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Check out the latest NBA Elite 11 video on ESPN integration.

"ESPN presentation in NBA ELITE 11 brings a whole new level of authenticity to the gameplay experience. With Mike Breen doing play-by-play, Jeff Van Gundy with the analysis and the energy of Mark Jackson, get a behind the scenes look at the recording of over 60 hours of classic ESPN commentary, only in NBA ELITE 11."

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# 1 Live_4real @ 09/24/10 04:00 AM
When I saw some videos of NBA elite before playing the demo, I was worried, the trio sounded scripted and quite boring.

After the demo, I actually think they did a great job in just one dev cycle, in regards to ESPN integration but especially the commentating.

60 hours of recording proves it, and from here on out, it can only get better and richer and even more dynamic

Probably this is the most solid point about NBA elite 11 visual/surrounding (tied with the great crowd), it looks nice, and it will add that feeling of watching basketball on TV

Now letīs get the animation part of the game to a much higher level, and it will be difficult to distinguish what you see on TV from the game itself.

Nice vid, great find

# 2 timbeau0805 @ 09/24/10 05:07 AM
Yeah, I played the demo and thought Breen sounded pretty good.
# 3 BiggD @ 09/24/10 05:29 AM
This is one thing NBA elite got right....ESPN looks great in the demo
# 4 Greene_Flash03 @ 09/24/10 06:20 AM
They sounded good in the demo for sure, but the game itself doesn't look real to me.. Sorry Ryan Santos...
# 5 DaveDQ @ 09/24/10 07:11 AM
The 3 definitely have chemistry. This was a good, positive video.
# 6 rudeworld @ 09/24/10 07:37 AM
good audio... but whats great audio and ESPN look when know one will see it or hear it because the game play is dog gone awful

EA finally is using the licence the right way....FINALLY!!!!! But I'm sure ESPN is wish they never left 2K and even further EA is wishing they never let VC go.
# 7 Peter_OS @ 09/24/10 07:46 AM
I could care less about the presentation and commentary, if the gameplay sucks!
# 8 pdawg17 @ 09/24/10 09:31 AM
Originally Posted by Peter_OS
I could care less about the presentation and commentary, if the gameplay sucks!
It's good to know you COULD care less than you do...that's promising
# 9 ccoaxum @ 09/24/10 09:58 AM
hand down man down!!!! lol i love that line price less
# 10 ccoaxum @ 09/24/10 10:01 AM
you always have a choice in life what you want to buy nobody put a gun to your head and say buy madden or Elite......at least hope nobody did. Every one have their on mind, on taste of what they want to buy or play, so why worry about what other ppl like.........sounds like ppl dnt have a life if your worried about what other ppl like in life! just a thought lol
# 11 vln13 @ 09/24/10 10:12 AM
I think this presentation is really good. However, listening to a 2k game sounds even more like the real thing than Elite.
# 12 lockdown50 @ 09/24/10 10:44 AM
they put out that demo nd thatss what they give us now? start talking about your features for elite 12 becuase that will prolly b a better game now that they can refine this real physics thingy
# 13 fatleg3 @ 09/24/10 11:33 AM
Originally Posted by ccoaxum
hand down man down!!!! lol i love that line price less
im still waiting to hear that.

Fisher you know the rule, hand down man down lol
# 14 champsbasketball @ 09/24/10 11:50 AM
i like this video cause i thought they were reading papers and knowing that there is 60hrs thats great.
# 15 HoosierDaddy @ 09/24/10 11:58 AM
one of the few bright spots this year, honestly. This was one of my main questions to Yaw and the dev team when we first showed up to the community event. I'm glad they're finally utilizing this license.
# 16 ogtae1 @ 09/24/10 04:29 PM
Everthing is great about elite
# 17 thcchoi @ 09/24/10 06:13 PM
Nothing new really.

We all knew about this ESPN integration **** and now we've even played the demo.

This isn't a bad move by Elite 11 but even that isn't as good as NCAA Basketball 10 when it comes to Real TV presentation.

60 hours of recording??? so what??
NCAA Basketball 10 had Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery to mimic CBS presentation. I believe they spent similarly long hours too if not longer.

This ESPN commentary and overlay (NOT a total integration because pre-game or halftime or even postgame shows are missing) are okay.

although ESPN overlay is something that can even be made by anyone for a PC game - so not a huge deal.

So we can basically say what they did was putting in some work to add some new commentary. That's about it.
# 18 thcchoi @ 09/24/10 06:22 PM
By this time next year, after poor sales of Elite 11,

EA is going to have hard time to get Breen, Jackson and Van Gundy involved in Elite 12 again to extend their commentary library as these guys won't wanna be a part of something that has failed or is going to fail again.

Honestly, I think ESPN integration is good for EA's sake but not so much for ESPN's sake. ESPN won't wanna look 2nd best especially when 2K series is on its path to imitate TNT broadcast.
# 19 StankonYa @ 09/24/10 06:48 PM
I will say this, those three enjoy what they do.....if not they sure fooled me.
# 20 Tpitt85 @ 09/24/10 08:37 PM
This is probably the ONLY thing on Elite that i wish was on NBA 2k11

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