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We have a new poll for you OSers and it's a simple question: Have you picked up a Kinect yet?

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# 1 Skyboxer @ 11/15/10 11:52 AM
Yep. Lots of fun and gets you to burn some calories. Spent more time playing with daughters in the week I've had it that I have the whole time we owned the Wii.

They need to get some good games pumped out for it.
I really like the menu navigation and voice stuff also.

It's not going to replace the hardcore gaming scene but it's not trying to.

Wii was a gimmick also....so they said.
Doubt this does as good, sales wise, as the Wii (probably not even close). As long as they don't abandon it in a year I'll be happy.
# 2 StillThe Master @ 11/15/10 01:12 PM
I have had it for a few days now and I really like it. Those who consider it to be a gimmick and are opposed to it will become increasingly frustrated over the coming months because like it or not - motion controlled gaming is the future!

# 3 Cod @ 11/15/10 01:14 PM
I'll take a controller over "motion sensors" any day of the week.
# 4 Timmy458 @ 11/15/10 01:16 PM
Don't plan on getting Kinect for 3 reasons. 1. Don't have the space to use Kinect 2nd, I think Kinect is overpriced at $150 now if it was about $80-$100 I might get one if I had the space to play it. And 3rd there aren't really any good games that interest me to get Kinect at the moment.
# 5 Nunyerbiz @ 11/15/10 01:45 PM
I voted "I'm not getting one" just because it was the closest match for me based on the choices. I might get one eventually under certain circumstances, for instance if sometime in the future there is some must-have title that my kids are begging for and I spring for it as a b-day / x-mas present... but as of today, I have no plans to get one.

I have nothing against motion-based gaming. I have a Wii as well as a 360... and from a family perspective, the Wii has gotten tons and tons more use. It's not even close. My wife and kids both like the Wii fit... My kids still love Wii Sports to this day... and motion-based games are generally more fun as "party / group" games than controller-based stuff. So I see the market for the Kinect and could be a potential customer one day, that day just isn't being planned yet.
# 6 Skyboxer @ 11/15/10 03:47 PM
Originally Posted by 55
It still is as far as I'm concerned. I've had a Wii for years and I haven't even turned it on in over 9 months.
Same here. Which is why I got rid of mine. Either way it sure was a profitable gimmick.
# 7 PantherBeast_OS @ 11/15/10 03:48 PM
Yea I might get it this christmas for myself and try it out. It looks fun and all.
# 8 Skyboxer @ 11/15/10 04:18 PM
Originally Posted by Legend Killer
Yea I might get it this christmas for myself and try it out. It looks fun and all.
It is. I just hope it gets lots of support.
# 9 pdawg17 @ 11/15/10 06:02 PM
I bought one at launch and it's been used a ton! I do have 2 kids so that made it an easier purchase...for me I don't feel like I have to choose whether I'm a "hardcore" gamer or "casual"...I've decided to be both!
# 10 Bullit @ 11/15/10 07:54 PM
My daughter and I love ours. As a single father anything that gets us playing together is a plus in my book. Out of the week we have had it we have played an hour or two four or five nights. Sure it might be considered a gimmick but it brings the family and friends together so it works for us.
# 11 russwg1970 @ 11/16/10 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by 55
Nope. Stupid gimmick that won't catch on.
It's already sold a million in less than a month so I think your "it won't catch on" borders on uninformed, and the reviews are better than I expected. Though your view is expected, as most member's of the site are "hard core" gamers. Honestly, unless you have a "family", the Kinect isn't for the "hard core" gamer at this point (IMHO), and likely never will be.

My 4 year old daughter loves it, and it's fun to be able to play the Adventures game with her. Now every time she see's that tiger from Kinectimals game, she pleads her case on why she needs that game now.
# 12 coogrfan @ 11/16/10 09:34 AM
If I wanted a Wii I would have bought one.
# 13 vanillagorilla8 @ 12/08/10 04:49 PM
Once they create better games and lower the price to 80-100$, as the Oregon guy said, and they MUST lower the price to these games now, they have no depth whatsoever and once they are 5-12$ each I'll think about buying one of them.
# 14 ChosenOne3188 @ 12/26/10 10:53 AM
I want to get that boxing game. I know a lot of people want the dancing one, but thats just not for me

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