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I took these shots using yesterday's build, no camera trickery, both shots were taken using the in game photo feature. The only difference is one shot is taken in MLB 10 The Show, the other in MLB 11 The Show. The MLB 10 shot is the one on the top.

This is the late night treat, the rest of the shots will be uploaded on Thursday morning.

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# 1 Chef Matt @ 12/15/10 10:56 PM
Jaw Dropped.
# 2 BlackBetty15 @ 12/15/10 10:57 PM
Tsssssk Tsssssk Russel...felix wears his hat cocked to his left. Poor representation! I DO notice the earings in his ears though and THAT is pretty awesome.
# 3 DickDalewood @ 12/15/10 11:02 PM
Wow, thanks.
# 4 ryan36 @ 12/15/10 11:05 PM
# 5 ty5oke @ 12/15/10 11:05 PM
Thanks Russ, great looking pic of the Cy Young winner.
# 6 AtlantaBraves22 @ 12/15/10 11:06 PM
Looking awesome! Do a Braves player tomorrow morning. Please. Lol
# 7 Eman5805 @ 12/15/10 11:06 PM
Very nice. I hope they've done even more work with post pitch animations and so on.
# 8 Oriolesmagic @ 12/15/10 11:08 PM
Russel, you are the man. It's amazing how much the models have improved. I really didn't think they were that bad before but now it's so apparent that you guys don't want "Not bad" you want our jaws dropped.

Mission Complete.
# 9 coolio83 @ 12/15/10 11:09 PM
anyone else notice the non digital scoreboard in the background
# 10 Dog @ 12/15/10 11:12 PM
It looks so.... REAL!
# 11 Gotmadskillzson @ 12/15/10 11:20 PM
Holy crap !
# 12 dodgerblue @ 12/15/10 11:47 PM
click on the "full shot" scroll down and you can hit next for some additional pictures. The one of Howard is really telling as far as shoulder width and shape! Votto and the Texas player look better modeled as well.
# 13 ryan36 @ 12/15/10 11:47 PM
Originally Posted by w1ck3d50xf4n
His face looks ok but his hair still isn't right. I was expecting something a lot better for King Felix. I don't see what the big deal is.
# 14 Yankees_CT @ 12/15/10 11:59 PM
Originally Posted by w1ck3d50xf4n
Lol. Seriously, maybe someone should at least google this guy and get a good look at his mug before trying to model him. This barely looks like him. Having lived in Seattle, I knew something didn't quite look right. Those aren't even his eyes. How hard are eyes create? Some of the other player models look outstanding but I'm not impressed with this one. To me this is disrespectful to someone that won the Cy Young.
Looks pretty damn close to me. For a digital representation it's good. EDIT: Nope, it's definitely better then good.
# 15 dodgerblue @ 12/16/10 12:00 AM
looks pretty good to me

# 16 Mr.Wednesday @ 12/16/10 12:03 AM
Say Wuuuuut! MLB 11 makes 10 look like a generic King Felix.
# 17 dodgerblue @ 12/16/10 12:05 AM
Heres another
# 18 dodgerblue @ 12/16/10 12:06 AM
one more....
# 19 ryan36 @ 12/16/10 12:06 AM
Originally Posted by templeusox
Good job accounting for Brendan Ryan playing deeper in the hole than Jack Wilson.
what on earth? This has nothing to do with the pics. Stay on topic
# 20 dodgerblue @ 12/16/10 12:07 AM
last one.....

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