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All right, so I'm just going to post this now to get it out of the way. Next week (Thursday to be exact) I will be going to see NBA 2K11 a final time before the game is released in October. Basically, if anyone remembers past Q&As, I will try to get as many questions as possible answered for all you psychos out there.

I only ask that you don't ask ratings questions, and please no specific accessory questions or stuff along those lines. You can ask about accessories, but don't ask me if Gerald Wallace has all 11 of his armbands/headbands on his body. Stuff relating to Association, online play, gameplay etc. are all accepted and welcomed. I never make guarantees to get all questions answered, but if you look at one of my past NBA 2K Q&As, I do tend to get a lot of them answered.

I will also be talking to the developers, so questions you want answered from their perspective are doable as well.

(Also, I may check in on this thread at various points before next week to ask users to expand or better explain some of their questions. This will only be done if I don't quite understand what they mean/want.)

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# 1 ABA QontrolZ @ 09/21/10 05:07 PM
my priority !! :O

can we save playbooks in online leagues??

also :

. have the black silhouettes been replaced by something else ? ... anything .. please
. how will u give me back my 2011 year ?

prolly more comin' god bless edit function
# 2 Self313 @ 09/21/10 05:10 PM
ask if we can actually have a face to our created player models

like Fight Night had.
# 3 blues rocker @ 09/21/10 05:11 PM
will the CPU utilize zone defense to combat drives to the hoop?
# 4 supermati @ 09/21/10 05:13 PM

1 - Is the minor passing issue (players sometimes fully stopping to grab a pass) from the demo still in the retail?

2 - Do players still jump really high when grabbing rebounds?

3 - Are the walk-up animations back?


4 - Can the MLE be split?

5 - How was the A.I. team management logic improved? (Stacking lots of PG's, etc.)


6 - Are the D-League players editable outside the Association?

7 - Are the D-League teams playable in Quick Games?

8 - Are the classic teams (50's; 60's; 70's) still there?

9 - Anything else you saw worth mentioning?

Thanks for the great feedback Chase, as always.

EDIT: I think the association questions have been already answered.
# 5 warnerwlf98 @ 09/21/10 05:13 PM
I have no idea if this was asked before, but will there be a weekly wrap up show, preview show in the Association? This is what made College Hoops stellar, and I've wanted this in every sports game since NFL 2K5 had Sportscenter weekly updates.
# 6 domidomdomz @ 09/21/10 05:14 PM
About online...

1. How can they assure that online has taken a "dramatic improvement" this year?

2. Aside from playbooks being saved for online games, how about the controller settings (especially the camera relative or absolute shot stick setting) and coach settings (Auto Timeouts, Auto Subs, etc)?

More to come.

Thanks, Chase.
# 7 JAY_D1 @ 09/21/10 05:16 PM
One question

Do the Phoenix Suns have their 1993 Throwbacks with the black alternate???

That is all!
# 8 coolio83 @ 09/21/10 05:17 PM
in the "jordan" bulls games, are there team specific intros, especially for the bulls
# 9 Crossover1 @ 09/21/10 05:17 PM
Can u check to see if Iverson is in the game (should be in the free agency)?

If he is, can u tell me if he has a new jumper?
# 10 Rocboyz101 @ 09/21/10 05:54 PM
Can the verticals on rebounds possibly be tweaked in a patch?

I have lot of association Q's but I'll hold until after the association insight.

Does Jared Dudley have a new jumper? (hate to ask this but Im really interested..lol)
# 11 ffaacc03 @ 09/21/10 06:21 PM
Expanding on some of the qs of a previous post and also inserting mines:


1 - Do players still jump really high when grabbing rebounds? Please reffer them that this "high jump" it is noticeable affecting only rebounds and blocks and not so much other jump instances like dunks & jumpshots ... so it lends me to believe that it is not only an issue with the vertical rating as it would also affect those other instances, seems to be "hard coded" (dont really know if that words applies).

2 - Would/could the walk-up court animation be added (not walk the dog ball animation) ?

3 - Confirmation that plays can be initiated anywhere on the court and by anybody, not specifically within the blue circle and not specifically by the PG alone ?


1 - Are there 10 day contracts ?

2 - Would events such as draft lottery would be accuratelly placed on the calendar while playing the Finals, as opposed to after ?

3 - Would players progression/regression be addressed so it can reflect a reasonable amount of uncertainty (like draft busts) ?

4 - Would there be coaches/assistant promotion and demotion ?

5 - Have the bugs been fixed (bigs 3pt shootout) as well as the inconsistencies (current and legends disapearing) ?

6 - Will there be ramdom all star locations after the first year ?

7 - Can we manage the DL so we can voluntarelly take players in or out of it and also assign specific injuries and recovery timeframes (ala MLB the show) ?

8 - I read that coaches influence what type of style the team runs. So does this mean that coaches now bring their playbooks and such to other teams? Effectively changing the style and tempo of one team to fit their style? Could this mean realistic coach movements? Could we see a team like The Spurs, once Popovich moves on, and they're taken over by a coach who loves to run, have the whole landscape of their franchise turned around by being filled with guys who can get up and down the court and not play much defense?


1 - Will the create a player and create a team features, receive significative enhancements/expansions at all ? Will we have a crete a coach/assistant feature ?

2 - Will we be able to download a draft class and asign those created rookies to teams so we can play with them in quick matches (as of now we cant, we have to either re create them and assign them 1 by 1 or we have to download/redownload them and assign them 1 by 1) ?

3 - Will there be any more classic teams besides those already mentioned ? even as a paid DLC option ?

4 - Will the commentary take into account specific individual facts in modes such as My Player and Creating a Legend (like if you are the leading scorer, do they talk about it/you) ?

5 - Will players specifics rituals at the start of the game wont be affected by rsoter movement (as 2k10 is, example: you take out Sasha of LA and Kobe does not chest bump with someone else) ?

6 - What has specifically being done to upgrade/overhaul the online feature and assure a smoother experience (please detail) ?

7 - Will the 2kinsider updates actually reflect any tendencies, spot ups, team/coach profiles edits besides the ratings edits (he have yet to do such) ? Will they also reflect coaches movement (when a coach is fired and a new one replaces him) ?

Thanks anticipatelly for your feedback Chase !
# 12 zmcman1 @ 09/21/10 06:22 PM
has there been any change to the scouting system in the association? It's something I've really wanted to see touched up on after CHoops was scrapped.
# 13 CKAP3 @ 09/21/10 06:29 PM
high off the glass lay ups and bank shots
have they been fixed
# 14 mvp kobe @ 09/21/10 06:32 PM
check if the create a team and player are better
# 15 wxn8822 @ 09/21/10 06:33 PM
What is the major difference between different difficluty level? Ridiculous high field percentage? or more flexible and smarter AI?
# 16 Goffs @ 09/21/10 06:37 PM
Editable free throw sounds? Foul out music?
# 17 jgutta @ 09/21/10 06:38 PM
Is the new Amway Center on the game?
# 18 mymannemcee @ 09/21/10 06:38 PM
Will there be an 00's team?

Will the vertical ability of PF's and C's be fixed so we don't see Pau Gasol jumping all the way up to the backboard for a rebound?
# 19 theskinsfan1000 @ 09/21/10 06:38 PM
What new types of accessories are there
# 20 theskinsfan1000 @ 09/21/10 06:42 PM
What if any new accessories have been added? Are there more than just 4 pregame sequences?

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