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UPDATE FOR 360 USERS: via @Ian_Cummings

"Duh, I just realized. If you aren't seeing the new uniforms in the 360 title update, make sure to pull the latest DLC - "MUT Rivals Pack."

After you download it (it's 80+ MB), everything should be there. http://plixi.com/p/53477129


The Madden NFL 11 title update #4 adds a number of improvements to Madden NFL 11’s overall gameplay experience, including exciting new features for Madden Ultimate Team. The “Rivals Pack” delivers three major new features for Ultimate Team, allowing players to make new rivals in “Tournaments”, face off against old rivals in “Play vs. Friends” and renew rivalries through “Refer a Friend”.

Madden Ultimate Team “Rivals Pack”: Tournaments
Enter a tournament to go up against another player in an attempt to advance to the next round and earn coins.

There are currently 15 available tournaments, with more to come on a weekly basis (just like collections). Of the 15 tournaments, five can be described as easy, five as medium difficulty and five as hard:


Name: Rookie Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires 10 rookies in your deck
Rounds: 10

Name: CPU Crusher
Entrance Requirements: Requires 10 wins vs. the CPU
Rounds: 10

Name: No Requirement Tourney
Entrance Requirements: None
Rounds: 6

Name: Bronze Card Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires 10 bronze cards in your deck
Rounds: 10

Name: Raiders Tourney
Entrance Requirements: Requires Tom Cable coach card, Home and Away Raiders Uniform Cards
Rounds: 10


Name: Team Chemistry Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires Team Chemistry between 75 and 100
Rounds: 8

Name: Gold Card Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires 10 Gold Cards in your deck
Rounds: 10

Name: Team Skill Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires Team Skill between 70 and 80
Rounds: 10

Name: 80 Overall QB Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires a QB on your team that has an overall of 80 or better
Rounds: 10

Name: Eagles Running Game 2nd Edition
Entrance Requirements: Requires 2nd Edition LeSean McCoy, Michael Vick and Owen Schmitt cards
Rounds: 10


Name: 750k Card Value Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires card value to be 750k or better
Rounds: 8

Name: Dynamic Duo Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires Gold Peyton Manning and Gold Reggie Wayne cards
Rounds: 8

Name: Head to Head Wins Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires 20 head to head wins
Rounds: 8

Name: Breast Cancer Awareness Card Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires the Breast Cancer Awareness Collection Award card AND 5 random Breast Cancer Awareness Cards
Rounds: 6

Name: Fantasy Card Tournament
Entrance Requirements: Requires Last Week’s Jeremy Maclin and EJ Henderson FF Cards
Rounds: 6

Madden Ultimate Team “Rivals Pack”: Play with Friends
Challenge your friends to a game of Madden Ultimate Team anytime they are online.

Madden Ultimate Team “Rivals Pack”: Refer a Friend
Earn coins for getting your friends to join Madden Ultimate Team. A new screen has been added that allows you to keep track of your invites and your rewards from the friends that have accepted the referral.

In addition to these Madden Ultimate Team features, today’s title update also delivers uniform updates, including alternate Vikings jerseys featuring the 50th anniversary patch, the current Redskins home and away uniforms, the Chargers powder blue uniform and a uniform top for the Saints that includes the Super Bowl Champions patch.

Vikings – 50th Anniversary Patch

Redskins – Home and Away Uniforms

Chargers – Powder Blue Uniform

Saints – Super Bowl Champions Patch

Today’s title update also includes the following:

Content Updates
  • Fixed a couple of random Madden Moments LIVE crashes.
  • Fixed the user’s ability to view play art manually if the opponent on defense holds LT/L2 pre-snap.
  • Fixed an exploit where the user could audible when coming out in the Bronco Heavy formation with a HB or WR at QB.
  • Fixed an exploit where after pressing the square/X button on defense a user is able to hold down on the L-stick which allows the defender to release off the line of scrimmage and go after the QB as soon as the ball is hiked.
  • Fixed a hanging issue with onside kicks in Madden Moments LIVE and offline Madden Moments.

