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# 1 Luck911 @ 10/15/10 03:43 PM
Who was playing as Roger ?Because he is like the one of the greatest bjj guy on planet.Right now i have basic understanding of how the subs work in game and you have to wear down a person some what but Roger is walking a sub machine and should be threat to sub person the second fight starts.I am curious is that accurately represented?
# 2 ChaseB @ 10/15/10 04:40 PM
I was just screaming BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK as Couture unloaded on Gracie's face.
# 3 SBartlett @ 10/15/10 04:44 PM
I was Couture ... lol
# 4 PlatooN @ 10/15/10 07:57 PM
this game looks awesome, cant wait.
# 5 Lakers 24 7 @ 10/15/10 07:58 PM
Unfortunately it looks like all of the fighters move and throw punches all in the same manner, with the same style. I like the chess match aspect, and that's enough to get me to buy this one, but next time around the fighters being replicated more accurately is a must IMO.
# 6 poorch @ 10/16/10 07:15 AM
fframe rate issues or jus video?
# 7 Bad_Intentions @ 10/16/10 09:03 AM
Like Luke said, Gracies ability to find the "sweet spot" in a choke should be far greater than most other fighters. I'm sure it is, but if he has your back...even if your stamina is high he will 9 times out of 10 sub you. I know they have to balance things out as it is a game, but i'm jus saying.

I agree with Lakers. In the future I would like to see different fighters throw punches/kicks differently. Guys who are not known for their striking should through sloppier looking punches that are easier to see coming and avoid, not crisp and technically perfect looking punches. I also want to see more variation in hand speed. As it looks now, guys who aren't as good in striking through punches with the same technique as good strikers but just not as much power. Which I don't think it should be that way as a guy might have alot of power but poor technique.

This seems pretty good for EA's initial offering but in the future i'd like to see them put out on MMA game with the individuality of a game like NBA 2k, a la everyone has their same jumpshot/free throw animations/etc. I want to see fighters that are COMPPLETELY different from each other, unique animations for them throwing punches, kicks, takedowns, jiu jitsu, etc. Guys with low takedown ratings should have a sloppier looking shoot attempt. I still feel like this will be a good game, can't wait to play the full version.

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