/13/10 05:31 PM
close my thread just maid one did not see
# 2 Goffs @ 09/13/10 05:33 PM
sweet! off to watch!
# 3 BNA95 @ 09/13/10 05:35 PM
# 4 hollywood @ 09/13/10 05:36 PM
i have no i deal if this is a new camera angle (i spend all my time on broadcast), but it is HOT.
# 5 Eman5805 @ 09/13/10 05:37 PM
Aw. I thought it would be AT New Orleans. Da well. Good, good stuff on the first watchthrough. Thornton's shot is acceptable. Wish it was a skosh quicker though.
# 6 yungflo @ 09/13/10 05:39 PM
good video, it looks as if still processing..
# 7 ricanbxbomba @ 09/13/10 05:40 PM
lmfao @ the way it ended... Love the bench reactions.
# 8 jrose57 @ 09/13/10 05:41 PM
Wow I can hear the players talking! I heard Paul's voice saying like PEJA PEJA and when he gave the ball to Okafor hes like IS YOURS IS YOURS! WOW!!!
# 9 STLRams @ 09/13/10 05:41 PM
Nice, this is the camera view I usually was playing NBA2K10 on, nice staduim audio with the Drake song Over in the background, sounded just like it does in the real arenas
# 10 Classic88 @ 09/13/10 05:42 PM
Looks coo'. Just not two teams I'm all that interested in, lol. But the gameplay looks smoother.
# 11 Eman5805 @ 09/13/10 05:43 PM
Okafor threw his back out pullin' that Dream Shake off. lol

(And on that note...why is that move called the Dream "Shake"? There's no shaking involved whatsoever.)
# 12 jrose57 @ 09/13/10 05:43 PM
And I don't see much sliding which is a thank god thing to me!
# 13 youvalss @ 09/13/10 05:43 PM
I loved CP3's pass to Okafor...too bad Okafor ruined it. But that was a beuty!! And Smith's post move, that was very nice. So many "wow" moments in this short clip!

The colors in this game are so amazing!
# 14 Peninc @ 09/13/10 05:44 PM
This is real basketball ...cant wait
# 15 jr2424 @ 09/13/10 05:44 PM
Nice post move by Emeka before he goes down. I don't know if he would actually use that move but it's cool to see it in there. I love seeing all the misses. Seems like we might be really getting real field-goal percentages out of the box on simulation. YES!!
# 16 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 09/13/10 05:44 PM
nice solid video, although the user here may have thought he was playin 2k10. I only saw him trying to dribble and run past his defender instead of running any sort of plays
# 17 WTF @ 09/13/10 05:44 PM
Wow... this was just nice. That injury at the end was a beautiful thing. I don't wish injury on anybody, but virtual injury wise, the camera cuts were sweet. Definitely liked the video. I see a LOT of good out of it.
# 18 The 24th Letter @ 09/13/10 05:44 PM
Man, the AI is friggin' awesome in this game....not obsessed with zooming passes inside, driving and kicking....definitely enjoyed the video!
# 19 neptuneniq @ 09/13/10 05:44 PM
Originally Posted by Eman5805
Okafor threw his back out pullin' that Dream Shake off. lol

(And on that note...why is that move called the Dream "Shake"? There's no shaking involved whatsoever.)
the way he pivoted his feet were so fast, and the notion that it "shook" his defenders
# 20 eko718 @ 09/13/10 05:45 PM
Don't know about Okafor doing the dream fake... otherwise, cool vid.

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