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We watched the VGAs along with the other two dozen Americans who were interested and saw both of the debut trailers for SSX and Forza Motorsport 4. We can't quite figure out which game we are looking forward to more, so we are asking OSers to decide for us!

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# 1 ocat @ 12/13/10 12:35 PM

Batman: Arkham City

# 2 DirtyJerz32 @ 12/13/10 12:48 PM

Did anyone really care about the original SSX games? I'm not a fan but, to each his own.
# 3 TrapStar215 @ 12/13/10 12:50 PM
I use to LOVE SSX on PS2!!! So my vote is SSX
# 4 Jube3 @ 12/13/10 01:41 PM
My vote went to Forza Motorsport 4
# 5 NINJAK2 @ 12/13/10 02:14 PM
If I had to pick F4. Neither one of them showed gameplay footage from the looks of it. SSX was the only reason I wasn't pissed I bought a ps2 for nearly a year as it was imo the best game out on it. SSX lost it's way after Tricky. I hope they get back on track.
# 6 blklightning @ 12/13/10 02:15 PM
none of the above. arkham city stole the show.
# 7 elprez98 @ 12/13/10 02:15 PM
Originally Posted by DirtyJerz32

Did anyone really care about the original SSX games? I'm not a fan but, to each his own.

SSX Tricky was one of my favorite games.
# 8 NoDakHusker @ 12/13/10 02:16 PM
Forza 4 impressed me more, but I'm interested to see where they are taking the SSX series. Loved the original.
# 9 BlackJack_Williams @ 12/13/10 05:18 PM
They both were kind of lackluster to me but my vote went to FM4.
As much as I use to love SSX/Tricky the trailer did very little for me.
At least Forza made me rewind a few times at the end to see if that car was using real time graphics or not lol
# 10 cheechoo98 @ 12/13/10 10:53 PM
Forza4. I was kind of 'miffed' at the dark direction of SSX.. I loved it when it was all colorful and fun! Now it looks 'dreary' and depressing.. Have to wait and see, though.. Gosh, Forza looks great, and I don't own an Xbox!
# 11 Dalsanto0026 @ 12/13/10 11:41 PM
Neither. Both bore me.

I'm more hyped for Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, Elder Scrolls 5 and Batman AC.
# 12 H to the Oza @ 12/14/10 11:43 AM
Am I the only one who thought the SSX trailer looked pretty sweet....
# 13 Pete1210 @ 12/14/10 12:02 PM
Neither one impressed me.
# 14 elTodd @ 12/14/10 02:08 PM
I don't like the direction they're going with SSX....at all. The thing that made the original SSX games so great was the over the top action and cartoony style. It was just plain old fun.
# 15 Reaman @ 12/14/10 04:00 PM
Wait, there is a video games awards show?

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