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OS Radio is returning to the internet airwaves tomorrow night for a special edition of the show! Join myself (Chris Sanner) and Christian McLeod as we welcome on EA Sports' (and a member of the NCAA Football team) Ben Haumiller to discuss NCAA Football in both the real and digital formats. We'll predict some bowl games and try to get Ben to give us the master plan for NCAA Football 12, although we suspect he'll be able to withstand Christian's charm for the hour we'll have him on.

What: OS Radio Show

When: 9pm EST Tommorrow Night

Where: We will be live both on OS and on BlogTalkRadio!

Hosts: Our Executive Editor Chris Sanner as well as OS Staff Writer Christian McLeod.

Guest: NCAA Football 11 Developer/Team Member Ben Haumiller

Listen Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/operationsports
Listen live in the top right hand corner.

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# 1 CM Hooe @ 12/13/10 12:14 PM
I'm hopeful that you all get some interesting tidbit of information out of Haumiller as to the direction of NCAA 12. NCAA 11 was my favorite football game of the three that game out for the next-gen consoles this past year, and I'm interested to see in what they do to improve on their winning formula.
# 2 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/13/10 12:28 PM
Wohoo, I am definitely going to ask him about the broken scrambling cpu QB logic. And why none of the QBs scramble, not even the ones that they have listed as a scrambling QB. And how come none of them are dual threat.

I mean one has to run in order to be considered a dual threat. Also why the cpu executes the spread offenses so terrible. But ya know, more importantly why the cpu QBs don't scramble

It is unacceptable in 2010 to have a football game that don't have scrambling QBs. I mean hell even the NES and Sega Genesis had scrambling QBs.

So you trying to tell me the Xbox 360 & PS3, which are basically mini PCs can't have scrambling QBs ? And they can't say nobody brought it up, because it is brought up EVERY YEAR ever since NCAA 07.

I brought it up in July 3 days after the game came out. Told the community manager Dewiel dozen times since July. Told Adam Thompson on this forum, told Russ on this forum, told them on EA's website forum several times in every single forum category they had on EA from feedback, to series discussion to technical issues, you name it, I posted it on there ever since July.

Hell even twitted Dewiel, Josh Lohman, Jerry Strausser, Larry Richart, Ian, Donny........5 months later and neither NCAA or Madden has addressed this issue.

So it seems to me none of these guys ever played against the cpu and only play online or something.

But anyway should be a great Radioshow.
# 3 rudeworld @ 12/13/10 12:53 PM
lol...they just dont listen gotmadskillzson.... it's as simple as that. How is a game company who's slogan is if its in the game "its in the game" does not have the simple things in any of there games... And when it is mentioned to them in forums, blogs, emails and through twitter has not done anything to address many of the faults through a patch/update.

Is NCAA is a solid game on the field? Yes I think so... sure the announcing is well... boring(need to add new lines for Brad and Kirk) but where games like NBA 2k11 and even going back to NFL2k5 keep me playing is what can be done after the plays, the halftime show, post game show makes these games feel like they are more than just a video game.
# 4 Bullet Sponge @ 12/13/10 01:13 PM
Originally Posted by rudeworld
Is NCAA is a solid game on the field? Yes I think so... sure the announcing is well... boring(need to add new lines for Brad and Kirk)
New lines? They need lines that make sense. Half the time they say something so generic that it may as well not be said at all, or something just outright wrong or completely inappropriate for the situation on the field. Fix the announcer logic, then worry about adding lines. I don't need MORE of Kirk saying "Too many penalties can ruin a team's chance of winning"
# 5 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/13/10 02:12 PM
I don't think they ever changed the lines of NCAA in over a decade. Same thing with the crowds. They really need dynamic commentary and crowds. NBA 2K11 really has set the bar when it comes to commentary and crowd interaction.

In NCAA people cheer when the opposing team scores a TD.......SMH Why is my cheerleaders jumping for them ? Do a big hit and you get nothing from the crowd at all.

I mean come on, even Madden has moved on from BOOM, WHERE THAT TRUCK COME FROM ?

Over all though being these developers came from Florida St, Florida, Michigan, etc., some even played football at these schools, how can you come from a football background then make this and say it is football ???

Especially the ones who were former QBs themselves. Kind of reminds me of that QB Blog that wasn't even about QBs at all, it was about the defense.

I had such high hopes for this game. Thought it would be sports game of the year. I mean they really hyped it up talking about how the offense would be unstoppable, the cpu going to run all over you, dual threat QBs, the awesomeness of the spread offense. It would be like nothing you ever seen before.

