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According to a brief look at some of the features of Top Spin 4, we will see an all-new intuitive control system in the game.

What are you hoping to see in Top Spin 4?

The latest iteration from the best-selling, next-gen tennis simulation video game franchise*, Top Spin 4 introduces a bold new take on the sport of tennis allowing you to experience firsthand all of the intensity, emotion, and excitement of a real life tennis match. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as the crowd falls completely silent in anticipation of a break point serve. Your hands are sweating. Your heartbeat is racing. The ball is served ferociously and now coming at you at 125 mph. Intensely focused, you crush your return for a baseline winner as the sold out crowd erupts in a roar. With all-new unbelievably responsive controls, electrifying stadium atmospheres, enhanced TV style presentation elements, incredibly accurate player models with Signature, and a super deep career mode, Top Spin 4 is so real you have experience it to believe it.
  • REAL Tennis - From the life-like visuals of the world's best players, to the recreation of the world's most hallowed courts and the unparalleled authenticity of the on-court gameplay, Top Spin 4 provides a breathtaking tennis experience. When your player moves, watch their shadow move with them. As you rally with an opponent in a crucial point, listen as the crowd builds with intensity. Experience everything the pros do in a real tennis match.
  • ALL-NEW Intuitive Controls - Totally re-engineered from the ground up, all-new gameplay controls provide for an unbelievably responsive and satisfying experience allowing you to target your opponent's weaknesses & dominate the court at any skill level.
  • The Deepest Player Roster Ever - Experience the best collection of tennis talent ever assembled as you now have the option to play with 25 of the world's top pros, dozens of talented up-and-comers and some of the game's most iconic legends.
  • My Player Mode - Create and customize every aspect of your created player as you develop your own style of play to dominate the field on your way to becoming #1 on the World Tour.

Source - EB Games

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Member Comments
# 1 Uncle Stumpy @ 12/29/10 10:52 PM
Top spin 3 was phenomenal..looking forward to TS4
# 2 dannyr326 @ 12/30/10 12:07 AM
If the game has a good roster its definitely a must buy. I hope these new controls arent a disapointment because i really liked Topspin 3's (HOLD + release) controls. the felt great
# 3 jowe @ 12/30/10 03:02 AM
It would be great if the game had commentary as an option.
# 4 steeluk @ 12/30/10 04:08 AM
I loved TS3, but Nadal better not be a PS3 exclusive again!
# 5 LucianoJJ @ 12/30/10 10:14 AM
The original Top Spin was one of the best games for the original Xbox. I hope the new studio can improve on TS3. I agree with dannyr326. The roster is important. They should offer more players as DLC, The generic players have always been a little too flaky.
# 6 cheechoo98 @ 12/30/10 10:28 AM
Wow!!! When your player moves, watch their shadow move with them!!!
Amazing! Hahaha.. Why would they write that in the bullet points? Weird.
I'm not here to rag on the game, just thought that was particularly weird.
# 7 jyoung @ 12/30/10 12:02 PM
I hope they do away with the analog serving mechanic.

A week of analog serving in Top Spin 3 broke the right joystick on my 360 controller.

The create a player system also needs to be a lot more balanced to prevent people from being able to max out out their power and ground strokes and have a CAP that completely dominates online.
# 8 ps3veron @ 12/30/10 01:12 PM
Maybe I've been spoilt but 25 players (assuming both men/women) sounds a little shallow..

I would love to see some more classic players: Sampras, Rafter and Agassi would be really cool!
# 9 sportdan30 @ 12/30/10 01:43 PM
Hopefully there will be players you can download, such as former players.

No mention of commentary is a bummer!
# 10 gigadkc @ 12/30/10 02:46 PM
only 25 players? And that's the deepest player roster TS ever had? ROFL.
*crossing TS4 off my 2011 game list*

Thank god I'm not a big fan of tennis games.
# 11 jyoung @ 12/30/10 04:11 PM
Agassi and Sampras have already been confirmed.

