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A message for everyone complaining about the recently announced rosters, was posted by Brian Hayes, AKA "Brizzo", Producer/Designer of Fight Night Champion, over at the EA Forums.

"It's that time of year again. You win some, you lose some.

I'm not happy about it either. This is what Fight Night and KO Kings has gone through every year and it's never easy. Contracts are signed with fighters for a certain period of time and when they expire, we can't be certain we'll be able to reach another agreement with any of them.

- Some boxers were signed to deals over 3 years ago when things were pretty different, financially-speaking.

- All of the boxers that we lost were contacted, some of them several times by myself personally.

- I'm not kidding when I say this, sometimes we just don't hear back. Even from people we worked with previously.

- I personally had communications with one boxer - and his three different managers - over the course of 6 months.

- Arturo Gatti died under very suspicious circumstances. Sorry that we weren't able to re-do that contract in the wake of that. We would have signed him for an extra 2 years way back if we had known he was going to die.

- Some guys we had to drop because of a lawsuit last year, you might recall.

- Sometimes we have have verbal agreements in place with guys we really want and because of time-pressures we spend thousands of dollars making them. Only to have them make further demands, attempt to renegotiate, or simply fail to send us signed paperwork. So poof! They're off the roster and we just burned that money. I can tell you how much Mike looooooves that.

- Some guys just have unrealistic demands.

Now, I know you probably don't care about this. The game doesn't have some of the guys you want, end of story. But like I've been saying for years, its not like boxing is chock-full of stand-up guys accustomed to a strict code of business ethics - nor is it populated by an abundance of athletes with a realistic perception of their brand value and/or mainstream appeal.

NOTE: Some guys are absolutely great. Very professional and very helpful.

All I'm saying is, we try our best and we didn't make the business of professional boxing an absolute cluster****."

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Member Comments
# 1 johnpreyes @ 12/10/10 10:08 AM
Did "Money" ask the developers to take an Olympic-style drug test?
# 2 kbmnm247 @ 12/10/10 11:10 AM
That's all well and good. Get who you can and can afford.

But then don't go ahead and limit the CAB creation to make it pretty much impossible to make certain fighters (I'm talking Mayweather specifically) to the point where if you adjust lip width it changes the forehead length.

If you can't afford them, make it so we can make them (have their name said, etc) because someone out there is definitely good enough if given even mediocre tools.

These are fine excuses for who they can and can't get on their roster but if the CAB is rubbish like it was last year then sorry I don't accept this excuse/"apology".
# 3 himynameisangel @ 12/10/10 01:32 PM
Yea I'm either, I undestand that most guys in boxing are complete d bags, but there's a way around it with even 50% create mode from the smackdown series. With that, and the anouncers saying the name, we could pretty much all be happy. There's no excuse for not having a great c
CAB in the game, even tiger woods has one.
# 4 mike24forever @ 12/10/10 02:51 PM
Unfortunately you work for EA and most people here are anti-EA, so no matter how reasonable your answer is for not having certain fighters...you will still have people moaning and complaining! See posts above as an example!
# 5 majestic @ 12/10/10 03:56 PM
Has there been any word about enhancements planned for the CAB? I mean aside from the increased number of slots.
# 6 SHAKYR @ 12/10/10 04:34 PM
Originally Posted by majestic
Has there been any word about enhancements planned for the CAB? I mean aside from the increased number of slots.
Nothing, I'm really hoping for alot of depth this year because the roster is too bare boned.
# 7 Phobia @ 12/10/10 05:54 PM
Sad but it is true. Creep
# 8 statum71 @ 12/10/10 08:13 PM
You did what you could. Guys complaining are just being unrealistic.
# 9 Dazraz @ 12/11/10 03:54 AM
Unfortunately boxers are individual entities to themselves. Unlike sports such as Football & Hockey, where you have the NFLPA & NHLPA, in Boxing each fighter has to be approached individually & the necessary terms agreed before he can be included in a game. I would love to have Mayweather in the game but we all know his personality & therefore the crazy demands he would probably make to EA.

The future of the Fight Night franchise is uncertain. I'm just happy to have a good boxing game out there even if it doesn't have all the fighters we would love to see. I think we need to cut EA a break on this one.

That said there is no reason why CAB can't be improved to a level whereby people can near as dammit recreate fighters for themselves.
# 10 80tiesBaBy @ 12/11/10 01:46 PM
the simple answer to er ones complaints is a deep cab thats the answer ea do that an that should stop all the noise.
# 11 morningstar777 @ 12/15/10 10:04 AM
Brizzo sounds bitter as ****. Talk about professionalism.........
# 12 kbmnm247 @ 12/17/10 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by TheCreep
You're joking right? You dont accept the fact that someone actually DIED so they couldn't sign a contract with him? Thats just one example. You are aware of what a contract is correct? I'm seriously asking, not being sarcastic.

What are you talking about? Where did I mention anything about not having Gatti (who I'm assuming you are talking about)?

And yes I know what a contract is.

The point is, many people will eat this up from EA while totally overlooking the fact they make it impossible to make certain characters in the bareboned CAB they had last year... if the same CAB mode returns this year I will be just as upset that there is no Paul Will, Sergio Martinez, Maidana, Khan, Mayweather, Holyfield, etc. etc. etc.
# 13 kbmnm247 @ 12/17/10 10:41 AM
Originally Posted by Phobia
Sad but it is true. Creep

What's sad is that you eat this up from them and have no problems with it at all

They (EA) have no problem taking our $ for everything possible (DLC boxers for example, DLC for all other sports games) but then you're fine with them not getting the best current boxers AND also not allowing us to make a recreation in CAB mode. So currently I can't even play with the champions of some popular divisions (Khan,Martinez are not in the game) but I can play with Butterbean. Awesome.

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