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See DiRT 3's incredible all-new Gymkhana game mode in action in the stunning DC Compound Gymkhana Trailer video, captured entirely from in-game footage. In the video Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE Ford Fiesta powerslides under lorries, crashes through boxes and leaps across huge jumps in a breathtaking, tyre-shredding masterclass of car control.

Inspired by the 90 million plus views video series inspired by Ken Block, DiRT 3 Technical Consultant, the gymkhana mode lets you unleash your inner hoonigan as you perform stunts and jumps in purpose built arenas. Express yourself in freestyle sessions or complete courses by performing spectacular stunts, racking up combos and chaining style points. You can also play or compete in online multiplayer and become a gymkhana stars by uploading your most spectacular runs direct to YouTube. Welcome to Gymkhana -- a new kind of awesome.

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# 1 Dazraz @ 12/17/10 08:31 AM
Really impressive video. I'm a Train Driver & actually drive trains over the railway viaduct that you see in the video. Got to say it's a pretty accurate depiction of the area around Battersea Power Station.

For me it's how good the point to point Rally Mode is. Without the WRC license it will be a challenge for Codemasters to get this part of the game right.
# 2 acreyman @ 12/18/10 10:19 PM
Time for some new tires. To me, Drifitng in video games is tough because you cant feel what the car is doing. When you drive a car in real life drifting is alot easier because you feel like you are part of the car. It looks like the in-car angle shows the car leaning and the engine sounded very precise with the traction of the tires.....maybe this could be the game that makes you feel like you are a part of the car. Very impressive graphics though.

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