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According to Kotaku, Omar Wilkes and James ‘Flight' White, offered their services for mo-capping in NBA 2K11.

"Omar Wilkes, who played at Cal and is the son of UCLA great Jamaal Wilkes, served as one of several actors on Jordan's motion capture. James ‘Flight' White, a former Cincinnati standout and second-round NBA draft pick, is also part of the cast."

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Member Comments
# 1 OCC2USC @ 10/16/10 05:39 PM
James White can def. float
# 2 statum71 @ 10/16/10 05:47 PM
No wonder. I know Flight White can get busy.
# 3 Control-X @ 10/16/10 06:14 PM
Good darn job Wilkes and White and all other actors
# 4 infamyice @ 10/16/10 07:04 PM
I wonder who did Jordan's animation
# 5 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 10/16/10 07:15 PM
Thanks fellows I did my best to make you all proud to be owners of this great game. Lol
# 6 RayDog253 @ 10/16/10 10:40 PM
Great read. They really did a good job this year, just like every other year, haha....
# 7 D3C4K @ 10/16/10 11:10 PM
That would also explain why Flight's dunk package is in the game.
# 8 domidomdomz @ 10/16/10 11:56 PM
This is why we have Big man high vertical rebounds. Haha
# 9 Conda @ 10/17/10 02:11 AM
I saw James White dunk from the free-throw line in a high-school dunk contest.

# 10 magicman30 @ 10/17/10 12:52 PM
Great Job Flight White!! u have truly left ya mark on this game!
# 11 Hassan Darkside @ 10/17/10 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by infamyice
I wonder who did Jordan's animation
James White probably. He did Mo-Cap last year too.
# 12 TwisTz @ 10/17/10 05:53 PM
I found it weird that James White is a Free Agent but doesn't have his own dunk package assigned to him?
# 13 VDusen04 @ 10/17/10 07:21 PM
Originally Posted by TwisTz
I found it weird that James White is a Free Agent but doesn't have his own dunk package assigned to him?
I've noticed that happens sometimes. I had to assign Shawn Kemp his package but that might have been because the roster I was working off of was downloaded from 2K Share. But I've seen other instances where people's signatures had to be applied manually for some reason.

Anyway, regarding the topic at hand, pretty cool Flight and Omar gave a helping hand this year. I'm always interested in 1) who helps perform the mo-cap and 2) how they perform it. I'd like to see exactly how what White did for 2K was transferred to the game. I'd be curious to see who's responsible for what animations.

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