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According to Gamasutra's weekly "Saling The World" column, with data taken from October 7th, 2010, find NBA 2K11 heading multiplatform sales in North America

"North America: 1. NBA 2K11 (2K Sports, PS3), 2. NBA 2K11 (2K Sports, X360), 3. Halo: Reach (Microsoft, X360), 4. PlayStation Move Starter Bundle (SCEA, PS3), 5. DIRT 2 (Codemasters, X360)."

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# 1 Blak_Baki_Hanma @ 10/08/10 06:55 AM
Good game.
Now if only it had the online functionality of Halo...
# 2 rudeworld @ 10/08/10 06:58 AM
hmmmm I thought 360 owners would be on top.... but can it surpass Halos overall??? let hope so sports fans!!!!!
# 3 edubbs @ 10/08/10 07:01 AM
Well deserved and one of the most rewardable sports game purchases I have ever made.

I hope and expect the sales to continue to pour in for these guys. This game deserves all the props it gets.

Helluva effort this 2k11 is.
# 4 NDIrish98 @ 10/08/10 07:11 AM
a little misleading because it's on both consoles and Halo on the one, but GREAT numbers regardless.
# 5 tbranan @ 10/08/10 07:18 AM
How is it misleading? It took the number 1 AND number 2 spots. If it were only on one console, it would still be number 1.
# 6 NDIrish98 @ 10/08/10 07:38 AM
Sorry, i misunderstood. I thought it meant overrall sales lol. Waaaaay too early in the mirning.
# 7 Mintsa @ 10/08/10 07:51 AM
PS3 version tops in sales ?????

I find that hard to believe. I'd be almost certain the 360 version would sell more copies.
# 8 Bp2 Triz @ 10/08/10 07:56 AM
put reachs 1st day sales against 2k11s and its not even close... reach has been out for 3 weeks before 2k
# 9 tommyboii2008 @ 10/08/10 08:34 AM
It Is misleading though because its 2k's opening week vs Halo Reaches 4th or 5th week.. But good for you 2k..
# 10 TheRain @ 10/08/10 08:39 AM
Originally Posted by tommyboii2008
It Is misleading though because its 2k's opening week vs Halo Reaches 4th or 5th week.. But good for you 2k..
There's nothing misleading about it. It said it overtook it on the charts. Not that it outsold it.
# 11 Dazraz @ 10/08/10 08:46 AM
I'm glad the sales have been so good. 2K have obviusly put a load of work into this game & deserve the rewards.
# 12 sithlord06 @ 10/08/10 09:45 AM
FAN-Tastic and its well deserved, they know how to make a great basketball game and if they ever got the NFL license back...it would crush EA Sports.
# 13 SonicMage @ 10/08/10 10:01 AM
Originally Posted by TheRain
There's nothing misleading about it. It said it overtook it on the charts. Not that it outsold it.
It's also misleading because these figures are based on Amazon...not how well it did in stores like Gamestop or Walmart or Target or...you know where I'm going.

A nice feat, regardless.
# 14 lv2bll @ 10/08/10 11:26 AM
It looks like it only tracks amazons number, this is no where near accurate. The vast majority of people buy at brick and mortar stores.
Data for "Saling The World" comes courtesy of the public sales information on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Amazon.co.jp, with sales split out for each platform and territory, and pre-orders disregarded. This results in a true sense of what games are selling worldwide on the real-time updated service, as follows:
# 15 bigsmallwood @ 10/08/10 11:30 AM
Great to hear!!!
# 16 sithlord06 @ 10/08/10 01:53 PM
Cmon Take Two hire some members of the Halo Development Team and get that online cranking the way it should be.....it would take the game to another level.
# 17 80tiesBaBy @ 10/08/10 09:52 PM
2K SPORTS GREAT,GREAT ,GREAT JOB!! even if u dont like sports this game is the the one to get. Hope the sales go through the roof..........oh n halo sucks. wacthing thunder vs heat rite now ,they gone be a problem this year.But well see how they do in da playoffs.........
# 18 Fiasco West @ 10/08/10 09:59 PM
Great news!

Hopefully this will show that true sim CAN sell.
# 19 2k4Life @ 10/09/10 08:12 PM
Just makes me wonder even more why gamespot rated this game an 8.0.... Really?? Congrats 2k well deserved!!!!
# 20 BearClaw @ 10/09/10 08:24 PM
This really doesn't surprise me, the classic teams appeal to an older generation of fans. For God's sake I have my dad (who hasn't played a video game since Live 95) playing because of the 94-95 Knicks.

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