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ESPN The Gamer has posted an interview with associate producer Michael Kelly and brand manager Ryan Hunt, as they discuss the upcoming Top Spin 4.

Jon Robinson: "You say that the game will be easier to pickup and play, but how are you actually planning to accomplish this with the control scheme? How are things changing from "Top Spin 3?"

Michael Kelly: "Easier is kind of a loaded word. I don't want to suggest that the AI is easier in any way or that you won't have a challenge. What we really tried to do was go with the notion of pick up and play. The two goals with any 2K Sports title are authenticity and accessibility. So besides doing a great sports simulation game with great presentation and everything else, accessibility is really a factor that we think is going to push "Top Spin 4" to the top once again.

To better explain it, when you look at "Top Spin 3", we had the press and hold feature that you find in any sports game. It's very common to hold down a button and let go at any time. That's how you charge your meter for golf or baseball. So what we are doing in Top Spin, that's still the preferred way if you want to do a good, powerful shot. You can hold down the button and let go at the right time to get the perfect release. That's still there, but another thing that we've added is a quick tap. If you look at that meter, it's actually divided into three sections. There is a quick tap section at the beginning of the meter, you have your main, regular section, and then the very top of it is where if you get it full, you get a very powerful shot down the line or an overhand slam. But that quick tap is for those people who might not be that hardcore into sports games. You might just be a sports enthusiast or a casual gamer. Tennis games have been around since "Pong" and "Tennis for Two". They've been around for a long time and tennis is a good video game in general, so you might not be a hardcore gamer but you want to enjoy "Top Spin" as well. We are hoping that after spending some more time with the game, that they will then find the benefits of using the tap and hold mechanic. We want everyone to be able to enjoy it at the beginning, then explore that whole "Top Spin" experience and play a competitive, strategic round of tennis."

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# 1 Araxen @ 09/13/10 09:58 PM
Originally Posted by rangerrick012
Glad they aren't ditching the gameplay controls. I loved them in Top Spin 3!
# 2 Dazraz @ 09/15/10 02:27 AM
More depth in all the game modes is required. Really want a multiplayer offline tournament mode.

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