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EA Sports has posted another FIFA Soccer 11 blog, this one discussing Pro Clubs.

"First on our list of community requests was the ability to have more customisation when creating a Club. I’m actually going to start with some bad news, but really hope the news that follows will outweigh it. So, at the beginning of the year it was very much our intention to allow Clubs to use the Creation Centre feature to create kits and crests for online Clubs, unfortunately we found this to be a lot more problematic than we had hoped and this won’t be available when the game is released. We are looking into the possibility of adding this later in the year but at the very least it will certainly be included for FIFA 12. So with that out of the way on to some good news….

This year when creating Clubs, managers can select a ‘Commentary Name’ from a database of around 500 names, with the Commentator calling out this name instead of the team chosen when the club was created or edited. The names available include various cities from the around the World and common Club names such as United, City, Rovers and so on. We’ve also added a few names from the top Clubs in FIFA 10 to thank them for the continued involvement in the feature and this is something I hope we can expand on in the coming years as more Clubs rise to the fore. Another new customisation feature is the ability to be able to choose your Home Stadium. However, when it comes to stadiums, new Clubs will all be given the same stadium (a 10,000-seater), with new stadiums unlocked as your Club becomes more successful. You will also be able to see a Club’s stadium capacity when viewing their home page to get an idea of the level of the Club and of course this is something you’ll also notice when you play at their home ground."

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Member Comments
# 1 Kobalt @ 09/14/10 06:55 PM
Great blog, nice read.
# 2 CeltBhoy33 @ 09/15/10 07:24 AM
It's so close to the 28 I feel your trying to tease me Steve. lol
# 3 Randiesel75 @ 09/15/10 07:28 AM
I know, right? I was literally seconds from the door to hit the gym. Then something pulled me onto the XBL marketplace to check for the demo. Needless to say, I am sitting on the couch and not going to the gym. Damn these games!
# 4 wazzucoug02 @ 09/15/10 12:27 PM
Love the changes that they are making to the club mode. Really hope they are fixing the known cheese factors from last year. Blocking the keeper on kicks, hitting the cross bar on throw ins. That crap really hurt club mode last year. Still, loved the mode and my team put in a bunch of games.

We're all thinking of being "sick" on the release date.
# 5 Dunston14 @ 09/15/10 03:47 PM
Can not wait until release date. The most fun I have had playing online last year even with all of the bugs. I wonder the impact of be a goalie?? Can't wait for another season for the TIDE!!

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