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With today being the North American release date (and Steam ), lets use this topic for impressions for all 3 platforms. Please limit this to impressions and questions about the game.

UPDATE: Apparently the console version is not being released until tomorrow or even as late as Thursday for some. For those who purchased the PC version off of steam, it has been released and will be unlocked within 2.5 hours to play. I have the game already downloaded on my system, just waiting for the unlock. I will do my best with impressions as soon as the game is unlocked on my PC.

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# 1 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 12:01 PM
# 2 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 12:43 PM
Just a quick update....

The game is being unlocked on my PC as I type this.I am going to give it a run for 20 or 30 minutes and then hit you guys back with some early impressions!
# 3 Kully @ 09/21/10 12:48 PM
Yup looks like it's getting unlocked on Steam as we type. Nice, can't wait to read impressions.
# 4 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 01:43 PM
Ok...well I turned a few laps at Spa, and I must say I am impressed so far. The graphics are stunning, but they are going to test your PC.

When you first fire up the game, it takes to inside your trailer, and you need to fill out all your bio info( typical Codemasters ) then you are asked to start your career, or you can head out to the paddock. On the paddock you can choose between doing a Grand Prix, Time Trial, or changing your system settings ( setting your graphics, setting up your wheel )

I picked time trial at Spa.

The driving model is done very nicely, and feels as good as some of better F1 mods for rFactor. The environment is awesome, its as detailed as you would ever hope for. The cockpit view is very nice, maybe not as crisp or nice as FSone 2009 or F1rft for rFactor, but still nicely done.

The reaction with my wheel( Logi Momo ) is very responsive and as good as one would hope. It also allows you to set up your controller how you want it, so it does have custome wheel and controller setups.

Before you hit the track, you can look at, and customize the day race/time trial. You can view your Brakes, Aero package, Tyres, and weather. You also can talk to your engineer or apply a custom set-up, or simply go with an in-game default setup.

The loading screens take forever, and the menu's are a bit clunky, and confusing. Keep in mind, this is my 1st time out with the game, so there is no familiarity with the system yet.

I will turn some more laps and add some AI this time, and see what a race weekend is like!
# 5 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 03:34 PM
Sorry Gents,

I had to run to Best Buy and purchase a new Video Card. Now I am running this bad boy at 1680x1050 maxed out, and its flying around the track.

Just did a quick race at Monza, and came if 4th on medium difficulty. It was dark and overcast, but no rain hit. The AI is very conscious of you, and does a very good job of racing fair. The particle effects are amazing, as I hit the corner, and kicked up some dirt.........its done ery nicely.

I finally have my GFWL user name and password. Micrsoft and Codemaster both require you to log on, in order to race online. The speed of loading and the menu's are getting a little bit better now, I assume its because I have my whole bio and online bio filled out now.

For anyone who is looking to pick this up for the PC, and is worried or concerned about the specs to run it wide open. Here is what I have, and I can run this game pretty much maxed out now.

Asus Duo Core
2.8 ghz
Intel 4
8 gigs of memory
Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT
450 watt psu

So far I am very pleased with the game, as it has its own unique style. The game is more towards sim than arcade, by a pretty decent amount. All the rules are in the game, and they are heavily enforced also. You tap someone from behind, its a time hit. You cut corners, it's a time hit and a warning. If its raining, you have to go in and change to your wet tyres. You also only get a limited amount of tyres per race and practice.

Paul and Stephen really do know their F1, and you can feel it througout the game.
# 6 Lieutenant Dan @ 09/21/10 04:22 PM
Thank you for your early impressions, bluengold! I had a good laugh at my desk at your Best Buy dash for a new card to pump up your system for max detail LOL. Such is the life (and the curse) of the PC gamer!
# 7 bhurst99 @ 09/21/10 04:52 PM
I'm wondering how long it takes to do a qualifying session and a race. Can you save between the qualifying and the race. (You couldn't with F1 Challenge, the last PC F1 game I can recall and you couldn't with the PS3 F1 racing game which was a big problem unless you could block out like three hours to play the game).
# 8 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 04:55 PM
Originally Posted by Lieutenant Dan
Thank you for your early impressions, bluengold! I had a good laugh at my desk at your Best Buy dash for a new card to pump up your system for max detail LOL. Such is the life (and the curse) of the PC gamer!
LOL..No worries Lt Dan. It needed to be done, and I didnt want to compromise what the game has the ability to do. I am going to jump in a little deeper right now, and spend some qaulity time with my new friend!

