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The EA Sports MMA demo is now available for the 360. Download it now or queue it up right here.

Please download it and post your impressions here.

UPDATE: It is now available for PS3 users.

"EA SPORTS MMA brings the authenticity of the world’s most intense combat sport home like never before. Go on the offensive with a dynamic control system for strikes, elbows, knees and kicks and strategically manage advances and counters with an intuitive submission system. Battle it out in the Strikeforce cage or deliver vicious soccer kicks and head stomps in a ring in Japan. Are you ready? Let’s get it on!"

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# 1 brownclown @ 09/28/10 06:22 AM
yeaaaaaa lets see if its better than ufc
# 2 DavonBrown @ 09/28/10 06:35 AM
Sorry Steve I know this isn't an impression, but that screen shot is beautiful.
# 3 brownclown @ 09/28/10 06:53 AM
holy ****!!!!!!!!! thats all i gotta say.................
# 4 360gamerdude @ 09/28/10 06:55 AM
would someone be kind enough to upload the demo for us offline users ? Its 1gb in size. Would be greatly appreciated.
# 5 brownclown @ 09/28/10 06:55 AM
man the controls are awesome!!!!!!!! FINALLY A GOOD MMA GAME
# 6 brownclown @ 09/28/10 06:56 AM
haha methiod man now thats a soundtrack
# 7 JoeMimic @ 09/28/10 07:04 AM
Here are some of my impressions. I bumped it onto Legend and played as Overeem against Lashley.

Controls are simple, sprawling is easily done as is regaining guard or getting up from the bottom. The striking game when you combine the sliding with some of the awkward looking punches doesn't do it for me. I felt like I was getting stuck in animations. Rounds are lengthier, it seemed like an actual five minutes almost compared to UFC 2010's 2 and a half minute rounds. Lashley went 11/21 in the takedown department and landed 51/90 strikes but I won by KO in the 2nd round. The ground stuff looks pretty good and feels pretty good reponse wise.
# 8 brownclown @ 09/28/10 07:18 AM
dude i feel like im in a real mma fight fighting on legend im getting smashed by overeem
# 9 JoeMimic @ 09/28/10 07:27 AM
Second fight same two fighters. Sprawling is too easy in my opinion on Legend, it's pretty much as simple as if you hit the button anywhere near the right time you defend it. Lashley took me down 11 times in this fight...but I stopped 18 of his takedowns. Stamina is well done, even though I defended a lot of takedowns I spent the majority of the fight on the bottom and by the end of the second round my stamina was only refilling up halfway.

I kept trying to throw up submissions but with my stamina drained I couldn't really do much with it. It gave you the sense of a real fight when a guy keeps trying for them but just doesn't have the energy to finish. Hard to really get a feel for the striking when 3 of the 4 guys in the demo are ground guys. So I can't really open up because I'll get taken down.
# 10 JoeMimic @ 09/28/10 07:45 AM
Just stopped Overeem on legend, caught him with a punch early and rocked him and was able to finish him in the button pressing stamina game thingy majig...that's the official name I think too. Call me crazy but I switched to classic controls. I felt like I had a lot more control over what I was doing in the standup.
# 11 Phobia @ 09/28/10 08:57 AM

I am going pre-order today after work. This is the game I been waiting for. EVERYTHING about the game is fantastic.

1) Controls - The controls are done so great. Everything is in a perfect spot. Having sprawl, pass, sub, and defend on the buttons is soooo great. Once I get UFC 2010 controls out my head I will be great lol. As of now, I keep trying to defend the take down by flicking the right stick back.

2) Graphics - OMG!!!!!!! I had my OOOooooo face on

3) Foot sliding - I don't notice it in the demo, I have never really seen it like others have. But in the demo it never really jumped out to me.

4) Striking - Striking is really tight. The connections look good and the power behind the shots look great. I was landing body kicks that were just rocking people.

5) Submissions - Submission mini games are perfect and involve alot of strategy and a bit of luck.

My overall view from the demo is that this will be a extremely balanced chess match. I am so excited I can't contain myself. I have a MMA game I won't be able to put down. OHHHHHH MAN I can't stop smiling with joy
# 12 josher898 @ 09/28/10 09:19 AM
its a sick game..kinda hard bit of a learning curve only played 3 matches all went 5 rounds an to the judges cards an we were both full of blood i lost tho still getting use to it...i find that my stamina goes down faster then the CPU..an the CPU does more stuff an it don't go down at all..an the striking feels a bit slowish in my opinion ..but it is a awesome game
# 13 Dazraz @ 09/28/10 09:42 AM
Only had a quick game as I'm off to work. First impressions is that it looks alot better than UFC. The arenas particularly. Everything feels smooth. Struggled with the controls a bit but that's more down to me than the game. Long term I believe the controls will come more naturally than on UFC. Good stuff.
# 14 DaveDQ @ 09/28/10 10:03 AM
I'm very impressed with how stamina is such a big part of this game. I think in boxing, wrestling and MMA, having good stamina and not burning yourself out is so important and this game does a great job of representing that.

