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ESPN's Jon Robinson has just posted his MLB 11 The Show first look. Plenty of information here!

"Before each swing, you can also try to guess the pitch and location just like last year, as well as choose whether you want to take a normal swing, swing for power, or hit for contact. Hitting for contact is what's new here, as this is more about simply trying to put the bat on the ball and advancing the runners than anything else -- your batter will take a severe power penalty when selecting this option. On top of that, if gamers want an additional challenge at the plate, Sony has also added true zone hitting into the game. Here, hitters can select the option of not only needing to fine-tune the timing of the stride and swing, but will also need to move a cursor onto the ball as it reaches the plate in order to make contact. According to Gill, this is an option the hardcore fans have been wanting for years. "Again, if we were going to do it, we wanted to make sure we did it right," he explains.

In terms of pitching, the meter the game has been using for years has been revamped a bit to incorporate the new controls. Once pitch and location are selected, gamers will pull back on the right analog stick. This causes the ball on the meter to drop toward a line about three-quarters of the way down. As soon as the ball hits the line, the pitcher will then press up on the right stick, but here's the twist -- if your location is on the outside part of the plate to a right handed batter, you'll need to press up and to the right in order to guide the ball into the target that will appear at the top of the meter. This is all about mastering the stick as you'll need to not only time the movements right, but hit your spot. This really adds to the pressure of each pitch. One mistake and you might fire the ball right down the middle, then watch it fly by your head so fast you get virtual whiplash."

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Member Comments
# 1 sectiona21 @ 12/15/10 11:45 AM
# 2 thaSLAB @ 12/15/10 11:47 AM
Ohhhhhh yes!

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# 3 42 @ 12/15/10 11:53 AM
# 4 sectiona21 @ 12/15/10 11:56 AM
Stadium specific scoreboards, kayakers at AT&T, custom cameras......OH MY!!!

And dynamic rain and weather.....I wonder if that includes rain outs? Still will be awesome to have rain into the game no matter what!!!!

This game is just unreal every year!
# 5 zukes @ 12/15/10 11:58 AM
Not overly impressed with any of the new features. However, to be honest, I didn't have too many complaints with the '10 version and I know other tweaks will be upcoming that will cater more to what I want.

The best thing out of there to me is the chance that the play-by-play has been revamped since they added Karros and dropped Hud.
# 6 ckarlic @ 12/15/10 11:59 AM
"Other highlights include Eric Karros joining the booth alongside Matt Vasgersian and Dave Campbell, completely redesigned stadium-specific jumbotrons, and dynamic rain and cloud coverage that not only takes into account stadium location, but the wet field will now affect the on-field results. There's even a new fake throw system that enables fielders to fake like they're throwing the ball to a certain base in hopes of catching an aggressive runner on another base off guard (simply press throw twice to pull off the fake)."

Music to my ears!!!!! Can't wait!!!
# 7 Tomba @ 12/15/10 12:04 PM
And player models....

stay the same
# 8 sink4ever @ 12/15/10 12:06 PM
Wow, this is so awesome. Fully customizable cameras for gameplay? Are you kidding me?! March cannot get here soon enough!

Looking forward to hearing more regarding franchise play, especially scouting/drafting/training.
# 9 wrigleyville33 @ 12/15/10 12:11 PM
No new player models????????????!!!!!!
# 10 erkizzlemynizzle @ 12/15/10 12:13 PM
Really bummed that the player models are the same, as I have heard for the last 2 years they are overhauling them this year. Oh well.

The rest of the new features sound great so far and I cannot wait to get my hands on the game.
# 11 enyc718 @ 12/15/10 12:14 PM
I feel like a dope fiend. This is awesome!
# 12 nemesis04 @ 12/15/10 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by Tomba
And player models....

stay the same
Not necessarily true!
# 13 dickey1331 @ 12/15/10 12:15 PM
Nice. Cannot wait till this game comes out
# 14 rts5002 @ 12/15/10 12:16 PM
sounds great, can't wait to hear more. hopefully the player rating system has been tweaked. I hate seeing Brandon Webb listed as a top pitcher in the league when he hasn't pitched for two seasons.....

so excited about the rain being added. RTTS sounds like it's finally to the point that they pictured it being when it was first announced 5 years ago.

I'm glad they added the new analog controls, along with the motion controls, as well as keeping the old controls. there's really no way anyone can complain about the controls cause there's something for everyone there.

and co-op play?! awesome!!! if the online is FINALLY nailed down this year, this could be the best thing to happen to the show since HD. makes me kinda nervous at the end how they say they're doing everything they can to make the online smooth, cause that's exactly what we heard last year and it still just didn't compare to the offline play. i think this is the year though that they come through on it. i mean c'mon, God can't ignore all of our prayers for that long, can He?

i'm gonna go see if i can be put in a coma for the next 11 weeks now, can't hardly wait
# 15 thaSLAB @ 12/15/10 12:18 PM
I don't know about everyone else, but there is just too much awesome in that article to focus on 1 "negative".

Seriously, those are some major major upgrades/additions!

I mean, seriously. LOL

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# 16 BlackBetty15 @ 12/15/10 12:18 PM
Oh man...there is so much goin on in that preview I will overlook the player model issue. Analog control scheme and new commentary is awesome along with the butt tons of new additions have me drooling. So glad I have a PS3 this eyar unlike last year where I had to read about the goodness of the show 10 and just wonder.
# 17 SoxFan01605 @ 12/15/10 12:20 PM
RTTS performance evaluation and training sound awesome.

Weather (with real effects)...BOOYA!

Analog controls...BOOYA!

True Zone hitting (OMFG!!!) BOO-TO-THE-YIGGITY-YA!

Team Specific Broadcast Cameras...BOOYA!

Eric Karros for commentary (and no mention of Rex :59 ::y220e ::star :: D:c ool::cheers44 4:ap pl:: y220f:) This is kinda nice.

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome...

That is all for now.
# 18 Woodweaver @ 12/15/10 12:24 PM
re: Challenge of the Week:

"The farter the hit, the more points you acquire. "

I can feel Beavis and Butthead trying to channel throught me right now. What kind of spell checker has that in the dictionary?!?!

Seriously thought, so many great new features!

"It's full of stars..."
# 19 wrigleyville33 @ 12/15/10 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by nemesis04
Not necessarily true!
I'm pretty sure they got left out. I think the guy on espn would have said something about them. Plus, it would be too hard to implement models at this point of the development cycle. I like the features, but the models are so out of date. They are still ps2 structured at heart.
# 20 Joey @ 12/15/10 12:29 PM
Some really good stuff in that article! I, for one, am really glad to see the fully customizable pitching and batting cameras. Batting in some parks can be brutal trying to pick up the baseball (the trees at Progressive Field come to mind). Would be really nice to tweak the view in those situations.

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