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Gamespot has just posted a new NASCAR The Game 2011 video, showcasing the demo details of the game with Ed Martin.

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NASCAR The Game 2011 Videos
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# 1 Perfect Zero @ 12/17/10 08:25 AM
Wow, this is what I've been looking for in a NASCAR sim for the consoles for a long time. I'm really excited about this; just hope it lives up to his words.
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ 12/17/10 08:41 AM
Love the paint editor idea, now hopefully you can share them.
# 3 neifro @ 12/17/10 11:29 AM
Well if this is indeed the demo, then flags are probably off due to the demo being six laps
# 4 Dazraz @ 12/17/10 11:36 AM
The game certainly looks & sounds good. The lack of a caution flag is likely due to the setting being switched off.
The AI car looked a little loose at times but again this is likely a setup issue.
# 5 DirtyJerz32 @ 12/17/10 01:04 PM
WOW! Color me impressed. This may be a a great NASCAR racing sim with all the settings and adaptive AI. Did they say anything about a demo? I didn't hear them mention it.
# 6 statum71 @ 12/17/10 08:24 PM
Love the paint scheme idea.

Gotta get Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch's beer sponsored cars in there now.
# 7 Dalsanto0026 @ 12/18/10 04:59 AM
Realistic vehicle damage is something that's been severely lacking in so called "racing sims" so this is a refreshing bit of news. However, the Gamespot interviewer and apparently the members here seem to just ignore it as if it's insignificant. The developer had to keep emphasing this feature but it was obvious the interviewer had no interest.
# 8 acreyman @ 12/18/10 09:31 PM
Man I was sold when I learned alot of the Papyrus guys were involved in this game....gonna be interesting to see.
# 9 BurghFan @ 12/19/10 12:35 AM
This looks great. Based on the thread title, I was kinda hoping they were going to say when the demo for the game was going to drop though.
# 10 Mos1ted @ 12/19/10 07:15 AM
I'm not even a NASCAR guy, but even this demo has piqued my interest in the game. Just the attention to detail that the developers are putting into makes me want to try it out. There's been instances when playing the video game made me a fan of the actual sport. The way this game is looking, this just might be the case again. I wish more developers (looking at you 2 letter!) would have this level of sim-focused gameplay from the jump. You couldn't tell that this game will be the first of a new franchise.
# 11 Skyboxer @ 12/19/10 09:58 AM
Had this reserved for a while... Hopefully it delivers. One things for sure and that's that it can't be worse than what we've had.
# 12 countryboy @ 12/19/10 12:29 PM
did anyone else get the impression that we were looking at a next gen version of Nascar Heat/Dirt to Daytona?

Game looked really good. The things you can tune for the car are Wow! Especially enjoyed seeing Jimmie Johnson's car all torn up, even though it was user controlled.
# 13 seeuatthemovies @ 12/19/10 02:03 PM
I'm so stoked!!! These guys at Eutechnyx really seem to have it together.
# 14 RumbleCard @ 12/19/10 05:40 PM
What I've seen is impressive. However I think the game will be half of what we really want. I think it will be partially sim oriented. Solid visually and dynamically but fall short in the career mode. I don't have any quotes to post but from the interviews I've heard/read its going to be a barebones in the career mode with limited options and minimal depth. I also read that tuning the cars will also be somewhat limited.

I'm hoping that they nail what does go into the game because strong sales could drive this game into a two, three or more year venture that could yield us a comprehensive title that accomplishes what we really wanted all along.

I fell in to the F1 trap by expecting a complete package the first time around. Won't do it again.

If this game comes out and only needs minor tweaks and only lacks depth it should be fine. If it the game drops full of bugs and game breaking glitches I doubt it makes it to year two or more.
# 15 Potatoes002 @ 12/19/10 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by RumbleCard
I also read that tuning the cars will also be somewhat limited.
From the Gamespot video tuning the cars look to be very deep, so I'm not sure where you read that.

From seeing that video, my interest in this game rose. The paint scheme editor is a great addition, but brings forward some questions. Will you be able to download other peoples work? Can you edit the drivers fire-suits?

The damage looks very realistic, something we have lacked for years with EA's game.

I would like to see more about career mode, but from what I have seen so far this game is a first week buy for me.
# 16 jb12780 @ 12/20/10 10:45 AM
Originally Posted by Flamehead
Based on what I've read on their website forums, the career mode this time out will be fairly basic. You either choose a driver, or create one yourself, and race through the season for points. Their vision is to ensure the action on the track is authentic first.

So there won't be anything fancy regarding career mode, but they have communicated their interest in adding other series and career mode options in later iterations.

This being their first time out, I don't mind this approach at all.
Bingo. Get the racing stuff figured out first, and then dig deeper. I dont have an issue either. Rome wasn't built in a day.
# 17 RumbleCard @ 12/20/10 06:23 PM
Well I'm in agreement with you guys. I want more but if they can nail what they do put out it will a great start.

As of now I plan to pick the game up early. Maybe after the first week. I just don't want to shelve it like I had to do with F1.

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