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Colts at Jaguars: Scobee Dooby Doo - When we say that Madden Moments LIVE puts you in the shoes of the players, we mean it literally...when we're talking about the steel toe of Jag's iceman Josh Scobee. With the football, a timeout, and a clutch kicker warming up on the sideline, control Jacksonville and drive into Scobee's range. Find a way to deliver that win to the Jaguar fans. Bonus points if you can do it with a 50 yard field goal or longer. Afterwards, mimic his celebration by running around your house.

Bengals at Browns: The Battle for Ohio - Riding an **** performance from Terrell Owens, the Bengals found themselves in a position to steal a win against their in-state rivals, the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland ultimately got the victory and spoiled TO's big day, but imagine how great his post-game interview would've been had they secured the win! With Madden Moments LIVE, you won't have to. As the Bengals, continue TO's record day, finish it off with a win, and don't forget to bring the popcorn.

Broncos at Titans: Costly Penalties - The Tennessee Titans defense has been called a few names since Sunday, but everybody knows they're tough. Needing a touchdown with little time to play, Kyle Orton led the Broncos to a road win, thanks to some very costly penalties on the Titans' defense. This Moment puts you in charge of the Broncos on that final drive... Can you leave town with the win, and without their help from the penalties?

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Member Comments
# 1 SmashMan @ 10/06/10 10:54 AM
Damn you, I JUST posted it too. But mine mentions the free-ness of the moments.
# 2 Dog @ 10/06/10 11:04 AM
So these are free? Definitely going to get them then
# 3 Steve_OS @ 10/06/10 11:05 AM
LOL updated.
# 4 FaM0us Skins @ 10/06/10 04:08 PM
im gettin it if its free
# 5 SeventhWard @ 10/07/10 03:03 AM
I think the whole idea of Madden Coins is wack.

However - constructively - I wish Madden took a cue from Halo:Reach by distributing coins for EVERYTHING we do in game. Spend some time in Practice Mode perfecting your skills? You get coins. Do a quick Play Now Game? You get coins. Play a Franchise Game and quit early? You get coins.

I take their giving it away "Madden Moments" free as a sign that not many people are "buying" Madden Moments. If they'd loosen up the reigns on the Madden Economy - maybe we'll get somewhere. We've already bought the game. Can we please have all of it?

# 6 Skittles6547 @ 10/10/10 11:13 AM
Deffinately agree with SeventhWard!

This buying crap gets old real fast. I don't think madden/microsoft have the word free in their vocabulary.

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