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In the section filed under, "news you didn't see coming category," THQ boss Brian Farrel declared triumphantly to CNBC that video game prices are just too darned high at $60.

Brian Farrell, however, is taking a stance that runs counter to some of his peers, with plans to launch the next installment of one of the company’s oldest franchises at just 2/3 of the going price for new software.

“MX vs. ATV” will cost $40 instead of $60 when it comes out next year. Farrell’s betting that increasing consumer interest in digitally downloaded content will make up the difference—and maybe even result in higher markings.

“I know investors worry about price points,” he says. “When we think about this business, we wonder if we can turn it on its head a bit. How many users can we capture? … The real key is expanding in the installed base.”
This is an interesting development considering THQ is a major developer of sports games like UFC Undisputed and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw. Could we see a sort of watershed moment coming here where games are cheaper, just you have to pay to get all the features possible?

I'm not sure if I like that option, but it might come to pass from THQ at least.

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# 1 The GIGGAS @ 11/12/10 07:09 PM
I honestly don't know how to feel about this.
# 2 MMChrisS @ 11/12/10 07:11 PM
Originally Posted by The GIGGAS
I honestly don't know how to feel about this.
The only reason a company would do this is because it's more profitable.

Aka between more sales and gamers buying necessary add-ons.

Meaning for those of us that like to own our full games, we might be in some trouble as we shell out $20+ for add-ons.
# 3 EnigmaNemesis @ 11/13/10 12:03 AM
Details are very thin right now. And I can understand the concern about maybe "thinner" game and having to pay for the extras... but people are worried about that now at $60 and the revolution of DLC.

But if the games can remain the same as they are now, and this is just to usher in more support for the games, since people are more inclined to purchase worthwhile DLC (Shivering Ilse's for Oblivion, Undead Nightmare, GTA4 Episodes) due to the initial price of the games being lower. Then I am all for it.
# 4 Dazraz @ 11/13/10 03:43 AM
THQ may just be trying to be clever on this one. We will have to see. Releasing a game at a lower price sounds a great idea in theory. However what we don't want to see is a bare bones game that requires a load of DLC to make good. The trick developers can do with DLC is that they can have loads of little pieces that on the own are pretty cheap. Collectively though, they add up & eventually make the game more expensive than a normal retail game.

Whether this is a way forward or not will depend on the quality of the initial product out of the box. The idea is not a bad one but it is open to exploitation by crafty developers.
# 5 aimiami @ 11/13/10 08:10 PM
im definatley buying the next game now
# 6 Richzilla @ 11/13/10 09:59 PM
He's right the 60 dollar price point is too high....however......

I have not paid full 60 dollar retail for any of the games I've bought in ages...with all the pre order deals at amazon/etc seems like they all come with 10/15 or 20 dollar credits on future purchase.

For example Just bought the new bond game for the ps3 that was on sale for 49 with my 20 dollar credit from the call of duty game I just bought so it was total only 29 bucks....bought the call of duty the same way with a gaming credit from a previous purchase...will get another 15 bucks with AC:Brotherhood next week after using a credit from force unleashed 2....etc/etc/etc.

Now back to this game..... I'm a huge supercross fan and have bought many versions of this game over the years and only end up playing the 250 and 450 supercross and outdoor moto events and nothing else so if they break it out where I can just buy the stuff I will use then it can work to my advantage....if I don't care about monster trucks then I don't have to buy them
# 7 videlsports @ 11/15/10 07:35 PM
Of course it would be a game I would not play.. lets see if the other major titles are that way. I like this for fans of the Genre.

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