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According to Scrawl, EA has registered a few SSX based domain names. Are you ready?

"Electronic Arts has recently registered five new domain names related to their popular snowboarding franchise, SSX, which seem to point the potential forthcoming announcement of a new game in the series titled SSX: Deadly Descent."

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# 1 JohnDoe8865 @ 11/09/10 07:27 AM
It's about time!

I really hope this is a full on next gen console release and not an iphone game or some kind of facebook crap.
# 2 murph17 @ 11/09/10 07:46 AM
Please oh please oh please oh please be true. And don't be a ^$#@* Kinect game either.
# 3 Corsico @ 11/09/10 07:54 AM
YES! It's about time. I was just talking to someone about this series the other day. It's STILL the best PS2 launch title and Tricky is the da bomb.
# 4 NoDakHusker @ 11/09/10 08:39 AM
YES! I used to play SSX all the time, I'd love to have a next gen version.
# 5 jyoung @ 11/09/10 11:03 AM
Would rather see another Road Rash game, but it's nice to see a new SSX, too.
# 6 Indiedog @ 11/09/10 01:27 PM
It's going to be a motion controlled game.
# 7 Blzer @ 11/09/10 02:06 PM
It better not be motion-controlled. Or at least, that better not be its only basis. I require a PS3 SSX game, free of necessary motion control.

This better be true!
# 8 JohnDoe8865 @ 11/09/10 09:39 PM
Now that you mention it, it probably will be built around motion controls...ugh. I just hope it's a 'hybrid' game that allows for both controller and motion input.
# 9 lasthour @ 11/09/10 10:00 PM
Yes oh yes, now just keep it in the oven until it is ready.
# 10 beemoe9815 @ 11/10/10 09:19 AM
this was one game i fell in love with and NEVER traded in..dont ruin it with motion controlled gameplay please..please ...please
# 11 aukevin @ 11/10/10 10:46 AM
SSX Blur on the Wii was pretty fun with the motion controls, although having to draw weird diagrams in the air for complex tricks was kind of silly.
# 12 Crimsontide27 @ 11/10/10 04:02 PM
I will never forgive EA if they make this a motion related game. Out of all the titles I ever owned on the ps2, the SSX series is one of the few I still have around. SSX, Tricky, SSX3 etc...all amazing titles.

I sure hope they dont destroy this amazing title by trying to use some sort of gimmik ( IE Wiimote, Kinect, Move, a tonyhawk like board ) etc.
# 13 lasthour @ 11/10/10 08:15 PM
If they can do motion and make it an AAA title, I'll take it.
# 14 JohnDoe8865 @ 11/10/10 10:10 PM
I still love SSX 3. Also loved the Amped series on XBOX.
# 15 Blzer @ 11/11/10 01:11 AM
SSX: On Tour is where it's at.
# 16 Flawless @ 12/07/10 07:00 PM
Kotaku Rumors

EA Canada has been working on a new SSX entry for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 for the past two years, according to a source familiar with development of the game. The next SSX, that source claims, will take the game "back to its roots," but feature controls similar to EA's Skate franchise, using a controller's right analog stick to perform tricks. Development of the game is said to be handled by much of the Skate team.
But the unnamed snowboarding game was described in the survey as "an intense, moment-to-moment battle against the forces created from riding your snowboard over the most spectacular and remote mountains on Earth." Gameplay involved "avoiding, out-running and even riding on top of massive avalanches; battling hurricane winds; white-outs; bitter cold; falling rocks; and gaping crevasses that open up at a moment's notice."

New and proposed features included the ability to "take part in helicopter drops and rescues, base-jumping, wingsuit/squirrel-suit flying, skyboarding, para-skiing, ice-climbing and more."

Could the new SSX game be the game teased as "The Planet" in anticipation of the Spike TV Video Game Awards, set to air later this week? Conventional wisdom pointed to that teaser as a Battlefield related, but its style and snowy substance could fit the snowboarding game surveyed earlier this year.

Consider these SSX tidbits rumor for now and the aforementioned survey may not officially be tied to SSX development, but pray for snow this weekend when the Spike VGAs air—hopefully with more clear information.
# 17 BlueNGold @ 12/08/10 01:28 AM
I really hopes this turns out exactly the way that Kotaku article is talking about. Sounds awesome.
# 18 NYG_Meth @ 12/08/10 03:09 PM
# 19 TMURDER625 @ 12/13/10 01:00 PM
SSX was always one of my favorite games. EA better hit hard with this one. Online multiplayer is a must!!!

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