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Part 2 coming tomorrow morning, keep an eye out for it.

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# 1 RGmoney @ 10/03/10 07:00 PM
Grabbing my chair and ready to take notes.

Thanks again to Prof. Czar.
# 2 EarvGotti @ 10/03/10 07:06 PM
YES. Lets see what this 15 minute bad boy has in store....been loafing the forums all day waiting for a video to drop LOL
# 3 ggsimmonds @ 10/03/10 07:07 PM
Hope I am not late to class prof. Czar.
# 4 domidomdomz @ 10/03/10 07:15 PM
Off to watch...
# 5 STEVENATLARGE @ 10/03/10 07:18 PM
I'm fairly new to Operation Sports...but with content like this, this site is quickly becoming a favorite. I was wondering if I would be into this site after NBA 2k11 was released. Czar...you are the answer! This is great! Keep this up and I'll be here daily. Word up, family!
# 6 stretch45 @ 10/03/10 07:20 PM
man i love that audio in this vid
players talking
fans talking nice
# 7 Classic88 @ 10/03/10 07:30 PM
Go head Czar! Break it down.
# 8 DRose_BRoy17 @ 10/03/10 07:38 PM
No more run and gun, dunk-fest for lebron james users. Finally a BBall game with strategy to it. YEESSS!!! Hey Czar anyone ever tell you you sound like Marcelus Wallace from Pulp Fiction, lol. One Fam.
# 9 BiggD @ 10/03/10 07:38 PM
Teach me the way of 2k master!
# 10 JohnnyFenoli @ 10/03/10 07:43 PM
What's with all the mismatches when guarding Baron Davis in the halfcourt D?
# 11 SouthernPhenom @ 10/03/10 07:43 PM
Great job like usual Czar! I really think videos like this will help me greatly improve on my sim gaming by helping me understand the plays and defensive strategies.
# 12 Intelx @ 10/03/10 07:53 PM
DId Czar indicate what difficulty settings this was played on?

# 13 Rocboyz101 @ 10/03/10 07:55 PM
Stuff like this is what makes association mode so great..
# 14 Da_Czar @ 10/03/10 07:59 PM
Originally Posted by Intelx
DId Czar indicate what difficulty settings this was played on?

I did not. Its all star with offensive rebounds tuned down in the sliders besides that is sim all star.
# 15 AMYO @ 10/03/10 07:59 PM
Wow....12 am Tuesday mornin can not come soon enough post up more czar we like feigns you the supplier!!!!
# 16 DatSamuraiRose @ 10/03/10 08:01 PM
This is Czar at his best...i still dont know how you have time to do these videos with SEVEN CHILDREN AND A WIFE
# 17 jrose57 @ 10/03/10 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by Da_Czar
I did not. Its all star with offensive rebounds tuned down in the sliders besides that is sim all star.
Thanks for video, but do you think allstaris best level to play at in terms of realism?

And how come the bobcats r so stupid, they keep using the big man guarding baron davis???

Also, I hope the AI will scout my team like how you scouted their team. So for instance, if I have a raptors squad with Iverson, Derozen, Keliza, Bargarni, and Oden, the ball will go to Iverson and Bargarni the most, would the AI use a certain strategy to stop me? Maybe forcing Bargarni to drive or post up instead of shooting the jumpers or 3 ball???
# 18 chinkiwinki @ 10/03/10 08:02 PM
anyone notice there is no boxing out except for free throws?
# 19 ggsimmonds @ 10/03/10 08:03 PM
A few observations

One thing I didn't like was at the 10:00 minute mark (just prior to the TO) when Czar was in the low post with Kamen.

What exactly did Blake Griffin think he was doing? He ran his defender right into Kamen and then kind of loitered. Luckily the shot dropped but it was not exactly a shining example of proper spacing.

But the 2 series coming out of the TO were brilliant. Good ball movement by the cpu and a very purty drive by Davis.

Another thing I liked was that after Czar built a good lead it seemed as if the AI really made a greater effort to involve Jackson and Wallace.
# 20 oo7Soxs @ 10/03/10 08:04 PM
Awesome to see it all matchups matter. Will increase replay-ability!

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