I like playing against the pros but I never use them myself. Since Tennis 2K2 on the Dreamcast, I have had a lot more fun using created players.

The problem Top Spin 3 had was the created players were too powerful if you simply dumped all your points into stroke/power and ignored everything else.
# 12 jd@os @ 12/30/10 09:18 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
What are you hoping to see in Top Spin 4?
I'm hoping to see 2K give us a release date (instead of other sites and companies).
# 13 Ermolli @ 12/30/10 11:44 PM
When it is said about the roster, do they mean 25 top players plus a dozen up-and-comers plus legends? Or in the 25 player roster there are the top ones, the up-and-comers and the legends?
# 14 Armor and Sword @ 12/31/10 09:06 AM
Like Boxing Tennis is so hard to get deep rosters. You have to sign each player individually. There is no players union.

This game will be amazing. I have little doubt it will be the best tennis sim to date. I am a huge fan of the original Top Spin on XBOX and played that to death. I have not played TS3 so this will be a purchase if the demo is exceptional. I am very curious about the totally revamped controls.
# 15 econoodle @ 01/03/11 02:15 PM
super deep career mode?
tell me more.
# 16 rangerrick012 @ 01/04/11 12:18 AM
This will likely be the next game I buy, must have for me as a huge tennis fan.
# 17 oldman @ 01/11/11 10:58 AM
Originally Posted by econoodle
super deep career mode?
tell me more.

That is what I am saying. Right now I am trying to decide between this game, Fight Night or Tiger Woods. I need some more info on the career modes of this and Tiger Woods before I can make a decision though!
# 18 Splitter77 @ 01/11/11 11:11 PM
if it doesnt have 2 week long grand slams, its a no buy from me.
I want at least 128 players playing in the grand slams. As long as they have generated names with different attributes, the 25 pros are fine with me.
# 19 candy2500 @ 01/14/11 08:56 PM
Originally Posted by Seymour Scagnetti
If it doesn't have 6 game sets then it's a no buy for me. Every edition has had a career mode where you play sets where it takes 3 games to win the set. That's never made sense to me. At least give the user the option to set it at whatever # they want. If the ADD crowd want to make it 3 games then they can do that but the sim players should be able to set it at 6 games a set if they want. How hard can that be to do?

It's like playing the Show and only being able to play 5 innings in franchise mode or 3 quarters in Madden or 12 holes in TW golf. Complete and easily avoidable gamekiller. How there isn't numerous complaints from gamers about this is beyond me.
you nailed it no 6 sets no buy.

they have a bad habit of advertising topspin as a simulation without even following the basic rules and fundamentals of tennis.

i would like to see topspin's graphics and game play with Smash Court Tennis 3 rules, fatigue system and scheduling system.
# 20 phillyfan23 @ 01/15/11 02:07 AM
Sports game these days like Boxing, UFC and tennis are very problematic in my opinion because ONCE you have the cpu figured out, that's it. SMOOTH sailing. There should be a learning tendency by the cpu to combat your strategy within each and every game to make the game much more dynamic.

For example, Agassi vs Sampras on the hardest level. You're abusing sampras with the cros court backhand always getting him scrambling, you do this the whole match you win it handily. If the game included a learning tendency feature, Sampras will adjust his game to combat your strategy. Every game will thus feel different. ( NHL series feature, PES 2011 feature)

Also include off days.....A 96 rated Sampras for example is having an off 2 weeks at wimbledon, instead of having an ovr rating of 96, he has 91 for the 2 weeks. Still very possible for him to win wimbledon, but easier to knock him off. Conversely, when Sampras is hot, his ovr is a 99 and nearly unbeatable, bordering on impossible to beat at wimbledon- we've seen this in real-life haven't we??? (hot and cold ratings i've remembered since nhl 94 from EA).

so as it stands now, no matter the features of top spin 4, this problem will rear its ugly head again. Once you've figured out how to beat a player, that's IT! the only way you'll ever lose to that player is if you're playing him after a long night and you're half asleep.

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