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Big thanks to eDotd! AKA Mo.

Shout out to HMcCoy & AuburnAlumni.

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# 1 chackett12 @ 09/28/10 10:58 AM
nba 2k11 = iLL
# 2 drventure @ 09/28/10 10:59 AM

and lol at Bosh only being shown once in the background
# 3 Goffs @ 09/28/10 10:59 AM
no Bosh love? T_T
# 4 yellowboy91 @ 09/28/10 11:00 AM
that was sick
# 5 TheGhostAPC @ 09/28/10 11:00 AM
Hype meter is out of control!
# 6 SageInfinite @ 09/28/10 11:00 AM
# 7 texasgmr @ 09/28/10 11:00 AM
SICK!!!!!!!!!!! Would liked to of seen some Bosh in there too.
# 8 bigfnjoe96 @ 09/28/10 11:01 AM
Hate to see what the episode in Quicken Loans Arena is gonna be called
# 9 tcnumba10 @ 09/28/10 11:03 AM
Holy Smokes! I really felt that I was actually watching a real game! I love the way the audio/commentary was edited with adding a little echo and all, I hope 2K takes notes b/c that addition added so much realism and hopefully they touch up on the commentary sound effects next year (with the crowd noise and echo in the background of the commentary)
# 10 Stumbleweed @ 09/28/10 11:03 AM
Ho-ly crap.

Those LeBron dunks are just... gah.

Also, I fear for my league standings when the Heat come to town with Mo at the helm... especially with a few weeks of practice that I don't have haha.

EDIT: Agreed with the LOL @ Bosh... that will be the story of his life this year.
# 11 jsg @ 09/28/10 11:04 AM
lol at the fan at the 43 sec mark.
# 12 youvalss @ 09/28/10 11:08 AM
Thanks, Steve.

Pacers fans, this one's for you..LOL.

Amazing trailer, so Great!!!
# 13 yungflo @ 09/28/10 11:09 AM
no love for bosh? LOL

love the vid, but the wade hand thing went on alot longer than it should have been.
# 14 GaryT531 @ 09/28/10 11:11 AM
look at that chasedown block by LBJ!

not sure what d-wade was doing with his hand but it was cool to see it in there lol.

I just traded in NBA Live 10 for $8.25 to amazon along with a bunch of other stuff i'll never play or watch again so I can get this game on day 1.
# 15 fatleg3 @ 09/28/10 11:11 AM
Originally Posted by jsg
lol at the fan at the 43 sec mark.
lol i seen that also.

One video i seen lbj travel and it wasnt called also now the have fans calling it out. Vintage lebron lol

Tell me why the dunk at 1:12 looks real?
# 16 youvalss @ 09/28/10 11:11 AM
As for Bosh, well, he's like Horace Grant in Chicago. He's not the star who you show his highlights. So I'm ok with him being just a sidekick.
# 17 Cripterion @ 09/28/10 11:15 AM
That was insane
# 18 WTF @ 09/28/10 11:16 AM
Very nice work Mo. That LBJ block was a thing of beauty, as were the dunks. Gonna be a fun time trying to stop that attack.
# 19 nickjamesm7 @ 09/28/10 11:17 AM
Bosh doesn't deserve to be in this video anyways, he is just a follower. Wow I can't wait to take it to those "We have to join forces because we could never do it on our own" Heat with DRose and Da Bulls... A guy can dream right? and hate haha
# 20 VDusen04 @ 09/28/10 11:18 AM
Originally Posted by fatleg3
Tell me why the dunk at 1:12 looks real?
In your opinion what was the issue with that slam? The height?

I very much enjoyed this video.

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