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Check out the week 15 Madden NFL 11 roster and rating changes. These rosters should be available Friday morning.

It's been another busy week of transactions and rating adjustments in the NFL. Here are a few of the highlights for this week:
  • Big Week 15 rating adjustments at the top: Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson is back to 99 Overall. Adrian Peterson slips to 98 Overall after a lackluster performance against the Giants. A couple of other players are pounding on the 99 Overall door, including Troy Polamalu, Haloti Ngata, and Champ Bailey who all move up to 98 Overall in this week's update.
  • Approximately 430+ transactions, rating adjustments and depth chart moves are updated in this Week 14 update.
  • Over 175+ player equipment updates this week thanks to our resident NFL Player Gear Guru and Madden tester extraordinaire, Mr. Dustin Smith.
  • Eight Team Overall ratings updated this week. The Patriots keep moving up the charts with their elite level of play; now at 93 Overall. On the flip side, the Bengals and Vikings continue to slide.

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Member Comments
# 1 realone504 @ 12/16/10 06:15 PM
what no saints bump up y drew is not 99 overall oh well maby nex week
# 2 abeg1713 @ 12/16/10 07:04 PM
finally AJ gets the rating he deserves
# 3 biggiejerseys @ 12/16/10 07:38 PM
Dre's the best receiver in the game. So he should be a 99.
# 4 RedZoneD25 @ 12/16/10 09:41 PM
Glad to see DeSean go up after his DISGUSTINGLY good performance on a hurt foot.
# 5 DJ @ 12/16/10 10:49 PM
I appreciate EA updating the rosters every week, but I have 2 questions:

1. When you take these rosters into Franchise mode, why isn't every player available? I get that Kiwanuka is on IR in real life and sure, if you're playing online, he won't be available but when playing offline against the CPU, you should be able to pull those guys off IR before the season starts.

2. Why can't you save multiple roster updates? Each time I download the online roster, it just overrides the previous weeks' roster.
# 6 Revis24 @ 12/17/10 12:24 AM
Where is Safety Emanuel Cook? Its been like a week and somthing that he has been signed to the Jets. Ughh
# 7 K22 @ 12/17/10 05:31 AM
Cool update...but why is it that Tony Romo has been injured since 25/10/10 and still hasn't been updated in the roster updates? I'm sure there may be others like that too....
# 8 GWorld74 @ 12/17/10 09:13 AM
New Orleans should have gotten a bump. And after Monday night's performance Andre should be 99, he should have been 99 weeks ago. He's a monster.
# 9 Hova57 @ 12/17/10 12:19 PM
what i don't like about these updates is since week 5 Moss hasn't done anything yet he doesn't fall, but celek who has been pretty quiet himself gets his rating bumped down, and nothing for moss to match what he has done all season
# 10 marcoyk @ 12/17/10 04:40 PM
ARIAN FOSTER! 100 yards against the Ravens! leading the NFL in rushing yards! not even a 90! but Peyton Hillis is?!?! honestly this is ridiculous
# 11 KANE699 @ 12/17/10 05:33 PM
Ravens defense hasn't looked all that great this year actually/
# 12 realone504 @ 12/17/10 09:38 PM
where is drew brees 99 overall he had some ints but hes winning an playing lights out for 6 weeks an if peyton manning win this week hes back to 99 overall after 2 weeks wtf an the colts r back to 92 overall saints need to be back to 92 overall an jus bcuz a player does not get the ball alot does not mean hes overall goes down..... jeremy shockey
# 13 SouthernBrick @ 12/17/10 10:24 PM
I know it was the 49ers but after the performance Antonio Garay had I figured he would of got a increase.
# 14 doovid184 @ 12/18/10 09:17 AM
The Lions upset the Packers and still not one person gets upgraded but 3 get worse.
# 15 JT92 @ 12/18/10 02:06 PM
I don't see how Brent Grimes don't get an update. Teams don't throw his way anymore. Like Aso...
# 16 RedZoneD25 @ 12/19/10 02:29 AM
Originally Posted by doovid184
The Lions upset the Packers and still not one person gets upgraded but 3 get worse.
To be fair, the Lions upset Matt Flynn.
# 17 daniverson1973 @ 12/26/10 06:43 PM
Originally Posted by 55
No Week 16 rosters I assume?
i just DL them, they are there
# 18 killah813 @ 12/27/10 09:51 AM
could someone tell me how to download the roster updates i am lost!!!
# 19 daniverson1973 @ 12/27/10 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by JVM
I only see Week 15 update. Can you post a link to this Week 16 update?

its there my man, just go online and DL
# 20 daniverson1973 @ 12/27/10 12:12 PM
it is an update
if it wasnt my week 15 online 'custom' roster file would not have been updated
and on pastas website, i verified the indicated changes
so YEAH, its an update, if you read the link its the last one before the playoffs start

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