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Four months ago I decided to do my best and show off my ability to look into the future by predicting the NBA 2K11 ratings for the top five picks in the NBA Draft. Today I will go back and see exactly how accurate -- or inaccurate -- I really was.

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# 1 mvspree8 @ 11/18/10 02:31 PM
Well you were actually 21pts off of the rookies' overall numbers, but I may be splitting hairs there.
# 2 trav644 @ 11/18/10 09:06 PM
you were off by 21 not 5. the + and - numbers mean nothing, you have to add them all up whether they are plus or minus...
# 3 Acim1234 @ 11/19/10 12:50 AM
You weren't close. Add up the absolute values of those numbers.
# 4 w1rri0r @ 11/19/10 01:43 AM
Yeah...the ratings weren't that close sorry. By the way, you wrote that Wes Johnson is the rawest of the 5 rookies? :/
# 5 Pared @ 11/19/10 09:52 AM
lol comparing the numerical difference vs. +/- is so unfair and, surprisingly enough, works out in your favor.

Boo this man!
# 6 BigDaneAyMane @ 11/19/10 07:37 PM
You people are haters. It's nearly impossible to predict ratings. Most of us would have predicted as good or worse while a few would have done better. Who cares?

Although, I was spot on about my boy John Wall being an 81! Now if we could tank and get Harrison Barnes and a solid free agent, the Bullets would be a contender soon!

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