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Chris - Both NCAA and Madden received substantial improvements in the running-game department this year, and I don't think anyone can dispute that. The line blocking in each game helped improve this aspect of the game, as well as the turbo button being off by default. While Backbreaker also featured an interesting running game, I feel it was a very clear step behind. So when it comes to deciding which game I like more, I had to think about realism here. Simply put, I like NCAA's running game more, but only very slightly and only because of some very technical details. Pick: NCAA Football 11

Christian - I really enjoyed Backbreaker's running mechanics (especially the trigger modifiers), but ultimately I can not give it the nod because of its arcade nature. Even with its great offensive- and defensive-line interactions, what killed Madden's run game for me was the lack of animations and sluggish locomotion. In NCAA you can hit a hole, jitterbug through it and explode into the open field. Each run feels different in NCAA, and depending on the size/style of your running back, you will see a multitude of different collision animations. In Madden the run game feels pedestrian and boring. Even when using backs like Chris Johnson or Adrian Peterson, every run feels scripted -- and don't even get me started on the lack of ball-carrier collision animations. NCAA 11 features the most enjoyable run game I have ever experienced in a video game. Pick: NCAA Football 11

Steve B - To me, the running game in Madden is the most fun this year. The game speed allows for plays to develop, and ball carriers naturally hit the holes at a good pace. Trying to break a run to the outside when it's not there will result in a loss, so Madden's run schemes actually force gamers to take what's there and take a sim running approach. The top running backs all have their own distinct ball-carrying techniques, and you can feel a big distinction between a power back and a speed back. Making quick, split-second cuts is complex with the locomotion in effect, so you have to master the sticks to use the jukes to change directions -- it's a beautiful thing when achieved. The biggest factor in the run game this year is the depth of the run-blocking schemes provided. Stretch runs and zone-running plays function the way they do in real life, allowing backs to take what's there or to cut it back if the defense overcommits. The counter runs and inside run-blocking schemes all function differently, so you can really develop a run game based on your team's skill set with the variety of play designs here. This type of depth is not as polished in NCAA 11. Pick: Madden NFL 11

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Member Comments
# 1 rudyjuly2 @ 10/12/10 10:01 AM
After Steve B's review of Madden 11 I knew he would be voting often for Madden lol.

Nice write-up but you guys completely ignored the cpu AI in these areas. It seems that 90% of all impressions are always centered around the user and not the cpu AI.

I think the NCAA running game is really good this year. But you HAVE to call out the EA team for not having the cpu spread running game working properly. They absolutely suck at it. I want to see a cpu team run the Oregon or Michigan offense properly. Right now they don't come close. And the new dual stick controls seem to have brought out a dumb cpu RB that covers the ball at incorrect times.

I do love these roundtable discussions and there are some nice things here. But I'd like to see you guys spend an entire article talking about the cpu play and the good and bad that exists for each game in that department.
# 2 cmehustle @ 10/12/10 10:27 AM
I have to agree with Rudy. The CPU ai especially with the qb and fb just aren't up to par with both the spread and option attacks. But just the fact with all the different offenses u can run to me gives the edge this year to NCAA. As far as dynasty goes I always prefer that to franchise anyway. Alas I think my football playing days are numbered at least for this year with the superb bball game and with call of duty soon to come out. Hopefully ea does a little better job with bothgames next year.
# 3 bigsmallwood @ 10/12/10 11:05 AM
Wow. No wonder the Madden review was so "glowing".....That was just blasphemous to compare Madden 11's passing game to AP2K8???? The two are not even close! The running game in Madden is so generic and uninspired. NCAA 11 plays a good game of football.

The AI in the games are okay. NCAA feel pretty good with regards to individuality, but BB and M11 both need a ton of work.

Dual Stick controls are not all they are cracked up to be.

I like the round table, but there needs to be somebody who, as rudyjuly2 put it, "call out EA" for not having the CPU AI running offenses/defenses properly.

The other head scratcher for me was the praising of Madden 11's offense/defensive line interactions....wow. We definitely haven't played the same game.
# 4 sportyguyfl31 @ 10/12/10 12:28 PM
I agree in almost all counts. Madden 11 is the most fun that I have had playing the game in a real long time, but I feel that NCAA 11 is the better game.

Online Dynasty is so fun.

The players in online franchise have to do the leg work in order to have a realistic off season..which is ridiculous
# 5 khaliib @ 10/12/10 02:34 PM
If you think about it, every other sport has had that game produced that had some "WOW" to it, except football. Every sports game has it's issues, but for some reason, football is so far behind the other sports. There are "WOW" elements in NHL (hockey), The Show (baseball), 2k 11/CH 2k8 (basketball), Fifa/PES (soccer), Fight Night/MMA (combative sport), but not in any football produced since NFL 2k5. Football forums are litered with ideas, but for some reason, there seems to be this argument that football is too complexed to introduce the very ideas that are showing up in other sports games.

Every sports game has seen an upgrade to the crowds, except football.

Player Movement:
Again, we've seen the advancement in other sports, but .....

We can see a difference and affect between each player, except ....

This list could go on and on.
I think the problem is that we allow football to be compared/reviewed against itself instead of being compared to what other sports games are producing. Every year within these discussions, the thought "compared to last year" it's improved in this or that way. It's always compared mostly to it's prior production, but rarely against the sports game genre as a whole.

Backbreaker came with some "WOW" with the player collisions, but the overall package really hurt it's replay value.

The raindrops on the camera lens in Madden was the only thing that came close to "WOW" for me.

You can see the possibilities in NCAA, but nothing is ever complete and fleshed out. Just bits and pieces, but no "WOW".

One gamer said it best, "for what's available....." , and that's what I gather from the three reviews/interpretations about football.

No "WOW", but for what's available....
# 6 oneamongthefence @ 10/12/10 04:55 PM
It was informative especially Backbreaker was a rainy day list purchase for me. I wanna try backbreaker for what it is but I don't want it to be a one time novelty then its over.
# 7 Gordy748 @ 10/13/10 07:43 AM
Originally Posted by khaliib
If you think about it, every other sport has had that game produced that had some "WOW" to it, except football.
I've actually discovered the WOW factor in Madden by starting a new franchise as Detroit, moving them to Portland, then building them up to be Superbowl champions through a slew of tribulations, drug scandals, draft busts and other off-field shenanigans.

Where does the WOW factor comes from? I'm writing a short story about it. Because I like to write, and because if I don't, I'll just get bored of NFL and go buy EA Cricket.

Here's hoping a screen adaptation and movie deal will ensue.
# 8 squadron supreme @ 10/13/10 04:29 PM
I think as a whole the run game is a wash between the two, I would have certainly given the edge to NCAA 11 if it wasn't for the horrible zone read blocking which basically forces you to had the ball to the back every time and makes the quarterback a non threat.

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