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As most expected, EA Sports will be offering roster updates for NBA Live 10. Yaw Obiri-Yeboah AKA blackflash83 has confirmed via his Twitter feed.

"No date for the first roster update for LIVE 10. I'm guessing it's the beginning of the season but don't hold me to that.

LIVE 10 will have updated rosters to reflect the upcoming season.

Right now LIVE 10 will be providing updates for the upcoming season for free."

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# 1 buzzguy @ 09/28/10 01:35 PM
I can get behind this! Live 10 was a fun game...too bad I goozexed my copy months ago. Oh well.
# 2 TUSS11 @ 09/28/10 01:38 PM
Will they update the new logos, jerseys and courts like they did with OKC in Live 09?
# 3 cuzzo @ 09/28/10 01:38 PM
and this is why i want be buying 2k til black friday for $30. i dont have a problem playin live 10(still playin to this day and traded in 2k10 cause i hate their online servers) and this update will give it a fresh feel. and who knows maybe a patch to fine tune things.
# 4 Mr.Wednesday @ 09/28/10 01:40 PM
Add another reason I'm glad I hold on to all my games.
# 5 phant030 @ 09/28/10 01:45 PM
Wonder if we can get a patch or something too? Also, wonder if we may see some NCAA BB updating also
# 6 Mintsa @ 09/28/10 01:47 PM
Originally Posted by TUSS11
Will they update the new logos, jerseys and courts like they did with OKC in Live 09?
I'd probably say no.........if I was to assume.......I'd think this is strictly a roster/DNA update only.

But then again...I'm only assuming.
# 7 jorge380 @ 09/28/10 01:50 PM
This is great news.
# 8 stocksy @ 09/28/10 01:58 PM
Great news... does NBA live 10 have an online code thingy like the new ea titles?
# 9 jorge380 @ 09/28/10 02:06 PM
It would be awesome if they would let us play an updated dynamic season.
# 10 jeebs9 @ 09/28/10 02:36 PM
# 11 erickonasis @ 09/28/10 02:36 PM
^^^^^^ Yes
# 12 DR Russell @ 09/28/10 02:41 PM
I wonder if they can patch the game with an updated season schedule for season/dynasty modes.
# 13 scottyo60 @ 09/28/10 02:43 PM
I'm about to go pick this stuff up haha
# 14 mikenoob @ 09/28/10 02:46 PM
Originally Posted by FreshPrince22
if i buy the game used, does this mean i still have to pay for access codes & whatnot?
No, I believe I read somewhere stating they will be offering free updates so you could go pick up the game used.
# 15 BlackRome @ 09/28/10 03:07 PM
I would have paid 2k 60 bucks to have a roster update and online play for 2k8 for the last two years.
# 16 Carrington618 @ 09/28/10 03:16 PM
well played Great PR work EA
# 17 TheRock88 @ 09/28/10 03:48 PM
I wonder how they're gonna incorporate rookies into the game. I'm guessing the announcers will just pronounce their numbers instead of names.
# 18 Tico Da Great @ 09/28/10 03:52 PM
Good News I was just playing my live last night and it fun. Me and my boy were going at it.
# 19 kennyacid @ 09/28/10 05:06 PM
and best of all the updates are free so thats a big win
# 20 convince @ 09/28/10 05:23 PM
Careful wording, right now they are free.

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