The controls are done well. It's not a button mashing competition (as EA mentioned) and if you start mashing your stamina drops so quickly, leaving you very vulnerable. I'm playing on EASY so I can learn the controls, but I had a great sequence of events play out that really left me impressed. I was Miller against Shields and caught him with a spinning back fist which them stunned him. What was so nice was I was able to be aggressive and pursue to finish him off. There wasn't slowdown to where I felt like I was slowly chasing him down. Now I know it played out rather easily so the fight was stopped, but knowing the pursuit flows with the stun is important to me.

I think the demo does a great job of letting you learn and have an idea of how things work. Some things look odd like on a takedown my opponent's head went right through the cage but that's ok for me. There is some sliding but the fighters have weight to their movement...but still are quick. The footwork is ok with me.
# 15 Taur3asi3 @ 09/28/10 10:22 AM
Quick impressions after a ton of matches primarily playing as Overeem vs Lashley

Bull rushing and KOing Lashley with 'Reem via flying knee and punch flurry will never ever get old.

Striking with the stick feels completely unresponsive to me, especially when trying to throw kicks.

It seems a little too easy to get out of side control, I can pretty much get up whenever I want to

I suck at clinching

Best thing I've seen in 3+ hours of playing: Breaking Lashley's Nose with a knee counter on a take down. I landed the knee, rocking him, and from the bottom of his nose to his chin was covered in blood, and i finished the job and KO'd him against the cage.

How do you do leg kicks with the classic controls?
# 16 scottyo60 @ 09/28/10 10:23 AM
Um ok so I have had 3 fights. My third fight Shields(me) vs. Miller went to decision... I laid on Miller in typical Shields fashion for 3 rounds. Yet we get to score cards and judges totals were me. 1. 29, 2. 29, 3. 28... Miller 1. 26, 2. 27, 3. 27... yet it says he won the fight? Am I missing something here? lol

Otherwise this is fantastic! what a brilliant representation of mma. I was hesitant after the first game because Lashley worked me, but after learning the controls it's fabulous. I do have one question for developers... Will other arenas be specific to styles? I have no problem with the amount of wrestling in the cage, but I know in Japan you will see way more striking that what I am seeing. Just curious
# 17 DaveDQ @ 09/28/10 10:55 AM
Originally Posted by Taur3asi3
Striking with the stick feels completely unresponsive to me, especially when trying to throw kicks.
I feel this way too. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong but kicks seem odd.
# 18 Phobia @ 09/28/10 11:13 AM
Originally Posted by DaveDQ
I feel this way too. I don't know if I'm doing it wrong but kicks seem odd.
I think my only issue is getting UFC 2010 out my head. Me and Meth fought 5 or 6 fights last night and then I go and try this demo. So my natural instinct kept going to the ufc controls. I don't think it is so much the controls is unresponsive. I think my response time is the problem. I need to mess with it more tonight to get a better idea.
# 19 EarvGotti @ 09/28/10 11:33 AM
Okay so i played a few matches and im liking the game so far. Graphics are amazing and it looks like an actual fight. I'm still getting used to the controls as I have never played Fight Night before.

I cant figure out how to throw head kicks, i've only been throwing leg kicks so far.

Once you get the full mount it seems like its an automatic win. I've only been playing on Medium difficulty so maybe that has something to do with it. But everytime i've gotten the mount I end up knocking the guy out.

Submissions are REALLY a chess match. I've been thrown in the triangle twice and go choked out because I couldnt figure out how the submission zone thing works.

The ground game is great. Its simple but complex at the same time. Simple because all you have to do is press the A button to transition(there's no major and minor transitions like UFC).....but complex because you have to time it right and preserve your stamina.

I'm getting used to striking with the Right Stick. Its not as responsive as I would like for it to be, but once the punches land they look fluid and realistic.

The CPU goes for takedowns a lot in this demo. But sprawling is easy because you just hit the B button. Overall i'm liking the feel of the demo, and looking forward to the actual game.
# 20 Gotmadskillzson @ 09/28/10 11:36 AM
This game is amazing. I must have seen 5 different throws with Overeem alone. And I do like how stamina plays a HUGE role in this game.

I do love the fact that you aren't defenseless when somebody is standing in your guard over you. You can up kick them in the jaw ANDDDDDDDDDD SWEEP THEM ! Lashely was standing over me, I upped kicked a few times, then stuck both my feet in his gut and tossed him to the side. That move was nice.

So is pushing him up against the cage, kneeing his body, doing foot stomps and throwing elbows up against the cage. The submission moves are nasty on this game. I do like it how you really have to time it and if you miss an attempt you take a pretty good size stamina hit.

And I do like how the characters play to their strengths. Lashley didn't want any part of the stand up and always looked to shoot in on me. But since he isn't good in submissions, he didn't try to sub me, he was more interested trying to get into full mount to ground and pound.

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