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Trash talking doesn't only happen in sports, it happens in video game wars, as well. Check out what EA and Codemasters had to say, as they both gang up on Gran Turismo 5.

Courtesy of CVG, check out what EA had to say about the game.

"What does make sense to me... I think they have a very sterile, almost car collecting type of product where that's mainly what we do and I think we can offer something different."

Now, see what Codemasters had to say.

"GT5 is going to be a phenomenal product, with the time and investment Sony have made in it," he said. "You can have a technically phenomenal game, but you can also have a game concept that doesn't really appeal [to some racing fans] and could be accused of - and you have to be careful how you write this - of being boring."

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# 1 GrandMaster B @ 11/24/10 07:01 PM
I think Test Drive Unlimited 2 will beat them both.
# 2 Earl1963 @ 11/24/10 07:07 PM
Phew! Glad I didn't fall for all that hype from GT5, all those pretty pics and gameplay footage had me going. But I know how this biz works. Hype it up and sell it!
# 3 Bellsprout @ 11/24/10 07:11 PM
# 4 Whitesox @ 11/24/10 07:29 PM
Originally Posted by Earl1963
Phew! Glad I didn't fall for all that hype from GT5, all those pretty pics and gameplay footage had me going. But I know how this biz works. Hype it up and sell it!
Don't be so easy to sway (on both sides) and it won't happen like that.
# 5 IV THA UNITY @ 11/24/10 07:45 PM
People who but GT5 like the series.... Who cares what EA or Codemasters say, EA makes AAA low Rated games Need for speed is hasn't really been good for a while. Codemasters really what game do they have that have that has outdone anything that PD has put out. I would take anything a competitor says with a Handful of Salt. If you like Sim Racing Then GT5 is for you. If you like arcade racing then any EA racer is for you. Codemasters Games sit in the middle sort of like Forza except they add little gimmicky features aesthetically to make their games look visceral. But they don't offer the same amount of detail that GT5 offers. But yeah go ahead and listen to what EA or Codemasters says because they are the authority... lmao
# 6 IV THA UNITY @ 11/24/10 07:45 PM
Sorry about the typos, lol, I'm a little sleepy.
# 7 Gossennator @ 11/24/10 07:47 PM
I hate EA more and more everyday
# 8 Skyboxer @ 11/24/10 07:55 PM
Well it does seem like some if the hype was just that, hype. Will be fixed at a later date though.
# 9 lwendt33 @ 11/24/10 10:26 PM
I have GT5 and it is lame. 50mins to install with very weak crash physics. The NASCAR cars don't even sound like a race car. Some of the graphics look like PS2 graphics. Forza 3 looks better and plays better no question. Don't buy into the hype of GT5.
# 10 Behindshadows @ 11/25/10 12:25 AM
I agree with EA and Codemasters, F1 2010 is a great game and I love NFS Shift and Shift 2 should be great.

Codemasters are pro's at racing games and have been since the Pro Race Driver series to the Colin Mcrae's Rally.

In all due respects to Sony, hype did kill this game and the long wait destroyed a lot of expectations and well, it's boring none the less. A later patch will bring some changes, but it won't make it fun.

Something about the speed, engine sounds and visuals during the race are unappealing!

But to each their own! I'm a guy that plays every racing game and I have a massive collection of them all, as I'm sure everyone has seen my gamertag history and my images of my collection.

But GT5 is just not that interesting! Does nothing that stands out to be it's own racer.
# 11 savoie2006 @ 11/25/10 12:46 AM
Well EA make (made) a fun racing game in Need For Speed and Codemasters...didn't they make Grid? That was a pretty solid game.
# 12 Behindshadows @ 11/25/10 12:56 AM
Originally Posted by savoie2006
Well EA make (made) a fun racing game in Need For Speed and Codemasters...didn't they make Grid? That was a pretty solid game.
The only game I didn't like in the Need for Speed series, was Pro Street! All the others were solid. Even NFS World is great!

Codemasters has a long history of nothing but great racing games, so in all respects to them. They can trash talk, because those guys are passionate about race gaming. I still think Toca Pro Race Driver 3 is one their great games ever!
# 13 DubTrey1 @ 11/25/10 01:33 AM
I am in the same boat as everyone else overall on here.... I rented GT5 and I myself find it a bit sterile. Nothing jumps out at me (other than all of the loading....) pretty to look at, but not very fun to actually play. I have to give the edge to Codemasters. I found myself comparing this game to GRiD too much and perhaps lost my heart to play this game.....
# 14 Dazraz @ 11/25/10 07:03 AM
How on earth can a game that has been in development for so long turn out to be so decidedely average. GT5 is not a bad game. It's just so dull & uninspiring.

SONY scored an own goal with the decision to have standard & premium cars. There is too much of a visual difference between the 2, thus making driving with a standard car seem somewhat dissapointing.
Forza 3 is a much better all round game. At least the standard of visuals is consistent across the board. Including interior shots & the ability to use the right analog stick to move the camera.

The wait for GT5 has been the gaming equivalent of the long wait for Guns 'n' Roses last album. It wasn't bad, it just didn't justify the wait.

I'm afraid GT5 will be going on my trade in pile. I'll be sticking with Forza 3 & looking forward to the new game scheduled for next year.
# 15 sroz39 @ 11/25/10 10:21 AM
I would play almost any Codemasters racer over GT5, but for EA to call out PD is a bit of a reach, IMO. Before Shift, the NFS series was just one average racer after another. They sort of re-discovered the magic with Shift and I'm looking forward to Shift 2. I'm a car nut so there's aspects of GT5 that I really appreciate but both EA and Codemasters are bang on...the series is definitely showing its age. We've played the same game 5 times now, with prettier graphics being the only significant upgrade.

Forza 3 trumps all, at least for me. Maybe the driving isn't AS sim as the GT series, but everything around it is much better. GT5 is very formulaic.
# 16 JokerswildXOXO @ 11/25/10 11:09 AM
Why do I get this mental image of Kevin Butler just falling out of his executive chair with laughter??? EA should just shut up and concentrate on keeping their company in tact. They are constantly losing ground on what was their most coveted titles (NBA and Madden). Not to mention Nascar backed out and sold the license to Codemaster. Hey EA, here's some free advise - take care of your own house. That's a full time job.
# 17 Perfect Zero @ 11/25/10 12:19 PM
GT5 isn't sterile by default, it's sterile by design. I don't understand why people are so decidedly into bashing it for this when every single preview and game before it pointed to this type of racing.
# 18 Earl1963 @ 11/25/10 12:47 PM
Video games should never be boring. I mean, thats why we all play these games, to have fun. When I watch real life racing, it never seems boring to me, lots of speed and action. In other words, PD's idea of sim is all wrong.
# 19 LucianoJJ @ 11/25/10 02:49 PM
EA is struggling and Codemasters isn't perfect. It is early on and the debate will rage on and on. I wish SimBin could make a racing game for the PS3.
# 20 EnigmaNemesis @ 11/26/10 01:04 AM
I love GT5. I love its encyclopedia and wealth of information. I love being able to spend hours photographing my cars and tracks. I love being able to feel the uniqueness of each car and push them to their limits of performance and traction with a racing wheel.

It is an car enthusiast's game. It does not have to be flashy to me. It has it's beauty that speaks for itself.

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