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NBA 2K11 Videos
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# 1 monkeyman4336 @ 09/14/10 05:40 PM
off to watch
# 2 TheBadazz @ 09/14/10 05:45 PM
Me too
# 3 Rocboyz101 @ 09/14/10 05:45 PM
Niceeee !!!!
# 4 hollywood @ 09/14/10 05:48 PM
good lookin out Czar...off to watch.
# 5 Dizmode313 @ 09/14/10 05:49 PM
Big ups OS massive...but on the real yeah man you gonna have to do the ten teams ten days...cause while I am feeling the demo to a point I cant get it to run plays and this right here...my guy...this gives mad insight...Czar...keeping this jawn gunning man...everybody watch now and these video got these southerns here in Nash Tn ready to cop systems just to play 2k11...death to cheesers..die in R kelly urine and cow/pig guts..you can choice which one...but R Kelly still gotta give it to ya
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/14/10 05:51 PM
Impressive!!! Eveything looks so organic and smooth.
# 7 InRodWeTrust @ 09/14/10 05:52 PM
Man those screens are serious!
# 8 myownsun @ 09/14/10 05:53 PM
off to watch
# 9 freezola75 @ 09/14/10 05:54 PM
We need some Pistons plays now dawg... I hope that they will be apart of this 10 Teams in 10 days stuff!
# 10 Mr.Wednesday @ 09/14/10 05:55 PM
These are the best videos about 2k around. These get me more hyped than anything else. Thanks Czar and OS.

"Hey Ray, how's your Mama & 'em?"

"Shaq kicks the ball out...that's not sim."

Classic. Great job Czar.

Originally Posted by ace23
They gave Pierce a better looking shot!
Yep, noticed it in the demo. The sig animations for the Lakers and Celtics are spot on IMO.
# 11 HotSauce2k3 @ 09/14/10 05:56 PM
Very nice.
# 12 youvalss @ 09/14/10 05:57 PM
Great video, as usual! Celtics sure going to ba a great team in 2K11.
# 13 23 @ 09/14/10 05:57 PM

I love it man I Love it

"Stop playing Will, we all know you downloaded the demo fam"

You got that right! He's too quiet

Yes sir, that passing at the end by the CPU is why I cannot wait to challenge all teams, and Pierce's Jumpshot is a thing of beauty
# 14 TheBadazz @ 09/14/10 05:58 PM
Another great job Czar!
# 15 Uga @ 09/14/10 06:05 PM
Awesome vid as always Czar.
Wait a sec...Shaq is going to wear #33 ? On the Celtics ? Really ?
# 16 NotoriousD @ 09/14/10 06:13 PM
This was by far the best video I've seen. Netherless I love all of them still but damn Celtics looks like a problem this year by far. One of the teams I'm definitely going to use. Keep up the good work Czar.
# 17 RubenDouglas @ 09/14/10 06:22 PM
Wait. The in game playcalling is CPU?

This is NBA INSIDE DRIVE 2k11 at its finest
# 18 jerseyballer7 @ 09/14/10 06:24 PM
Another great vid. Having so much fun with the Demo and these vids. Man 2k really got me sold on this years bball.

btw RubenDouglas your avy is hilarious I love it.
# 19 Soda @ 09/14/10 06:26 PM
liking pierce's new shot animation, kg's looks a bit different to. great videos, thanks for doing them!
# 20 kpax11 @ 09/14/10 06:38 PM
Nice so nice!

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