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Member Comments
# 1 Senator Palmer @ 10/28/10 09:30 AM

Fingers crossed...
# 2 christian7210 @ 10/28/10 11:48 AM
I was prompted to download the update. I got it, but still couldn't find the Chargers powder blues and all other uniform changes. Is it just me?
# 3 LaW97 @ 10/28/10 12:05 PM

this is what the fuss is

what about gameplanning???
is that back working???

im not accepting the patch until that is confirmed
# 4 rspencer86 @ 10/28/10 12:07 PM
It would have been nice if this patch included some gameplay tweaks, but all I'm really looking for is it to fix the constant disconnects I get while trying to play online franchise games. That alone has zapped a lot of the fun of online franchise for me.
# 5 LaW97 @ 10/28/10 12:40 PM

# 6 ryan36 @ 10/28/10 12:46 PM
Use the other thread the OP alluded to. Thanks, guys.
# 7 Foo4Everlong @ 10/28/10 12:49 PM
I was also promted to downloaded but I'm not seeing anything different in the Redskins uniform section. I couldn't change to the default red and yellow stripe sock. I started a game with the default socks on but in-game it was the half red half white issue that I (we) had before the update. I tried to clear the cache but it didn't seem to work either. Maybe I'll try again. Later
# 8 PackerGuru @ 10/28/10 12:53 PM
I don't see anything wrong with the Special Teams. I have missed long ones and I have seen the CPU miss long and short field goals. I have blocked a field goal. As far as punt blocks it is so rare anyways. There were only 6 punt blocks in all of the NFL last year it just does not happen.

What needed to be fixed is GamePlanning so you can have different game plans up for your team and the CPU team. Any game playing issues can not be fixed in a patch. I found a great set of sliders and am getting more than realistic play.
# 9 OutcastNeedhelp37 @ 10/28/10 12:57 PM
I'm not happy because I can't update my rosters.
# 10 authentic @ 10/28/10 01:16 PM
I just got online, the server is up now.
# 11 LaW97 @ 10/28/10 01:29 PM

is it fixed with this new update???
# 12 Foo4Everlong @ 10/28/10 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by LaW97

is it fixed with this new update???
Nobody knows. I think all but one person is having issues with getting this new update working. lol!
# 13 MAHAM @ 10/28/10 01:32 PM
WHY did they break the Tebow formation? Audibling to another formation to get a HB at qb should have been eliminated and the only thing eliminated.

Instead, they also took away the ability to formation audible within the same set. So if you pick a play you are stuck with it. You also cant hotroute in it anymore. In an online fake franxhise I use that playbook. Start with a reverse and if it looks ugly I would audible to PA, pass, or the QB run. Completely broken now.
# 14 JayD @ 10/28/10 02:32 PM
Originally Posted by LaW97

is it fixed with this new update???
I'm going to say no because looks like this update is for the stupid ultimate team tournaments that everyone apparently asked for.......and jersey updates
# 15 colkilla @ 10/28/10 03:56 PM
downloaded the update, nothing on the actual game is updated, not uniforms, no mut option updates, nothing. guess it is either broken or this wasn't the 4th patch...
# 16 colkilla @ 10/28/10 03:57 PM
it probably is going to be revealed that it is broken for the 360, with a fix coming in december sometime, after i have long since traded in this thing...
# 17 61woods @ 10/28/10 04:14 PM
Excuse me, but I am new to this. Where do you go on the XBox 360 to download Title Update #4?
# 18 RJTurneR @ 10/28/10 04:23 PM
This update hasn't actually updated the uniforms at all. No 50th patches or anything. Good thing I play as Detroit or I'd be ticked off.
# 19 CapoItaliano @ 10/28/10 05:30 PM
After I downloaded the update I cannot load my franchise with the Bears anymore.
# 20 Gordy748 @ 10/28/10 06:08 PM
Originally Posted by CapoItaliano
After I downloaded the update I cannot load my franchise with the Bears anymore.
Woah. That's an **** fail. Feel for you... Downloading it now, here's hoping I don't have to restart my franchise over (will just give up and learn NHL instead, I guess).

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