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# 1 youvalss @ 09/21/10 12:29 PM
Video is private?

Not anymore...off to watch!
# 2 kpax11 @ 09/21/10 12:33 PM
off to watch!!!
# 3 rudeworld @ 09/21/10 12:38 PM
happy side line report is more than just talking to the coach....

after playing that Elite demo this video is so refreshing
# 4 Steve_OS @ 09/21/10 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by HueyFreeman3000
IMPORTANT QUESTION: Why is it on Operation Sports when surfing pages on the comments section when you get to page 9, the NEXT button blurs out and you can't move forward. If you click on the LAST two pages that are available, all you get is a post comment page. Someone explain this please.
PM me an example link please.
# 5 Stumbleweed @ 09/21/10 12:40 PM
Originally Posted by tehova
*opens bandwagon*
Figured I'd save ya the trouble...
# 6 ps3veron @ 09/21/10 12:40 PM
I am a caveman! Loving this!
# 7 Imaking332 @ 09/21/10 12:41 PM
loved how Doris Burke added that extra inside info of Brandon Roy just adds more realism to the game i just hope it isnt repetitive.
# 8 esilk @ 09/21/10 12:41 PM
Can someone post a link please,, can't view it on iPhone.
# 9 B-Work @ 09/21/10 12:42 PM
Not the best human player IMO ... CPU's Alley oop first play was NIOCE tho !
# 10 Day_26 @ 09/21/10 12:44 PM
Hey guys. First off all. This video is awesome. Great Game. But my question is:

Do you think MJ will be sidelined when you play with the Bobcats? Would be great man.

Thx in advance!
# 11 lv2bll @ 09/21/10 12:46 PM
too many zach randolph up and unders!!!
# 12 RocketTMac1 @ 09/21/10 12:47 PM
is this a video from the final build? im not one to complain but its seems kinda of easy for putbacks. zach randolph was feasting on putbacks
# 13 brianyost06 @ 09/21/10 12:48 PM
Thats the only way Ronnie can score...JK but ya it was the User side doing it so it isn't like the CPU will be doing this 5 times a quarter.
# 14 youvalss @ 09/21/10 12:50 PM
Players like to wear the same suit haha... Thank god it's not the WNBA, ladies would kill eachother for that...

Brandon Roy is "a little backwords when it comes to technology". That's the nicest way to describe Sony's last attmept...

Some of the things I've noticed:

I liked the block at 1:40.

Gasol's rebound at 1:57 was ugly...he jumped as if he were Vince Carter...

Did you notice the arc on Batum's jumper (2:34)? That was exceptional!

Was it Randolph's birthday? He was celebtrating down low...

Overall, I really enjoyed it. The cpu defends well and moves the ball even better.
# 15 lv2bll @ 09/21/10 12:52 PM
by the way, this is the same build of the orlando/nuggets and the shrug game as they were all recorded at the same time, Ronnie said that a looooong time ago.
# 16 kpax11 @ 09/21/10 12:52 PM
Gotta love Z-Bo's post moves and how the CPU run the offense like Portland does it IRL.
# 17 Self313 @ 09/21/10 12:52 PM
lmmfao this is like another world compared to that demo I just played man

2 weeks aint goin fast enough

now enough of the videos and **** lets get some insight on association PLEASE
# 18 Bornindamecca @ 09/21/10 12:52 PM
Originally Posted by esilk
Can someone post a link please,, can't view it on iPhone.
You sure? Viewing it on iPod touch right now. In any event you should be able to get all OS vids. On the YouTube page mroperationsports.
# 19 youvalss @ 09/21/10 12:53 PM
Originally Posted by oOausarOo
Why do you say that? I would like more variation in the animation, but Zebo is a beast. I don't necessarily find that unrealistic. If you can do it all game without the AI adjusting that's a problem.
Yeah, he's good, but he likes to shoot turnaround jumpers more than going down low. Still, it was nice.
# 20 Self313 @ 09/21/10 12:57 PM
Conley initiates there plays IRL

iono what your complaint it

hes the one who sets up the offense... When you play with Miami it will prolly be D Wade and Lebron, you play wit the nuggets it will be Chauncey... you gotta know your team...

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