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The NBA Live 10 roster update is available now for the 2010-2011 NBA season. Please post your impressions here.

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# 1 nron @ 10/20/10 11:29 AM
can you confirm that the rookies are generic looking?
# 2 daniverson1973 @ 10/20/10 11:46 AM
actually the rookies arent too bad, Wall looks very realistic, Turner does too, except I dont think he has facial hair in real life
# 3 nron @ 10/20/10 11:50 AM
sweet! ok, that's pretty cool then.
I'm excited to play this again!
# 4 ifriedrice @ 10/20/10 11:51 AM
Can someone please post pictures/videos?
# 5 daniverson1973 @ 10/20/10 11:55 AM
i played around with it for about an hour before work
pretty impressive considering this was done in a short period of time

they did a good job adjusting the player ratings and i think they got EVERY single rookie in their, even a lot of UDR's, that impressed me

i played with the heat for a bit this morning and man i dont know whats up, but there were chemistry issues or something, i played a game against the lakers (offline) and hardly scored until the 3rd quarter

Im thinking D-wade or lebron shouldnt play point

anyway im real happy with the rosters, you can also play in playoff mode and dynasty with them and its very realistic

i simmed a season two diff times and got magic vs. lakers in finals magic winning, and celtics vs. rockets? 2nd time, celtics winning, but stats and stuff were very very realistic, john wall won ROY both times

anyway, i will be playing the shzzit out of this over the weekend ONLINE
# 6 Mooch81 @ 10/20/10 03:40 PM
I just bought a used copy of Live 10, but do i now have to purchase the dna package to get the updated rosters???
# 7 nron @ 10/20/10 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Mooch81
I just bought a used copy of Live 10, but do i now have to purchase the dna package to get the updated rosters???
Don't quote me, but I'm pretty sure you do.
# 8 nron @ 10/20/10 05:05 PM
Very excited to play with these rosters.
It's been said countless times already, but EA should build on Live 10.
Awesome game.
# 9 daniverson1973 @ 10/20/10 05:39 PM
im lovin john wall, he is awesome!
# 10 juicey79 @ 10/20/10 06:12 PM
did the gameplay change at all..new animations or better response rebounding logic?
or is it the same game with updated rosters?
# 11 hoop xyience @ 10/20/10 06:23 PM
Where is it for ps3
# 12 CJBEeZy @ 10/20/10 06:46 PM
juice79..same game with updated rosters
# 13 blackflash83 @ 10/20/10 06:50 PM
Originally Posted by hoop xyience
Where is it for ps3
It's available for PS3 owners as well. If you have Dynamic DNA just download the DNA update and all the rosters will be updated.
# 14 RayRay34 @ 10/20/10 06:52 PM
OK, So here I am Mr. negativity the last few days with my impressions of the roster update, and I will not go all giddy EA fanboy on you either like someone else in here!!!!
#1: I still want my jerseys!!!!!!! nuff said!
#2: EA I must admit, you shocked me. When you mentioned generic player faces I thought for sure we would have gotten something like, "ok , this guys black and he has hair lets just make this default CAP, or OK this guys white and bald, lets make this default CAP." But you didnt, you actually did a good job of trying to get the player appearances correct. For this I applaud you I don't recall Semih Erden having the Justin Bieber mop hair do though!!!!
#3: Is it just me or does it seem like they did "something else" to the ratings??? I remember when I manually drop the aggresion and quickness ratings down on the players to make them not "fly" at the rim so much, it seems like this roster set might have done that already.(it is hard to tell, I have only played one half so far.)

Final thought, I like the fact I do not need to keep my current roster file up to date that I have been working on, I still will say it until Elite/Live or what ever game your gonna bring out is called, I want new jerseys!!!!! make it happen EA for us the loyal gamers!! please

P.S. I am sorry for jumping to conclusions before seeing a finished product. I am man enough to admit it!
Some of the people that bashed Elite before playing the finished product should step up too!!!!
# 15 Darkn3s Ra1n @ 10/20/10 07:07 PM
can u still get it if u dont have the dynamic dna?
# 16 BiggD @ 10/20/10 07:18 PM
If ea can bring out a patch for Jerseys and courts then I'm back on board
# 17 bigball12 @ 10/20/10 07:38 PM
Could we please get the FIBA rosters updated? At least for the U.S.A.
# 18 Wiffyjustus @ 10/20/10 07:41 PM
Originally Posted by nron
Very excited to play with these rosters.
It's been said countless times already, but EA should build on Live 10.
Awesome game.
I know, broken record, but...


I know it's just a roster update, but it seems to very well done. Better than I expected.

Playing Live 10 again after a long lay off has been an enjoyable experience.

I imagine Wizards vs Heat would be a popular first choice for first game.
# 19 NICKx84 @ 10/20/10 07:45 PM
anyone else not getting commentary?
# 20 blackflash83 @ 10/20/10 07:49 PM
Originally Posted by NICKx84
anyone else not getting commentary?
Are you referring to not hearing anything at all during gameplay or not hearing specific player names?

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