Got the game, played against Michigan......WTF.......played against Auburn......WTF

Then I thought well ok let me play against a school that had a well known dual threat QB, played against Oregon.......SMH, played against VT, GT, Ohio St, Nevada.....SMH

Picked up the game case flipped it over........

120 ways to win
Run the offense the way the schools do
New offensive styles.......

Hmmmmmm. They got the new playbooks, but none of the spread, pistol, multiple or option schools run them properly. Mainly because none of the QBs scramble.

Scrambling mobile QB is the key component of any spread offense. If the QB isn't a threat to run, then that offense doesn't work.
# 6 khaliib @ 12/13/10 02:40 PM
NCAA simply needs an Open Editor as discussed with Ian with Madden.

Also, until coding for tendency sliders (like 2k11) are included for players/teams, this will be year 9 about ratings/gameplay issues with this game.

The first thing about any information on NCAA 12 should be about what gamers have found through their extensive testing dealing with their ratings system and what affects they actually have on gameplay.

At some point, someone will find a way around the digital signature that prevents a 3rd party editor (Finn/Pocketscout) from being used to help fix some of the ratings/gameplay issues we are finding.

Once that happens, then an Open Editor will be introduced as a "New Feature" or a year after Madden has included it. So we're looking at around 2013, 2014 or 2015 with the current Madden to NCAA format.

The other issues that is a must address is the "Field" size. The NCAA field is simply too small (length/width) which creates "All" of the issues pertaining to gameplay. Everything must happen in a vacuum at a quick pace. Movements do not have the proper space to play out.

Again, see how much field there is on Madden:
# 7 rudyjuly2 @ 12/13/10 04:10 PM
Get the goods on NCAA 12! See if you can get Ben to tell you what difficulty level he plays on and if he uses sliders.
# 8 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/13/10 04:14 PM
well all of them seem to play on all american. All american is meh to me.......I prefer the in between all american and heisman.
# 9 BaylorBearBryant @ 12/13/10 04:19 PM

I'm going to appoint you to Chief Executive QB Scrambling Logic Officer of thr NCAA OS Forum. We're counting on you to get that topic discussed. Of course I have no authority to do such a thing, but I hope you or someone from OS gets the opportunity to ask if this will be adressed in NCAA12.
# 10 thesteamontheboat @ 12/13/10 04:22 PM
Could you guys ask if they can make better recruits equipment wise?
# 11 khaliib @ 12/13/10 07:27 PM
Originally Posted by thesteamontheboat
Could you guys ask if they can make better recruits equipment wise?
These are the things that usually get addressed 1st every year, so don't worry.

Never mind the remedies for gameplay improvement the community finds through testing/tweaking.
Or better ways to utilize ratings beyond speed, so that they come alive on the field.

Or the Pinball size gamefield that causes game movements and play to react unrealistic because of the unproportioned space.

It's always external things, very seldom internal/under the hood issues they deal with on the forums.

Hopefully they break away from the normal incorporation of last years Madden into NCAA.

But you can bet equipment, facemask, uniform issues will be at the top of feedback to the community.

This is not directly at you. Just notating what usually gets asked and anwered 1st by the Dev's.

If Skills is the Chief Executive QB Scrambling Logic Officer

consider me the Chief Executive Proportionate Field Size Officer

so his QB's will have actual field space to scramble in a realistic manner before getting "Hawked" by EA's super-fast DE's.

Open positions available for:
Fatigue Officer
Ratings Officer
Special Teams Officer
Ball Carrier Logic Officer
Man/Zone Logic Officer
# 12 DerkontheOS @ 12/13/10 10:51 PM
What about Making Coaches Matter Officer?
# 13 J-Unit40 @ 12/13/10 11:00 PM
Originally Posted by JerseySuave4
NCAA would go a long way is they got their presentation more realistic like NBA 2k and MLB the Show have. Well executed replays, multiple camera angles for when you play, and most importantly more realistic commentary.

I think if they give the commentary a shot of adrenaline this game could go a long way. They had CBS for the college basketball game. Get them back into the game for football and use their espn/abc connection along with the other family of networks such as espn2, espnU, and you have everything. Multiple announce crews, if you have 1 for each network thats 4 new announce crews. Along with that you use espnU for like a weekly show or something in your franchise.

Make the franchise screen like the espn website but make sure you can navigate through the menus quick (last year was slow). Add a College Gameday and allow more freedom with custom conferences (ability to add or subtract teams or create a championship game). You do that along with getting the neutral site games in the game and you have yourself a great game.
No way in hell that is going to happen anytime soon (bolded item). That is a major, major project.

I agree with everything else 100%.

Special teams needs a major overhaul and the "Dual-Threat QB" needs a major facelift.

