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Gamesradar has posted their NASCAR The Game 2011 hands-on preview.

"And of course, the crashes. While Eutechnyx was more interested in showing us the subtleties of drafting and clean overtakes, they’re well aware that the first thing someone is likely to do with the game is do a 180 and barrel head on into oncoming traffic. Cars collide violently, shedding their pieces all over the track, as they flip and spin out of control. Because the cars tend to travel in tight packs, even a little fender tap or slide can result in a huge flaming pile of Wal Mart logoed sheet metal. Even the aftermath of these crashes can be dangerous for drivers as, on the harder difficulty levels, the debris on the track can damage tires and body kits, forcing additional pit stops.

One of racing games’ most difficult feats is capturing the character of the drivers themselves. A lot of simulation games offer ultra realistic driving, but not many put effort into the drivers themselves. NASCAR 2011 is trying to buck that trend by capturing the way Jeff Gordon, or Mark Martin actually drives and replicate it in game. NTG: 2011 also keeps close track of what drivers you’ve pissed off. Slam an opponent into the wall one too many times during a season and he’ll become your rival, going out of his way to cut you off and make sure you don’t get in front of him."

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# 1 Perfect Zero @ 11/19/10 01:53 PM
A lot of effort has gone into this version, attempting to capture the core of what makes NASCAR fun: speed, danger, and strategy. NTG: 2011 features the standard quick play, career mode and online play for up to 16 players, while introducing a new Eliminator mode that forcibly removes the last place driver at the end of every lap. Each of the drivers’ cockpits are modeled after their real life counterparts, and feature real life liveries. The game also includes NXP, or NASCAR Experience Points, that are awarded for drafting, clean overtakes, and generally not driving like an idiot. These points will level your driver up and unlock new official liveries and features. Eutechnyx mentioned that the NTG: 2011 will include a custom livery creator, allowing fans to create their own racing liveries for the vehicles that they can take online or use in game. NTG: 2011 was still in its Alpha build during our preview so this feature wasn’t available yet, but the prospect of a NASCAR emblazoned with homemade Naruto graphics is promising.
Wow, this game is really going for it. The way the article was set up, it sounds like the Dover crash trailer was just an effort to grab people's attentions, and not to say it was all arcade. I'm starting to get really hyped about this game, especially with the two bolded statements.

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