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Gran Turismo 5 was in development for five years. Now that you've gotten the chance to get your hands on the game (or not), was it worth the extra wait?

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# 1 LingeringRegime @ 11/30/10 04:46 PM
Yes. So many cars, so many tracks, so much to do, so little time.
# 2 EnigmaNemesis @ 11/30/10 04:48 PM
Originally Posted by DEFTFUNDAMENTALZ
Yes. So many cars, so many tracks, so much to do, so little time.

Technically the wait was 4 years to me, since the PS3 has only been out for four years. What time they had before that IMO is irrelevant for "my wait time".

But I was not in pain waiting, it delivered exactly what I expected from the series, and then some.

Also the last option in the poll...

"I'm not going to buy the game, so I guess no."

Seems a little um, odd, because if someone was not going to by the game, then they should not be voting at all, and the wait is irrelevant, especially to count as a "no". Considering you have to play the game to know if it was worth it or not. Just seems it should have been used in a different poll, of "Are you buying the game or not", not "was it worth the wait"... just my two cents.
# 3 addybojangles @ 11/30/10 04:55 PM
The good news is that this is a living, breathing product that PD has promised to deliver fixes, features, and upgrades on as time goes on. I can hope for beefier MP, but honestly, it isn't THAT big of a deal. The gameplay is what ultimately matters and GT5 delivers.
# 4 asu666 @ 11/30/10 05:29 PM
No, the locked save alone is enough to make me not want to spend a lot of time playing through the game. Both NFS games are better. Burnout is better. Forza is better. Grid and F1 are better. GT has it's strong points, but I expect more quality, not just more.
# 5 jaosming @ 11/30/10 05:42 PM
No, I thought I was having fun grinding through the levels until I played 1 race of Grid last night.....Hours of sim racing felt wasted after 5 minutes of fun arcade racing.
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 11/30/10 05:57 PM
I'd say yes. I love the game and I'm very happy with it. The updates are coming and are only going to make the game better.

I've noticed that there's a lot of people saying no, they weren't going to buy. Most people are not racing fans so it's not fair to give it a lower rating when most people aren't fans or racing games.

I'm one of those people who don't like seeing games come out ever year.
# 7 Skyboxer @ 11/30/10 06:00 PM
No. Not even close.
# 8 19 @ 11/30/10 06:07 PM
For me, Yes. I haven't put it down since launch.
# 9 King10Sooted @ 11/30/10 06:38 PM
Was worth it. There were plenty of other games to play whil waiting. I havent put GT5 down since it came out. Well worth the wait.
# 10 TreFacTor @ 11/30/10 06:48 PM
I used to be a huge Gran Tourismo fan, but since the multiple delays, I no longer have any interest in the game. I'm sure it will sell well, but I'm over it.
# 11 Tatguy80 @ 11/30/10 07:50 PM
Is any game worth waiting 5 years for.
# 12 DubTrey1 @ 11/30/10 10:03 PM
I voted no.. I figure if a game like GriD, Forza or NFS Shift had as long a dev cycle - all of those would surpass GT5 in quality IMO. And more importantly, fun and engaging gameplay. I just did not deel anything when grinding thru GT5's tracks and vehicles.....
# 13 Artman22 @ 11/30/10 11:47 PM
Nope. I expected a lot more.
# 14 SageInfinite @ 12/01/10 02:43 AM
No, not at all.
# 15 Bullit @ 12/01/10 05:26 AM
No this is getting traded back in at the next extra trade time.
# 16 AUChase @ 12/01/10 08:30 AM
I think it was worth it. This game is awesome.

The wait might have derailed some people's plans to purchase it, but I'm willing to bet most will give in eventually, unless you don't have a PS3.

They did a good job with this game and I would have rather them take their time and get it right then send us something rushed a year or so ago.
# 17 NELL86 @ 12/01/10 09:03 AM
best sim racing game ever made hands down so yes for me
# 18 Jarbeez @ 12/01/10 10:02 AM
I always loved Gran Turismo, but I haven't bought it yet. No pre-order just in case it was delayed again, and then I bought a couple other games leading up to this release. So can't justify buying another game at the moment. However, one of those games, COD Black Ops is turning into a waste of time with freezes and lag, so it may be getting traded in GT5 later this week.
# 19 thaSLAB @ 12/01/10 11:02 AM
For me, it is a definite YES. The game itself is not perfect, IMO I would say it is a 9.25 or so... but the physics and simulation is a 10+ for sure!

I don't/didn't think that it was going to be understood/revered by the average gamer tho. As someone who grew up in and around, and whose livelihood comes from the Automotive industry, I can tell Kaz know a lot about cars and the history behind them (really, there is a true lesson in history and nostalgia within this game.) I can appreciate the layout and menus too, why certain things are not available right away, and definitely the deal about premium vs. standard cars... I know first-hand how time consuming that is to create items that detailed in a 3D modeler.

I think Kaz and PD's biggest problem is that they didn't waiver in order to appeal more to gamers. I can deal with that, as I am an auto enthusiast, even before I'm a gamer. But... I can understand why a lot of gamers are turned off by the game. The game is pure bliss (almost) for any true car enthusiast.
# 20 StormJH1 @ 12/01/10 11:44 AM
I'm a 360 owner (previously PS2), and GT3: A-Spec was like my gateway drug back into adult gaming. But I thought GT4 was a colossal failure (and am annoyed that more people don't acknowledge that), and I haven't seen anything from GT5 to suggest that they've learned from any of their mistakes.

What I've heard so far is that the A.I. is STILL terrible, the single player campaign isn't that interesting or well-done, and multiplayer (at least for now) isn't working very well. So that leaves, what, a lot of content?

If I had a PS3 I would buy this game, but only on it's name/nostalgia. When GT4 came out, both Forza and TOCA 3 were better games (and had online play and car damage). As someone who has played a lot of Forza 3, and all of the Codemasters games, I feel like those are still more complete packages than GT5.

Also, while a lot of Americans do buy Forza and GT, I feel like given the choice between a "sim" like those games or a more "arcade" title like NFS: Hot Pursuit or Burnout, they would choose the latter. Everytime I go online with Forza or the Codemasters games, it seems like it's 75% Brits--not that that's bad or anything, they seem to appreciate racing.

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