Will jump back on in a bit with some new info, if there are specific questions someone want s answered, let me know, and I will try and accomodate!
# 9 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 04:57 PM
Originally Posted by bhurst99
I'm wondering how long it takes to do a qualifying session and a race. Can you save between the qualifying and the race. (You couldn't with F1 Challenge, the last PC F1 game I can recall and you couldn't with the PS3 F1 racing game which was a big problem unless you could block out like three hours to play the game).
As far as the race goes, it's simply a 1 lap, 2 lap, 5 lap 8 lap, then it jumps to 20% 50% 75% 100%..........

I will check to see if you can save in between sessions, and if saves are available during a race!
# 10 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 05:13 PM
Good news, you can save in between sessions, not sure about mid-race though. If you quit during sessions it saves your spot automatically, and when you choose Grand Prix again........it gives you the option to continue, or a new one.

It also allows you to choose a short weekend, or a long weekend. It warns you about wearing out your engines, as a fresh engine, consistency, and good tyres are the key to winning. The options to change stuff up on the car and track, and even the weekend for that matter, are abundant.

I just did a practice session at Singapore( night race ) and it is truely an amazing depiction of that track and it's surrounding. I can't even describe how awesome this track and atmosphere are............damn near photo realistic.
# 11 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 05:36 PM
I just wanted to give you guys an example of how beautiful this games looks in motion. Here is a shot of me doing a time trial at Abu Dhabi, in the rain.
# 12 kubankaos @ 09/21/10 05:44 PM
Hey Blue, PM sent......
# 13 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 05:45 PM
Originally Posted by kubankaos
Hey Blue, PM sent......
Thank George, I will edit that photo, and get it back up....
# 14 Kully @ 09/21/10 05:51 PM
Some images I took while playing at my friend's:

# 15 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 05:53 PM
Nice shots Kully, I see you have mastered the art of resizing your pics....
# 16 Kully @ 09/21/10 05:57 PM
I have more images, but they will take time. I love racing at Monaco.

Edit: lol I have to shrink them, thanks.

I don't have a handle on this game yet. For me it's very difficult (particularly because I'm playing with a 360 controller). The car handling tend to be a tad bit more arcade-y, but not to the point where it's ridiculous. I did have some issues when first playing though, so I had to turn off a bunch of the assists. If you keep them on the game plays by itself.

The game penalizes you hard for cutting curbs or causing accidents. You can't make a maneuver to impede another driver that makes them crash or you'll get penalized. I pulled a Schumacher (I pushed Alonso into the wall at Melbourne) and got a 10 second end of the race penalty.

The game is fun though, I had a blast with the amount of time I had to play it. I do have to pick on the graphics however. The setup I was on wasn't the best (Core 2 Duo E6600, GTX 260, 2GB ram: everything was on high or ultra at a 1920x1080 resolution) but the game is too "yellow" for my taste. I don't know the technical term for it.

About the AI: they can get aggressive at the higher levels. They will get out of your way once you have clearly passed them, but sometimes they will counterattack, try to shove you off the racing line or just plain get in your way. It's a great feeling passing someone on a narrow track; however because the game penalizes you harshly, you have to try and avoid contact. Any contract that causes an accident will get you penalized.
# 17 bluengold34_OS @ 09/21/10 06:04 PM
The yellow haze was brought in one of the reviews. Its only on the PC version, but to be honest, I am not seeing it really.
# 18 allBthere @ 09/21/10 06:07 PM
looking forward to trying this out.
# 19 gbx34 @ 09/21/10 06:14 PM
I was going to get this for my PS3 but not sure if i should go for PC now

I have Rig setup that i using for iracing using a Fanatec GTRS. But ive read that the PS3 verison does not support that wheel.

How does the wheel feel in this game? If you played iracing which I would consider to be perfect as to game like NFS **** which is terrible imo.
# 20 Kully @ 09/21/10 06:20 PM
Damage: while spectacular, it's unremarkable imo. It takes a bit of a smash to damage anything, but some parts of the car doesn't seem to break. I keep trying to smash my nosecone to no avail lol.

You do have to be careful because damage adversely effects your car. Punctured a tire going off the line and inched my way back to the pits. That felt bad.

Love the heat haze, nice touch.

These images don't show how great the game can look. They were taken on XP with a 1920x1080 resolution, with most settings on high and a couple on ultra. The game should look better on DirectX 11 or whatever version is included with Win 7

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