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The latest version of the MX vs. ATV series will be revealed for the first time on Jan. 8, according to a THQ press release.

"The next iteration of MX vs. ATV will take the series to an exhilarating new level, and we are absolutely thrilled to unveil the first trailer during the 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season opener," said Michael Lustenberger, THQ vice president, global brand management.

The press release also mentions that the MX vs. ATV series has now shipped 10 million units since its debut in 2004.

When Alive is released, it will retail for $40. The idea behind this move is one revolved around a lower barrier to entry later leading to people spending more money on downloadable content, according to THQ. At the end of the day, folks at THQ believe users will end up paying more than $60 (the standard price of most console games) when factoring in the purchased DLC.

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# 1 RumbleCard @ 01/06/11 06:00 PM
I know I wouldn't buying a little downloadable content if the game is going for 20 bucks less. Good move on their part, I hope it works out.

I really enjoyed the last game.
# 2 Whitesox @ 01/06/11 06:02 PM
That 40 dollar premium plus nickel and diming scares me a bit.
# 3 av7 @ 01/06/11 06:09 PM
I'll rent it considering how downhill the series has been going. Its amazing and a bit of a joke at what the small PC community can do with an older installment and make it better than what the THQ crew can pump out.

I hold low hopes for this series now which is sad because I raced hours on MX vs ATV Unleashed community mods when I wasn't going to the real tracks because of injuries.
# 4 aimiami @ 01/06/11 10:05 PM
i just got reflex its still really fun but the best one is when they had more free roam type of stuff with helicopters and planes.
I will probably get it day one i just hope they go to the older styles, plus i got 3200 msp points for christmas so the dlc wont be a problem for me
# 5 JMD @ 01/07/11 07:05 AM
I'm a huge Motocross fan. At my age, I'll be 51 at the end of this month, my knees and other body parts can no longer take the pounding of riding dirt bikes in real life, I gave that up 20 years ago. So the MX vs ATV game is one racing game I really look forward to each year. Last year MX vs ATV Reflex was a huge improvement over Untamed however there was a major issue with collision detection. Also the game did not feature any kind of realistic career mode, no real bikes, or real like tracks.

I've spent the past year pleading with the Dev's over at the MX vs ATV forums to please give us a realistic career mode this time around. I hope they listened, with James Stewart on the cover of Alive, I'm thinking they may have.

Also from what I've been reading they are going to show some type of trailer at the opening SX race , Anaheim 1 this Saturday. I'm hoping it will air on TV during the race, it's on the SPEED CH Saturday night at 10:00pm EST.

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