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Who did a better job at capturing Barack Obama in a videogame? 2K Sports (NBA 2K11) or EA Sports (Madden NFL 11)?

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# 1 mymannemcee @ 09/22/10 07:47 PM
I think it's not really a fair vote until we see actual video capture of Obama in 2K11 like we did when Madden was close to coming out. *shrug*

*crosses fingers people listen to me*
# 2 statum71 @ 09/22/10 07:47 PM
They both look like him in different ways.
# 3 Tpitt85 @ 09/22/10 07:52 PM
from the side by side pics it look like 2k
# 4 Gotmadskillzson @ 09/22/10 07:56 PM

Madden faces look all smashed up on all the players that aren't superstars. You see the guy face behind Obama on Madden, the white guy to the right side, his face is all smashed up that he looks completely mutant.

It is the same way with Obama pic, it is kind of smashed up in the middle on Madden, but on 2K it looks more like a real human face, see the nice details and stuff.
# 5 souljah_flames @ 09/22/10 07:57 PM
2k every time!!
# 6 wxn8822 @ 09/22/10 08:01 PM
sick! I think it should feature a 1 on 1 game with Obama. I will pick BD to play against him.
# 7 Hip-hopSocialist @ 09/22/10 08:08 PM
Maddens Obama looks like the Joker with that distorted face. Why so serious?
# 8 Jukeman @ 09/22/10 08:09 PM
NBA2k's Obama looks better.
# 9 Kobalt @ 09/22/10 08:13 PM
2K Obama actually kinda look like real Obama.
# 10 scatman @ 09/22/10 08:20 PM
In these still images I'm going with 2K.....I won't get madden 11 because to me the game hasn't changed any since Madden 08.....meaning it's still the same lame game. But that's my opinion and not the subject at hand...2K guys need to smile, Madden graphics just look horrible.
# 11 scatman @ 09/22/10 08:28 PM
ok so I just watch the Madden 11 superbowl celebration on youtube and that was pretty neat, the confetti is falling all over, the trophy presentation looks nice, the parade with the guys who have cameras was cool to see.....hope 2K has something of similar quality (who am I kidding, I know it will be better).
# 12 wepr3 @ 09/22/10 08:30 PM
I would've preferred that they had stayed away from this. Why not use a fictional president instead of possibly alienating people?

This will not affect whether I buy the game or not, just wished it had been done differently.
# 13 bballdude17 @ 09/22/10 08:33 PM
madden's obama looks like a super buff wide shoulder football player
2k is more skinny
# 14 spartyon6686 @ 09/22/10 08:40 PM
2K Obama looks like he's a baller.
# 15 yungflo @ 09/22/10 08:45 PM
the only person that looks decent in the madden picture is drew brees.
# 16 Lbj6TheChosen1 @ 09/22/10 08:55 PM
2k11 all day!!!!!
# 17 Freshy McFresho @ 09/22/10 09:07 PM
2k11 for sure óż
# 18 sonn @ 09/22/10 09:08 PM
I like the fact Obama has some facial expressions in Madden unlike 2k.
# 19 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/22/10 09:14 PM
2k. Madden's looks horrid.
# 20 TheRisingSan @ 09/22/10 09:24 PM
Definitely 2k. At first glance, I knew that it was Obama.

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