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Gold: NBA 2K

The NBA 2K series has been the poster child for improvement and consistency throughout its history. Here at Operation Sports, no NBA 2K game has received a review score lower than an 8, and two have even scored a perfect 10. While the latest edition in the series (NBA 2K11) was not eligible for our decade awards, it is yet another exemplary example of what made NBA 2K the best sports game series during the period from 2000-2009. Most titles can point to a year where it was not nearly as strong as the rest, but NBA 2K fans have been able to say each year's title has at least been solid. When you add it all up, NBA 2K is the best overall sports game series of the last decade.

Silver: MLB: The Show

The Show was a late-comer to the party, but in the past five years the game has become synonymous with quality. The original Show games on the PS2 quickly rose to the top of the baseball gaming arms race with stellar gameplay and good atmosphere. And when the series rolled onto the PS3, the series really came into its own. The PS3 versions of The Show have been dazzling because of the great gameplay, incredible commentary, authentic atmosphere and all of the little touches that make you feel like you are watching a game at the ballpark. If The Show had been around for a decade of excellence rather than half a decade, it could have easily toppled NBA 2K as the best overall series during the last 10 years.

Readers' Choice - NBA 2K

OSers were torn between NBA 2K and The Show as both games were neck and neck. In the end, NBA 2K edged out the show 27 percent to 25 percent, in what was one of the most competitive categories of the decade awards.

Member Comments
# 1 UwantRadie @ 12/07/10 03:38 PM
Typically no love for the EA NHL series.

Those guys do SO MUCH more then every other Franchise out there, and they do it on a fraction of the budget of other teams.

Even if the sport isnt too popular, dont let that detract from the quality gaming...

NHL07 put the Right Analog Stick back into good graces... It had been done before, but was starting to feel gimmicky or in some case, more confusing then helpful. But NHL 07 changed all that and showed what a proper control scheme using 2 sticks could be like.

They continue to improve year in and year out (particularly on the gameplay side of things) and I dream at night of what they would be able to produce if they had even half of Madden or NBA 2K's budget.
# 2 jyoung @ 12/07/10 05:58 PM
If we're just looking at the second half of the decade, then sure, NHL probably deserves it.

But the NHL games were terrible until NHl 07 turned things around.

I would have picked 2K football.

Great first half of the decade with the NFL 2K series, then they followed it up in the second half with All Pro Football 2K8, which is still the most realistic football game out there.
# 3 rockchisler @ 12/07/10 06:32 PM
Since MLB is a ps3 exclusive it had no chance against a game that is across all platforms
# 4 stlstudios189 @ 12/08/10 07:13 PM
I voted 2k basketball for sure
# 5 vanillagorilla8 @ 12/09/10 02:03 PM
I think soon, if not already, FIFA will rise above all the other sports games to become the best franchise in the world because it is so deep with the amount of teams and players there are. The gameplay is truly astounding as well, because of the tricks and how the game feels so real.
# 6 oneamongthefence @ 12/12/10 07:51 PM
Madden on PS2 for the entire decade was good for me.

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