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Courtesy of an interview, over at MCV with Codemasters' CEO, Rod Cousens, a few details have leaked out for F1 2011.

"...As well as F1 2011, which Cousens says will “definitely not be a few new tracks and a few new drivers”, Codemasters is looking to extend the brand in the new year with a browser game and a game on all mainstream formats aimed at “very young kids."

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# 1 Dazraz @ 11/25/10 02:38 AM
F1 deserves an annual release. F1 2010 is a solid though slightly flawed offering. I would like to see Codemasters really amp up the presentation elements next year.
# 2 JokerswildXOXO @ 11/25/10 08:55 AM
Young Kids???!!!??? What do they know about formula 1!!! C'mon Codemasters!!! What about track marshalls, podiums safety car??? What about more realism!!!
# 3 calbrs04 @ 11/25/10 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by JokerswildXOXO
Young Kids???!!!??? What do they know about formula 1!!! C'mon Codemasters!!! What about track marshalls, podiums safety car??? What about more realism!!!
I rather see them fix the problems with practice and qualifying where the ai cars just get in the way, or seem to get you to cause an accident while doing a hot lap.
The other thing I would love to see is some help from your team mate. I am sure that in real life they share set-ups.
# 4 andyf1 @ 04/07/11 01:24 PM
how about the fans do it, because we know what we want
# 5 Kingsly9 @ 04/07/11 02:16 PM
I was impressed with F1 2010 so I may buy this title.
# 6 Brew @ 04/07/11 02:45 PM
Ive been considering getting F1 2010... will definitely get 2011 when it comes out. Would be cool if they had a paint booth feature like whats in Forza and NTG11.
# 7 Rules @ 04/07/11 04:51 PM
Ironically I am sitting here with my brand new F1 2010 that I just received in the mail. Time to go try it out!
# 8 JMD @ 04/08/11 07:12 AM
I enjoyed F1 2010, still play it every now and then (360 version. However I really like F1 Championship for the PS3 better, It's a much older game, but I feel it's way more challenging and feels more realistic to me. I wish someone would make a new version of that game.
# 9 kestrel @ 05/26/11 01:36 PM
I would love to see a create-a-team feature, and the team you created could be imported into season mode or career mode as either a replacement of a currently gridded team or an additional team. I could see this fitting in to the tagline "Be the driver, live the life, go compete."

Driver moves would be nice, too, for career mode. I hate that I end up replacing a driver at a top team and he is never heard from again. Have him switch to another team. Have up-and-comers on the smaller teams work their way up to a mid-field or top-tier team. Have the older drivers move down before retiring. Have other licensed or game-created drivers waiting in the wings to take the place of a retired driver. This could also fit in with their tagline "Be the driver, live the life, go compete."

A rotating schedule for career mode is really necessary. The German GP switches from year-to-year. The Japanese GP could switch between Suzuka and Fuji. Bring back some of the older tracks if they still have FIA licensing (or whatever is needed)--Imola, Pacifica, Indianapolis, A1-Red Bull, etc.--and let us have some say over schedules past the first year in career mode.

I keep looking for game details hoping to see something more than 2010 had (maybe that these ideas are included). I'm getting 2011 regardless, simply because the new track, new tyre supplier, and real rule changes will make it a different game than 2010. C'mon Codies, give us more!

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