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This week the FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION development team will be hosting a community feedback session bringing in seven hardcore gamers to get their hands-on an early version of the game. With the game slated for release in 2011, the team is hard at work implementing new features and this session will allow them to get some first hand feedback from guys representing a range of boxing gamers in the community.

As with previous feedback sessions, there will be information embargoes on main features in the game however the invites will get a chance to see the entire game and, in time, will be able to provide their own game and feature impressions. Following the session, however, they will be given the opportunity to share info on their visit along with their overall impressions of the game along with a couple new screenshots to share. Look for those next week.

Representing the EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT Forums, a majority of our moderating staff will be on hand with Quenton “xxreignmakaaxx” O’Neal, Anthony, “Indigo72” Lynn, Nick “c45h” Rask, and Rob “wepeeler” Smith making the trip to Vancouver. Ant also runs http://UntilTheNextRound.com a website devoted to amateur boxing and you can find Rob’s awesome videos on his YouTube page at http://wepeeler.tv.

Along with Rob, another returnee from FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 4’s Community Event is Tyrone “Darxide” Kirk representing Max Boxing and is an admin on their forums. From Operation Sports, we’ll also have long-time forum member Derek “Phobia” Hernandez present to represent the rabid fans from the hardcore sports video game site.

Finally, we put out a call on our forums for community members to let us know why they should receive an invitation to the event and after receiving quite a number of detailed responses, we selected Justin “TERMINALD” Allen as the community representative. TERM is one of the top ranked players in the game and his skills will most definitely be put to use testing out gameplay aspects and we’ll be looking to see if we can get his thumbs up going forward.

Stay tuned for my recap of the event and let us know in the comments below what you hope to see in FIGHT NIGHT CHAMPION!

If you have any questions for Phobia, post them right here.

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Member Comments
# 1 SHAKYR @ 10/25/10 06:43 PM
We need to get the "Sim Nation" to monitor this. I want a true to life representation of boxing like NBA 2k11 did for basketball.
# 2 morningstar777 @ 10/25/10 09:58 PM
FN4 was severely flawed and doesnt represent real boxing physics........I'm pretty sure that hasn't changed...
# 3 Dazraz @ 10/26/10 03:17 AM
Being able to create your own fightcards as in MMA. Make this feature both Offline & Online.
A multiplayer career mode with the ability to watch or play out non user fights.

Also EA need to work on the fight engine to make each match up less predictable.
# 4 SteelerSpartan @ 10/26/10 06:13 AM
*Powerful Ratings(Uncapped and Editable for all) and any Tendencies AI they can get in there

and to a slightly less extent, Powerful Sliders.......and lots of em.......

Ali shouldn't be able to slug inside with body punchers without taking lots of punishment.......like wise it should be really difficult for that 84 foot speed body puncher to catch a fighter like Ali whose footspeed is 90+

Even a difference of 84 vs 87 should show a noticeable difference in the ring with all the ratings
# 5 1WEiRDguy @ 10/26/10 11:05 AM
lol at skills to determine who should test an EA game
# 6 SHAKYR @ 10/26/10 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by 1WEiRDguy
lol at skills to determine who should test an EA game
lol...I agree with you.
# 7 80tiesBaBy @ 10/28/10 12:18 AM
they should focus on on pure sim action they should wacth a boxing fight an model it after that period.Also sig,style should be involved,presentation all the way. JUST MAKE SIM BOXING, REAL SIM BOXING Pleeeeeeeeasssssse.........
# 8 Money99 @ 10/28/10 08:03 AM
Originally Posted by SHAKYR
We need to get the "Sim Nation" to monitor this. I want a true to life representation of boxing like NBA 2k11 did for basketball.
ALL sports games need to look like 2K11.

But I have a good feeling about champion. I think the career mode is going to rock!

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