Great points guys.
# 14 Bullet Sponge @ 12/14/10 02:15 AM
Originally Posted by J-Unit40
No way in hell that is going to happen anytime soon (bolded item). That is a major, major project.
4 announcing crews would be a bit much, but a second crew for regional games would be nice, with Brad & Kirk doing national games, and non-televised games going back to PA-announcer only like in last gen. You had to earn those TV games!

Then improve the AI of the announcers so they make context sensitive comments by mentioning interesting details about the game, player stats, team history etc... It's all RIGHT THERE in the game stats for the announcers to talk about!

And in terms of presentation, instead of a handful of canned animations for field entrances, end of game "handshakes" etc that we see over and over and over again, how about individual AI for the players that continues to take effect not just during plays, but when the play is over, including before and after the game. Let those guys run out of the tunnel, celebrate, etc based on their own individual tendencies.
# 15 Hova57 @ 12/14/10 08:18 AM
I know he won't really discuss 12, but special teams need some work. they need the swinging door formation the wall formation, the ability to actually block punts and field goals, overhead snaps and rugby style punts. it may be cheese to some, but IRL teams put there fastest cb on corners to block field goals and punts we should be able to do that and get results.

on defense other than improving the play books, instead of puttin you line in zones the audible should be stunts or get rid of the L2 adjustments and make them for line and backer stunts it should be L2 and left stick is line stunts and L2 and right stick linebacker stunts
# 16 AuburnChick @ 12/14/10 09:39 AM
Seriously guys? They are hosting a Designer from the game, which is a great opportunity to find out more about the Design process as a whole, and all yall do is complain, complain, complain. Coooome on. If you don't like the game, go work there, and change it yourself.
# 17 youALREADYknow @ 12/14/10 09:50 AM
Ask what their target demographic is for NCAA Football. I know it's more of a marketing question, but I'd hope everyone involved with the project would know the answer to that question.

I'm curious to see whether EA still feels like they are selling sports games to children/teens seeking a fun/arcade game or adults seeking a simulation.
# 18 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/14/10 09:59 AM
Originally Posted by AuburnChick
Seriously guys? They are hosting a Designer from the game, which is a great opportunity to find out more about the Design process as a whole, and all yall do is complain, complain, complain. Coooome on. If you don't like the game, go work there, and change it yourself.
Don't get star struck.....IF you really wanted to know about the process, major in it in college like I did 10 years ago.


If you have Xbox Live, sign up for their Indie game designer program. It's free to sign up and all the BASIC classes are free, the more advance classes you have to be a premium member, which is I think is $50.

But it is good stuff though if you really want to know about the design process. They teach you how to make an xbox game from start to finish. Very well done for free I must say.

Not only that, but you can make a game and actually have it on xbox live under the Indie section and get paid real money.
# 19 BaylorBearBryant @ 12/14/10 10:30 AM
Madden sucks.
# 20 khaliib @ 12/14/10 02:11 PM
What bothers me the most is that "Time" is often mentioned as an affect on NCAA developement.
And with the College football season over (Bowl Games aside), there should be a greater dialog between the community and the Dev's.

Yes, one will be on the OS Radio show. But if it is just to express what he/they can't talk about yet, how does that help the game?

It's not until the Spring that things start to come out, but that's when we hear "it's too late in the developement cycle to include that, maybe next year"

From year to year, the community identifies so many things that hurt/help the game, and every year we do the "Drip-Drop" info release at the conclusion of the season, then the big "Marketing" splash during the spring.

Again, if the "Time" is a factor that shortens things, then this is not too early (as I know some folks wiil say) to address some of the things communicated on the game last year as those things pertain to this year.

Simply communicating:
Hey, about the Coaching carousel, we're having some implementation issues. It might/might not make it, but we're trying....

The issues with the Special Teams, we were able to make some adjustments, so 2012 will be different....

We've tighten up the interaction between OL/DL and WR/DB with more animations....

These suggestions communicated last year to improve Dynasty Mode were included, but these although good were not able to be included in 2012....

My point is that these Podcast and Radio shows never touch on things communicated by the community from last years game. They never address some of the great suggestions and findings whether they can/are included in the next years version.

It always about what they've already decided to do with the game (with such a short time frame), then we're stringed along as though our suggestions are really on the table to include.

**We do the same thing at my job. Department financials (Extra FTE's, raises etc..) have to be in to Region by October, so that budgets for the next year finacial plans can be established.

Yet, employee evaluations (which affect promotions and pay raises) are done in December. So any pay increase mustbe done by October and submitted without an evaluation. It's already been decided, then we bring the employee's in to make it seem like they had some say in the decision.

It is, what it really is.

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