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# 1 BEARYChi @ 10/04/10 10:19 PM
i knew the Bulls were next.
# 2 ggsimmonds @ 10/04/10 10:23 PM
Watching now.

Edit: Finished. That last play is nice.
# 3 RGmoney @ 10/04/10 10:27 PM
Reporting for class, Prof. Czar.

Thanks for the Bulls vid.
# 4 chrisc50 @ 10/04/10 10:36 PM
Yes!!! A Bulls ten days vid, can't wait, off to watch, as always great vids
# 5 mysticsmoke @ 10/04/10 10:39 PM
Good work, bro. To the whole SimNation a mighty shout out. It seems like everything connected the the series is on point this year. Czar, you put in mad work and really offered some perspective as to the potential of the game--and to be bringing up a family too. Props, my brother. Teach those boys to be men, and may your girls blossom into regal queens. Game ball to you, son. You've earned it. MVP all the way.

I love the respect to the art and craft of the game of basketball the entire 2k phenomenon has created this year. I'm not some upcoming neophyte new to video games. I'm 48 years old, and all I can say is that I'm glad they weren't producing games of this quality, with this much depth and detail when I was a young buck. I never would have gotten my master's degree. I got a basketball jones, baby. I'm anticipating tomorrow like a welfare mom on check day. I haven't been this hyped since the night before I went to see Jordan play against the Lakers live! And now with his Airness making yet another come back! The flavor is colorful like a Starburst gusher filled with Hennessey. Imagine that, 2-3 flying through one more time to prove that old heads still roll the hardest. (Anybody remember the PC 3-on-3 Jordan game?)

Too my kids in the nation, don't forget to do your homework! Just because this or any game is out doesn't mean you get to neglect your intellectual and academic development. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. All things in moderation. Read.

Finally I just want to say mad love to any and everybody who had anything to do with this game this year. If nothing else, the hype has been a high. Peace.
# 6 BEARYChi @ 10/04/10 10:45 PM
# 7 youvalss @ 10/04/10 10:46 PM
Well done, Czar!

If the CPU takes advatage of these plays, it's going to be hell playing vs the Bulls.
# 8 RedmanR @ 10/04/10 10:47 PM
Very informative playbook videos as always Czar. Hoping to see some control and shooting videos to my man if you have time
# 9 Beluba @ 10/04/10 11:24 PM
good stuff, czar. Korver's plays are pretty deadly too. Running baseline curls through staggered double screens to the 3pt wing = cash $$
# 10 ngeloh @ 10/04/10 11:44 PM
I'm just curious as to how they know what style and what plays the Bulls will be using this year. They have a ton of new players, and a brand new coach who has never been a head coach before. This is going off of the assumption that each team is based off its real life counter part.

Anyone have any idea how 2k came up with these teams playbooks and styles that either have new coaches or new key players?
# 11 adiktus888 @ 10/05/10 01:04 AM
Another great videO by Czar!
# 12 NBAfan#5423678976 @ 10/05/10 01:13 AM
hey Czar thanks for all the info, movies, insights, 10 teams 10 days, and your Koach vids, 2K11 just dropped in Australia so im gonna put your work into practice, thanks again fam!
# 13 Gmoney2002 @ 10/05/10 07:34 AM
Greeat vid Czar. I will be using that "13 cross" to death. Rose off the initial screen is a perfect second option to that play. The Bull WERE going to be my team for the season but with Boozer out....hmmm maybe I can bring him off IR after I get the roster update...*scratches head*
# 14 Chairman7w @ 10/05/10 08:56 AM
Thanks for all your great vids, Czar!! Amazing work as always! Your respect for the game of basketball is palpable. You may be the Czar, but to me, you're the Ambassador of Roundball!

Heading off to work, then an early lunch break at 10:30 to pickup the Pre-Ordered game!!
# 15 elprez98 @ 10/05/10 12:22 PM
Czar you have made my day with this one.

I won't get the game until after my test, taking my dog to the vet, and my wife to dinner. This is a great stopgap until then.
# 16 shadox @ 10/05/10 01:14 PM
Amazing stuff Czar! Love to see the Bulls,they seem to be very flexible and dangerous! Really like it

Oh and hopefully Beluba read your lil message at the end...I agree on this,Sage needs to be on the soundtrack!
# 17 supermati @ 10/05/10 03:40 PM
Great job Czar!
# 18 Boilerbuzz @ 10/07/10 07:00 AM
Thanks big homey for doing my team!
# 19 Drop3422 @ 10/11/10 01:54 PM
Great work on the vids Czar. Despite the lag every once in a while, running plays while playing online seem to actually be a viable strategy this year, and a MUST on All Star Simulation or higher.

Thought it's worth mentioning though, but as I have been preparing to publish my first blog, and Chicago being my favorite team, the Bulls have a play that seems to be buggy that Da Czar didn't seem to mention.

51 Gut Roll

When you run it in practice mode, it works fine, Noah sets a screen up top for Rose, and rolls to the rim. When you run it in game, the play asks you to pass to the two, and then the play proceeds with the 1 setting the screen for the 2.

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