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# 1 JayD @ 12/16/10 04:29 PM
Well his hair is in so now all Lincecum would need is a bong in his back pocket and it would be true to life.
# 2 TeixeiraFanatic @ 12/16/10 04:31 PM

Holy crap those are amazing. The catchers taking their masks off!

The Howard and Lincecum pics are possibly the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen.
# 3 bp4baseball @ 12/16/10 04:33 PM
Wow, those are good. I really like the sky in the first one. Thank you Russell
# 4 Lewis160 @ 12/16/10 04:37 PM
Is it just me or the stadiums look really packed
# 5 Bigsheen @ 12/16/10 04:41 PM
well the phillies do sell-out like every game haha especially now with "The 4"
# 6 Perfect Zero @ 12/16/10 04:42 PM
Some of them are great, but that one with Cruz is wrong.

Personally, I think we got hosed on that call.

# 7 El_MaYiMbE @ 12/16/10 04:43 PM
Russell quick question.

Did you guys add the ability to put wristbands OVER sleeves?

Also can you choose the color of the sleeves?
# 8 Blzer @ 12/16/10 04:45 PM
I love you.
# 9 jupebox @ 12/16/10 05:02 PM
Is it just me, or do the screenshots have jagged edges and too much background blur? I know that some of this is probably for their 3D support, but it still seems a bit much. Our eyes have a bit of blur, but it kind of seems to be too much.... any thoughts?
# 10 rick10 @ 12/16/10 05:04 PM
I noticed this last year and in these pics again, but the Giants don't wear an orange billed cap with their orange tops. They wear orange billed caps on sunday games with their regular tops (home or away).

Can that be fixed or is it one of those things the MLB has control over? I think I remember that you have to follow what the MLB tells you..or something along those lines lol.
# 11 Marino @ 12/16/10 05:05 PM
I've always wondered if it was possible to have dynamic facial hair.
# 12 countryboy @ 12/16/10 05:20 PM
Lincecum's hair just looks....odd. It looks like a dang Christmas tree...lol.
# 13 Yankees_CT @ 12/16/10 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by countryboy
Lincecum's hair just looks....odd. It looks like a dang Christmas tree...lol.
lol, I think that is a good description. Lets hope it was because his hair is blowing in the wind and Russell just took the shot at the exact moment it took that shape
# 14 rts5002 @ 12/16/10 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by cardsleadtheway
Heh that is exactly what I was thinking. Then I saw your santa claus picture and laughed even more. Long hair seems impossible to do on video games these days. I don't know why it is so hard, as I don't make video games. It is good that I can't stand his hair though because I can't stand it in real life. And I hope Wilson shaves his beard this off season and you people are stuck with it on the game!
The people at Final Fantasy should do all of the hair animations for this game, they're the only people I've EVER seen have realistic hair in games.

wouldn't that be awesome haha
# 15 ChaseB @ 12/16/10 05:56 PM
-Lincecum's hair is a mix of Sonic mixed with a Dragonball Z character.

-I love that Howard's mouth is slightly open.
# 16 green94 @ 12/16/10 06:11 PM
Lighting looks incredible. It appears we have found the medium between day and night... TWILIGHT!
# 17 lwendt33 @ 12/16/10 06:31 PM
It will be a great game but for what it is worth the jersey numbers on the back still look a little low. Some of the faces don't look as good as last year, they almost look foggy. Mauer is a good example....
# 18 econoodle @ 12/16/10 06:38 PM
man look at that twilight purple sky.

can we get a yankee and met shot
preferably Ike Davis and Brett Gardner?
# 19 HustlinOwl @ 12/16/10 06:43 PM
three letters W.I.P.
# 20 EnigmaNemesis @ 12/16/10 06:49 PM

More shots with colored summer skies.

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